Self-fulfilling prophecies?

“Violence is the voice of the unheard.” I think it was our illustrious leader-in-waiting that said that back in the evil days of 2020 before the monster Trump was forced out of office.

Now, after nearly a year of living under the sleepy guidance of Uncle Joe, the thought returns.  What if she is right?  Admitted, violence is not ONLY the voice of the unheard, but perhaps…

Who, as we approach the new year of 2022, are the unheard here in America?  Who cannot speak out on anything without virtually instantaneous censure, cancellation, and deadening silence?

Perhaps it is:

  • Parents whose children are raped or murdered by criminal border jumpers, supposed transgender classmates, and criminals released from jail or even prison for humanitarian reasons.
  • Business and property owners bludgeoned by regulations, fines, and taxes by all levels of government.
  • People whose jobs and therefore livelihood are threatened by mask and vaccine mandates
  • People who are condemned as sexist, racist, homophobic, ableist, white-supremist, or just plain fascist for simply expressing agreement with an opinion deemed perfectly acceptable to society as recently as 20 years ago.
  • People who do not sufficiently condemn the “politically-incorrect” opinions expressed by others.
  • People who dare to question any pronouncement by a government official when the politician or government official claims to be “following the science.”

Obviously, the various enemies of liberty – the social justice warriors, self-proclaimed “progressives” and the never-satisfied tyrants – will object to any of the above groups daring to resort to even the threat of violence in defense of themselves, their families and communities, their property, and their liberties.

Why? The excuse is that these people are NOT “unheard” – after all, they have all those talk-show hosts and those extremist web-sites and those centuries of evil white men. We are constantly told that not only have these people been over-represented and exercised completely inappropriate (and even immoral) control. We are told that the reason that our society is such an incredible mess – and so downright evil – is because this kind of people have been in charge.

And of course, freedom of expression – either with or without violence – is supposed to be limited to the disadvantaged. The reason for “society” (that is, the elite, those who are the powers-that-be; or government) to not pay any attention to the people listed above? The “advantaged” types have had their time and abused their power, and should just shut up. Or be ignored.

The “reasons” are many, of course. All the vicious verbal attacks that the SJW and their ilk can thank of are sprayed at the people who are usually the ones that make society, and civilization, possible. Archaic, old-fashioned, clingers to outdated and outmoded ideas, haters, persons of prejudice, racists, and more.  And for the many people in the categories above who are NOT of Anglo (or northwestern European) – who are AmerInd or of Indian or African or Asian extraction? For them the worst epithets are reserved, from “Tonto” to “Uncle Tom” to whatever.

And of course, as with traditional autocratic and totalitarian movements, the current crop of enemies of liberty believe that they and their crackpot ideas are the wave of the future.  All they have to do is be the vanguard and lead the way into the utopia of the future. Just as did the various utopian and “elite” groups of self-selected leaders of the past.

No matter how confident these people are, they are certainly going to learn (sooner or later) that the best-laid plans of mice and men are oft gang allay. (Not that I consider any of these thugs’ plans to be acceptable or tolerable – much less “best.”)

And a large part of why that will happen brings us back to the original point: violence is the voice of the unheard.  Call it self-fulfilling prophesy. At some point, those who are not heard will finally respond to case after case after case of abuse.  Of being ignored. To seeing their work and lives taken for granted, their legacy contaminated or destroyed.

And they will resort to violence. Not the violence of protesters turned rioters, looters, and firebugs. The violence of free men and women defending their liberties, their families, their property, and their prosperity. And therefore, if just from force of will, certain to be more effective than the sort of violence we have seen for several months. (I would say “unplanned” or “uncontrolled” but I realize I can’t be sure of that.)

Those who fight against tyranny – at every level of government – may not win. They may well create the conditions for an even more onerous tyranny. But they will not have given up without a fight.

And the Lord be with them.  Free men and women have taken worst risks for the cause of liberty.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to Self-fulfilling prophecies?

  1. pigpen51 says:

    I could say much here, but one thing has bothered me for awhile, that I just have to speak up about. When I see a white woman with say, corn rows in her hair, or wearing some wild print dress and headwear that normally one is used to seeing on a black woman, then I read or hear on tv talk shows about Black women calling them out for “cultural appropriation” or some other BS.
    So I change the channel to another program, and see a different television talk show with the requesit number of black women and white women, and at least one hispanic women, and don’t you know, one of the Black women has her hair dyed either blonde, or orange, or some other shade that you know damn good and well is not her natural hair color.
    Now, I could not care any less what color any woman wants to color her hair, black, red, purple, green or whatever. But like the saying goes, don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.
    While I am trying to get in trouble, I might as well go all the way, and hit the commercials on television. As far as I know, there are somewhere around 25% black people in America, yet the commercials show at least half black people. And somewhere around 10% gay, yet every commercial must show a gay couple. And no, I am not homophobic, I just figure that advertisers should attempt to show a true demographic, instead of trying to cater to the left all the time. I guess that is why I have moved away from television as an entertainment medium, and towards either internet movies, or reading. Because the movies have gotten just about as bad, with either huge budgets that they use not to advance the story, but to show how good they are at their computer skills and stuff.
    I watch more low budget fare, and find more diamonds in the rough, with better acting and direction. And believe it or not, if I find one that is especially good,I can write a note to the director, and actually get a note back, thanking me for watching the film, and for reaching out, and often a recommendation for their next film that is even better. Try that with one of the blockbuster big budget movies. It has gotten so bad here in my small city that the local cinema started to serve booze directly to your seat. I guess if you cannot make a good movie, that is one way to try and get people in to your theater.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Really appreciate your thoughts on this. Any time there is power to be gained over people, and wealth to be snatched from people, there will be parasites conspiring to do so. We see that today.
      Actually, only about 13% of Americans – not 25% – are “black” (either Hispanic or not). Exaggerated numbers – lies – are pushed about sex, sexual preference, ethnicity, etc. These are intended (and do) give people a false impression of how “diverse” their state and the Union are, and how different they are. This in turn damages societal trust, and weakens volunteer cooperation. Which gives the controllers more excuses to mandate more and more, and increase punishments for those who do not conform.


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