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However! There is hope – we don’t HAVE to collapse

In the last two commentaries (here and here), we’ve discussed the amazing resiliency of the Fifty States’ society, economy, culture, and even political system. And I have warned that it may not last: the stresses are great and may overwhelm … Continue reading

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What are people scared of? (Guest column)

This was the question a friend asked a correspondent of ours, a few days ago: ‘Why are people scared to the point where they are buying up all the guns and ammo in the USA? Marty Bugg’s reply is worth … Continue reading

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Insanity isn’t just for breakfast anymore: American objectives

By Nathan Barton Recently, I talked about the insane behavior of too many politicians and lots of other people, including the mainstream media, with their ramped-up emotions, nutty phobias, and panic attacks when it came to Trump and guns. But … Continue reading

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