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Final collapse? Or cataclysmic revival? (Post #2200)

According to many people, the Fifty States, and the American Empire, are washed up. Breathing our last, slipping down ever faster on the downward spiral to cataclysm and destruction. Dozens of reasons are given for this fear – based on … Continue reading

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Coronavirus? Economic collapse? No, the real threat is government

So, we continue to see the growing numbers of ill and death from Beer Flu. We hear about people dying in strange ways in strange places. We worry about earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, blizzards and floods, droughts and tornadoes. All … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 30 DEC 2015, #15-52B: Weather Judgment

By Nathan Barton It seems that the NutCases are out in force again this week, with Jeremiads about the “abnormal” weather and blaming everything from HAARP to manmade global warming to God’s punishment on the Fifty States for Hillary and … Continue reading

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