Christmas presents for schools and parents?

This year, for whatever reason, there seems to be less publicity about the usual acts of “war” on Christmas and other so-called christian holidays. However, the pressure is still there.

At the same time, there are continuing conflicts between people of faith and government – especially government-run, tax-funded (GRTF) schools. The so-called public schools.

Connor Boyack, the publisher of the Tuttle Twins books, commented on this in a recent email. He reported on a situation in Dearborn, Michigan. There, parents crashed a school board meeting to demand that objectionable books were removed from the school library. The big story behind it all was that Christian parents and Muslim parents had united to demand removal of certain books from their public school library.

As I understand it, the books were deemed “pornographic” as explicitly depicting sex acts – not just those the religious people would find objectionable on moral grounds, but sex in general. This started back in September but continues to be prosecuted by both sides in this war of books. (See at least one report here.)

It is part of the continent-wide battle over such things as transgenderism, cross-dressing, abortion, and other issues, all of which are being promoted to greater or lesser degree by public schools. And of course, the media and the regressive PC/SJW crowd condemn their efforts as censorship.

So Connor, in his pre-Christmas sales, has come up with a neat gimmick to sell his Tuttle Twins books. Instead of just helping people keep inappropriate books off school library shelves and therefore children’s hands, let’s get good books into those places. Neat, huh? He wants people to support “Moms for Liberty” to put books into libraries. Specifically a set of his Tuttle Twins books.


Well, several of the folks here at TPOL have sent a response to Conner, an open letter we are publishing here.

Dear Connor:

We as a family will not participate in this with you. Here is why:

  1. Your project SUPPORTS public schools (government-run, tax/theft-funded)
  2. Public schools will not allow your books to be published, as they contradict the propaganda virtually ALL public schools teach and have more and more for some time
  3. We do not believe that public schools are godly – indeed, public schools put out propaganda that is Ungodly
  4. We do not believe that public schools believe in or support liberty – indeed they teach and practice dependence on government, do not teach the truth on rights, and seek to destroy liberty
  5. We do not believe that public schools are constitutional – there is no authority in the US constitution to have federal government involvement in education: yet it is constant
  6. Even if a public school is willing to accept your books in their library, you can expect them to quickly disappear. Or be vandalized. Or be censored. Or have their basic truths claimed to be lies.

It is the responsibility of parents – NOT public schools – to teach their children the truth about God, liberty, history, society, and government. We believe, if not actually sinful for parents to send their children to public schools, it is very unwise. Or “not expedient” as Paul of Tarsus wrote.

We appreciate your efforts to sell your fine books. We also appreciate your willingness to support parents, even when they are not being as wise as they should be. But we worry that your firm will get dragged into political controversies and into a situation with the temptation to meet public school requirements and demands and tone down the content. Not immediately, but over the long term, that temptation will be there.

Clearly, we think it is a bad idea. Actually, the entire idea of supporting or applauding them in trying to get books out of school is NOT well thought out. It is too easy to be twisted into evil, evil censorship: to have the parents equated to (or made de facto members of) the Nazi Party or other anti-liberty groups.

And also, because that is exactly what the so-called Progressives, the SJWs and PC crowd want to do. It is just a different set of books to be banned. Like the Tuttle Twins books.

We don’t need to imitate our enemies. And we need to encourage parents to stop using GRTF schools. The sooner they go away, the better.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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