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The Veteran’s Apocalypse?

By Nathan Barton I just read something written by a person who is deeply fearful that “bringing home the troops” from Afghanistan and nearby countries will flood America’s cities and towns with tens of thousands of ex-soldiers, unemployed and badly … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-52A: Ending the year #1

Culture wars: Religion and the media Republicans growing more skeptical about evolution (Washington Post) When it comes to increasing partisanship in the United States, it seems no issue is immune. And that includes evolution.  A new Pew Research Center poll shows … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving, 2012

I’ve had a very hard time hearing and seeing the cheery “Happy Thanksgiving” greetings and messages this year, and am finding it almost impossible to say those words myself. That’s not because I don’t think we have anything to be … Continue reading

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America Suffers Worst Airpower Loss Since Vietnam

America Suffers Worst Airpower Loss Since Vietnam. (Freedom Outpost)  This article relates what the Mainstream Media left out of their version of the news this week:  the attack on Camp Barber by Taliban forces last week was indeed the single … Continue reading

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