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When are we going to learn?

By Nathan Barton The end of the world is upon us.  A dozen or more children could have been killed, as Columbine 2.0 (or Sandy Hook 2.0) was narrowly avoided by a vigilant and expertly trained and experienced preschool teacher. … Continue reading

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Public Schools’ Tyranny Grows

By Nathan Barton For the past decades, indeed, more than a century, the “Public Schools” (Government-run, Tax-funded Schools) have been descending into tyranny and the depths of child abuse, even while claiming to be fighting those things. And education, more … Continue reading

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The Evils of Public Schools – Revisited

By Nathan Barton I have not spoken poorly and with contempt for the government-run, tax-funded “public schools” for a while (except for those “affirming” the hurt of their little snowflakes over the recent election), so it is time to take … Continue reading

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