Oh baby, baby

Supply chain troubles continue to bedevil us, as the demon-in-chief continues to wander mentally, verbally, and no doubt physically around 1600 PA. Not that HE is to blame – or that the occupant of 1600 PA should have ANY power over supply chains of anything.

But the sad fact is that Uncle Joe DOES have an insane amount of power over the economy – both actual and by perception and influence, at least to disrupt and destroy.

Including supplying formula. Yes, I know Uncle Joe says the shortage is the highest priority of the federal government right now, and will get better within weeks. How long can a baby go without food before they starve?

Is Uncle Joe to blame? A lot of people want to blame him.

Shockingly I submit it is NOT him to blame. Just as I believe that there is nothing that he can do to solve it.

So who is? Allow us to consider several possibilities.

First, let us blame the FedGov. (Yes, I know, TPOL is always blaming government, but read on.)

  1. Why so few sources of baby formula in the United States today? Government regulations restrict manufacturing severely. Stupid regulations designed to (and do) create oligarchic and even monopolistic conditions. This benefits the big corps (and their investors and managers), supposedly to protect people and children’s health.
  2. Why can’t we get some baby formula from other countries? First, because of those same regulations: European formula is prohibited because it doesn’t meet FDA standards (not that Abbott and maybe others Stateside do).  Second, demographics: countries without lots of babies don’t provide enough market to let manufacturers operate without subsidies – and other nations don’t subsidize companies to support the US market. (That is the FedGov’s duty, don’t you know?) Third, supply chain problems: ships and containers and trucks and even trains and aircraft stalled and waiting.
  3. Why has the source of 40% of powdered baby formula in the Fifty States been shut down?  Beyond the poor quality control and workmanship of Abbott’s production, we have the FDA. The Food and Drug Administration is a typical incompetent, inefficient, corrupt and generally inept government agency, incapable of carrying out its mission. But amazingly good at spending money, spinning tales, and keeping government employees happy. The timeline of complaints, inspections, and action condemns both the company and the agency.

But secondly, we must look in the mirror. I know that many people consider it wrong to blame people (like mothers) for calamities like this, but we must face facts. The American people – including parents – share responsibility for this enormous mess.  Why?

  1. Too many parents have bought a century’s propaganda about the superiority of formula feeding over breast feeding. Propaganda by so-called scientists pushing various bogus theories and claiming breast-feeding was an evolutionary holdover like the appendix and tonsils. Seeking to “integrate” society and get rid of undesirables: breastfeeding was something only stupid, uneducated, lower-class unliberated women did.
  2. Too many mothers are single parents: “hook-up culture” and unwed/divorced mothers are more the norm today than not – and have been for years. They lack the moral bearing to establish and maintain stable families: families built around a married man and woman (as defined by DNA and natural anatomy) to raise and nurture children. Everyone loses in divorces, whatever the reason (or excuse) but children more than anyone else.  So mothers believe they are “forced” to find ways to have someone else care for their children while they work. And that means formula. (Blame the men, too.)
  3. Too many mothers have abandoned their body’s natural functions. Humans NATURALLY come with the ability to feed their infants – half of the human race come equipped to physically nourish infant humans. Just as animals do with their young. Yes, there are rare women unable to do this, and there may be children who cannot breast feed. But I dare say 99.5% of human women and infants CAN. Baby formula is NOT an essential. (Yes, it is more trouble, more difficult to breast-feed an infant when you also have to work fulltime to support yourself and family (courtesy of government, among other things). But it CAN be done as I know: my own mother, my wife, my daughters of love did so: working full-time and nursing. And many others.)
  4. Too many people are totally dependent on other people – and on companies like Abbott and governments like the one in DC. They and have lost all ability to be self-sufficient; unable to think for themselves. For example, you CAN make baby formula at home. Even IF you are working full-time. Even though government and big business and a whole lot of nanny types tell you it is NOT safe or recommended. (The same sort of people who say you should not go hunt for your own meat (deer or elk or buffalo) or grow and butcher (and eat!) your own chickens or rabbits.)

Yes, there are crazy people out there who think that they can make their children vegans from birth and feed them sea moss and hemp seeds and coconut water – and kill their kids. But there are DOZENS of ways to make and feed infants safe and natural baby formula if you cannot provide breast milk. HUMAN breast milk. And if done right, safer than the garbage Abbott supposedly was producing and fobbing off on mothers. (And yes, it requires care, attention, at least a FEW brains, discipline, and responsibility. All of which seems to be in shorter and shorter supply.)

The lessons to be learned are clear – and sure to be ignored by most people. And the media is busy spreading more and more lies – as are “public health” officials and too many medical “professionals.”

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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  1. Darkwing says:

    I live in western North Carolina and no problem here.


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