The “COVID War” enters its next phase?

The OSHA “Emergency Temporary Standards” requires all PRIVATE employers with 100 or more employees to mandate “The Shot.” (That is, the COVID-19 “vaccine” jab which often seems NOT to vaccinate people against the dreaded disease.) Its publication yesterday (Thursday, 4 NOV) elicited screams of outrage and immediate action to fight it.

“But it’s OSHA!” you say. “That proves it’s legit.” Well, no, no more than the garbage spewing from the CDC, the Surgeon General, dozens of other government agencies, and of course, the slavish (and fearful) mainstream media. To say nothing of what Uncle Joe spouts daily. In 50 years, OSHA has issued only nine of these “emergency temporary standards” – and FIVE of those were taken to court and withdrawn. Like OSHA, MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) has such a power to issue a ETS while going through the usual rulemaking process. And the standard to produce the standard (got that?) is quite strict: to quote MSHA: “An ETS is issued when the danger to miners is so grave that immediate action is necessary. An ETS can be enforced immediately while concurrently serving as a proposed rule. A final rule must be published within nine months of publication of an ETS.”

It is assumed that the measure being required is EFFECTIVE in mitigating or eliminating the danger.

But the COVID jab has demonstrated – no matter what flavor (brand) is used – that the so-called vaccine is NOT effective. It not only does NOT prevent people from getting (or spreading) the beer flu. It not only does NOT always even reduce the severity of the illness. It ALSO seems in many ways to cause MORE harm for many people. Yes (as Tom and others point out) the vaccine may not be the cause (or even a contributing cause) of some of the severe physical effects seen in those receiving the shot(s). But that uncertainty is a strong argument against mandating it be given to people. As does data from Israel and the United Kingdom, some of the most vaccinated nations on the planet – yet seeing cases increase!

And there is the basic fact that government, through essentially an ex cathedra “proclamation from the throne,” is demanding that millions of supposedly free people must inject a foreign substance into their bodies. This is the same government that has tried, convicted, and punished (fines and prisons) millions of people for injecting (or inhaling or imbibing or ingesting) substances that the government deemed “bad.” And routinely demands and enforces the recall of food products because as few as a half-dozen people have suffered ill effects.

Add to that the recent approval by the FDA to give the jab to children between 5 and 11. Which in turn has triggered more and more demands by governments at all levels – especially local government-run, tax-funded schools. Not only must the children in so many of America’s schools wear masks constantly, observe mandated distances from others, and not be allowed to talk at lunch or on the playground (or even play!). their parents are now told that they must subject these children to poorly-tested, ineffective, and potentially deadly drug injections.

Is it any wonder that the response gets more and more vocal – even hysterical? Which in turn triggers more and more panic and hysteria on the part of the elite who believe that they rule these States? And the world?

I understand that at least a dozen States have already filed lawsuits against OSHA to stop the enforcement of this little totalitarian edict. (One, Arizona, apparently had already filed a law suit on the matter back in September: is that a preemptive strike that the FedGov will use to justify even more action against the anti-vaxxers? (After all, they did that with the South Carolinians who shot at Fort Sumpter back in 1861.)

Groups are organizing as I write this to push back against the edict, as well as put more and more pressure on schools, government employers, and more. Mandates previously being issued are already being backpedaled (or just plain quietly ignored) – even by the FedGov.

Why? Because part of the pushback is that people are quitting to avoid the shot. Medical people, other professionals, law enforcement, and more. How will they enforce a mandate? How will they continue to exercise control over others?

And yes, threats are being bandied around more and more. Uncle Joe is even treating media poorly because THEY are spewing garbage, or so he says. (And others are worse. Even (or especially) when they see what happened to the Dem candidates in Virginia and nearly to the guy in New Jersey.)

When people are scared, they tend to over-react. Especially when they are fearful for their children. And for their jobs. And for their own health. This over-reaction is one reason we are in this mess. When you see someone driving down the street wearing a mask in their car, or jogging down the sidewalk wearing a mask? You are seeing a scared person. You don’t know HOW they will react if they are challenged or confronted by something that might trigger them.

That is the case with both sides: the government-woke-busybody-nanny boss side. And the leave-our-kids and I-don’t-wear-no stinking-mask groups. And BOTH will escalate, with little or no justification or excuse.

The COVID War is going to get worse before it gets better. Be prepared. And, please, be calm.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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