Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-45C

Crash of 2009 – Free enterprise
US may soon become world’s top oil producer

(online WSJ) “U.S. oil output is surging so fast that the United States could soon overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s biggest producer. Driven by high prices and new drilling methods, U.S. production of crude and other liquid hydrocarbons is on track to rise 7 percent this year to an average of 10.9 million barrels per day.” (10/23/12)

Nathan: Note that this is DESPITE the continued depression and DESPITE more and more federal (and state and local) restrictions on drilling and production and all the ancillary systems and actions necessary to take a barrel of crude oil from thousands of feet down and convert it to a useful product, sometimes thousands of miles away.  And oddly enough, we are sending more and more of it overseas: more than many members of OPEC.  Once more we see that free enterprise, even when crippled and abused and supporting an ever-heavier burden of government on its shoulders, is able to perform amazing things.  But it COULD be better, as the story below reports:

Gas Prices Doubled, Obama Locks up National Reserve
(Investor’s Business Daily) In August, the Obama administration closed off 23.5 million acres of the most productive areas of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska…

Nathan: Alaska isn’t alone, of course: many states (especially Western states) have huge reserved tied up in Federal control.  Is it any wonder Arizona has a new sovereignty item on its ballot this year?

The “messiah” – Crash of 2009 – Theft by government
Maker of Batteries Files for Bankruptcy

(New York Times) It is difficult for the Obama administration to explain the failure of electric car battery maker A123 Systems considering the similar fate other energy companies like Solyndra…

Nathan: Gutted, looted, and abandoned, no doubt.  Seems like I recall that from some book plot. Atlas Shrugged, maybe?  This administration has honed the techniques it learned from previous administrations and does a far more effective job of looting private business and the economy in general than those tinpot dictators in Africa and Latin America.  Aren’t we proud?

Theft by government
U.S. Government’s Foreign Debt Now $47,495 Per Household


Nathan: Gee, that isn’t too much: no more than HALF the average annual income.  What are we worried about?  Gunboat diplomacy to make us pay?  If all these people in other countries are stupid enough to loan us all this money for us to use to build a military that dominates the world and threatens them constantly, who loses?

Mama’s Note: Not “us,” my friend… the psychopaths who inhabit the halls of government have done all this borrowing and it is not our obligation to pay any part of it. Let them take the bureaucrats and politicians. They might find a few coins if they hold them upside down and shake hard enough.

Politics 2012 – Culture wars: killing babies
Ann Romney: ‘Mitt Has Always Been a Pro-Life Person’

Nathan: So let us take her at her word.  What does that make the former governor of Massachusetts?  A hypocrite – a murdering hypocrite.

Home front – Stupid government
Pentagon Will Not Classify Fort Hood Shootings as Terrorism — or Anything Else


Nathan: What, not workplace violence?  The man is a traitor (to his nation, his service, his comrades (and their families) and to his word – but not to his religion) and his actions were obviously in support of enemies which are themselves condemned as terrorists.

The “messiah’s” broken promises – Worldwide war
Obama Says Congress Needed to Close Gitmo

Nathan:  Funny, he doesn’t seem to need Congress to do all these other things that he just has an executive order drafted for.  So why for Gitmo?  One more lie and one more broken promise.

Politics 2012 – Media
Third-party presidential candidates rail against Obama and Romney at debate (VIDEO)

(Washington Post) CHICAGO — Away from the bright lights and fanfare of the just-completed presidential debates, four third-party White House hopefuls debated Tuesday night, coming from starkly different political perspectives, but uniting in agreement that neither Mitt Romney nor President Obama can solve the nation’s biggest problems.

Nathan:  Funny, eh?  No mention BEFORE the debate, just a sop to the millions of people who favor one of these candidates AFTER, when the real audience of such debates has no opportunity to see it.  (Yeah, I know this debate is on YouTube and no doubt many other places, but there is a big difference between seeing a recording and viewing this sort of thing live.)

Theft by government
State-Local Tax Burdens Higher on Individuals Living in Blue States

Nathan: This is, at best an absurd generalization.  Truth is, state and local taxes are too high – even from a minarchist point of view – in EVERY state and EVERY locality.  Adding insult to injury, the money is wasted as often as not.

Stupid people
L’Aquila earthquake scientists sentenced to six years in jail
‎ ) A group of scientists are facing six years in jail for manslaughter after providing “an incomplete, inept, unsuitable and criminally mistaken” assessment of risks posed by the devastating L’Aquila earthquake that killed more than 300 people. … On Monday, Judge Marco Billi announced the manslaughter sentence to a packed courtroom in a temporary building erected to hear the case in the still devastated city. He also ruled that the defendants should pay 7.8 million euros (£6.4 millions: $11.5 million) in damages, with two million euros to be paid immediately.

Nathan: I am as appalled as anyone about this – and see a lot of folks comparing it to the Galileo trial centuries ago.  This conviction is criminal and evil, but most of the stories reporting get the verdict wrong: they were not convicted of not being able to predict the killer quake but of failing to do their assigned duties properly and of giving a false impression of safety. Even so, the manslaughter conviction is nuts!

But at the same time, let me interject a note of caution.  These six scientists and the bureaucrat (supposedly an engineer) ARE guilty of incredible arrogance and are caught in a trap of their (and their colleagues’) making. The idea being that Science is nearing perfection and can AND SHOULD be trusted, even while they make a mockery of scientific process and have in essence turned it into a religion.  Of course people will seek out scapegoats when those who are the most likely candidates present themselves (or seem to) as (nearly) infallible sages and keepers of all true knowledge. Wired has a good column on the subject. I don’t agree with all the conclusions or comments, but there is a lot worth pondering.

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