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Islands in the sea of reality

We used to refer to Boulder, Colorado that way. Today, unfortunately, the water levels in the sea of reality aren’t rising. Apparently, they are dropping. The latest example of this is a bogus “scientific” study featured by MSN, explaining how … Continue reading

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Magic Politics

By Nathan Barton Once again, an attempt to restrain the FedGov’s power and corruption through “legal” or “constitutional” efforts is gaining attention. This time, it is an action in Austin, by the Texan Legislature, as reported by Breitbart and featured … Continue reading

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Reality is overrated.

Libertarian Commentary #16-07C By Nathan Barton Reality is “malleable,” at least if you are a politician (or a con-man. there’s really not much difference at the root of it). If they say it long enough and loud enough, they figure … Continue reading

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