Fascism – hard to define, perhaps, but easy to spot?

Publisher’s note: As has already happened, combination of work and family and weather is slowing down publishing commentaries, and we expect that to continue the last few days of December and the beginning of January. Now on to commentary:

There are dozens of definitions of what “fascism” is – whatever flavor we are discussing, historical or modern. But there are traits of a fascist government that virtually everyone can agree are “fascist” in substance.

Consider the latest Twitter-FBI revelations, released on Friday the 16th: Taibbi’s comments and notes offer what we see as a classic characteristic of “fascism” – the unholy alliance of government and “private business.” The FBI and Twitter were very much a partnership, and one in which the Feebes were the controlling partner. And for the purpose of the unholy alliance is to deal with enemies of the state: which includes people who exercise their rights of free speech, assembly, association, and such nasty habits.

No different, in principle, between what the Hitler regime had going with IG Farben and hundreds of other business interests. And NOT just in Germany itself!

Read between the lines of the various posts that Taibbi published, in light of previous releases. And for that matter, the failure of mainstream media to say much (if anything) about this. Can you see any real difference between what the FBI is doing and what the Geheimstaatspolizei (Gestapo) was doing?

Oh, right: the FBI doesn’t furnish black leather overcoats to its agents, does it? Clearly we are wrong to compare the two agencies.

For too many people, this is unbelievable.

But too many people do not know history. Nor do they know much about government. What they do know is what they have been told for years – indeed, decades – by mainstream media. Including what they have been told in the 60-second newsbreaks of pop and rock radio stations, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and – going back a few years, MTV and even Nickelodeon.

This is not new. The corporate partner (Twitter, in this case) is relatively new. But the FBI and other alphabet agencies have long partnered with business: commerce and industry, to spread propaganda and to control free speech. Even such ardent proponents and cheerleaders for government and law enforcement as Bill O’Reilly have admitted time and again that the FBI, DEA, BATFE, and other agencies have decades of historical corruption and influence-peddling and control over business.

Given all things, the coupling of government agencies and businesses is impossible to avoid. Even if it is contracting with a private company to provide phone and internet service, or trash collection, it is going to happen. The problem is that when you have powerful government agencies who control much of the country, that arrangement naturally leads to increased government power. Power used to further steal away the liberties of people and increase tyrannical enactments and actions.

Which is why the solution is not more laws to prevent such arrangements. And not electing different people to office. Or even establishing review boards or term limits or new pieces of the Bill of Rights. The solution is to get rid of government. At least as much as possible. And as quickly as possible.

Nothing less will do – anything like new laws cand lawsuits and all these “reforms” are as likely to lead to MORE tyranny, MORE fascism, MORE damage, as to any real improvement. Yes, they may be steps in the right direction, but it is hard to ensure that.

Government is not the solution. It is the problem.

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