Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-45B – Stupid People

Stupid people
Parched in the West but Shipping Water to China, Bale by Bale
(Wall Street Journal) Alfalfa is a water-guzzling crop, and the amount that was exported to China in 2012 is enough to supply the annual consumption of around 500,000 American families…

Shades of Prof. de la Paz in “The Moon is A Harsh Mistress” indeed.  But unlike wheat from Luna, alfalfa from California to China is NOT going to destroy the environment or the economy or anything else.  California’s problems with water will not be solved by saving a half-million families’ worth of water by NOT making China pay through the nose for alfalfa (as anyone knows, shipping the stuff thousands of miles is insane).  What WOULD?  Learning that green is not always necessary, and that using nuclear power to desalinize water does NOT make water radioactive.  Too many people, too many lawns, too many fancy parks and all the rest – but if they are that stupid, then let them pay for the cost of building huge nuclear-powered distilling plants to provide their water so that they don’t drain the Colorado (or Mono Lake, or the Big Valley).  Let markets work by stopping government subsidies of huge water projects!  Of course, since California is apparently losing a quarter-million people a year, all that water won’t be needed in 5 or 6 years, anyway!

More Stupid people
9-year-old girl shot after relative mistakes her for skunk
(NBC News) A 9-year-old Pennsylvania girl was shot in the shoulder with a shotgun at a Halloween party Saturday evening by a relative who mistook her for a skunk, a Beaver County dispatcher confirmed to NBC News.

Mama Liberty: Know your target! Besides… who takes a shotgun to a halloween party?

Nathan: Well, a lot of us go armed to parties, but probably this was in the person’s home where they keep their arms.  But more to the point, who is idiotic enough to shoot a skunk PERIOD except in a good safe area where the smell doesn’t get embedded in everything.  And of course, as Mama Liberty said, KNOW your target.  Shooting animals at night is a bad practice.

Mama’s Note: Well, of course we carry our arms, but I’ve not seen anyone ever take a shotgun to a party and it would have had to be handy for anyone to shoot in a situation like this, not something retrieved from a gun room or safe. As usual, the story is far more remarkable for the information that is not included than the actual facts conveyed, but I’d love to have a long, serious talk with this shooter in any case.

Her Majesty’s subjects – more stupid people
Scotland leads charge as Europe’s separatists push for change

(CNN) “Alex Salmond, Scotland’s First Minister, is fond of saying that when the United Nations was first formed in 1945, it had just 50 members. Today, he adds, that figure has risen to almost 200. It’s a nice line, although in reality the emergence of a new nation remains relatively rare.” (10/19/12)

I am all for Scots’ independence from London – as much as I am for all Brits independence from London.  Fond as I am of the monarchy, I believe its role is to restore and preserve the liberties of her “subjects” and to END the tyranny of Parliament, unelected bureaucracies, and do-gooder Tranzis who want to merge that storied isle into the morass of the Continent.  I admit that it is sentiment speaking here, and that Brits deserve liberty as much as Americans or Schweizers or any other people.  The problem is, 21st Century Scotland has been the most liberal and socialist of the British nations, and they are very likely to vote themselves an even MORE socialist “paradise” modeled more on Chavez’s Venezuela than traditional Scots liberties.  They are selling themselves into slavery.  Second problem is one that ALL the newly-independent or autonomous regions of Europe (Flanders, Wallonia, Catalonia, Padania, Scotland, etc.) face: they are declaring their freedom from the old national capitals but NOT from the enormous overreaching nanny-state called the European Union with its cancerous bureaucracy in Brussels and elsewhere.  And by separating from their nation-states, they make it far more likely that Brussels will accelerate its tyranny.  It is far more likely that Brussels will be willing and able to use “peacekeepers” (whether they wear UN blue or EU blue or NATO blue) in a “free Catalonia” than in a region of Spain, or in a “free Scotland” than in part of the United Kingdom.  Unless they can be free both from their old capitals AND the EU, their independence is a farce.

Stupid people – Detroit insanity
Someone is shooting at motorists in Michigan; police hunt for suspect

(NBC News)WIXOM, Mich. — Police are teaming up to track down a suspect in 16 shootings near the Interstate 96 corridor outside of Detroit, NBC station WDIV reported.

Mama Liberty: I can’t understand why, but this just strikes me as very strange.

Nathan:  More stupid people, obviously.  Or at least one very stupid person.  Of course, this IS Detroit, and recall that one of the baffling things about Muslim societies is that they seldom try to restrict ownership and carrying of firearms BUT that their usual idea of ANY celebration is to shoot guns everywhere and anywhere.  And that their idea of training people to shoot is to say “Insha’Allah” (As God wills) without instantly facing Mecca while spraying automatic fire everywhere.  (Remember, that is why Janissaries are so important to Muslim regimes: it is very difficult to teach someone that hitting a target with a firearm is not just a matter of “As God wills” or “If God wills”)  So maybe this is some Muslim celebration?  At least until SOMEONE gets a clear shot at this idiot.

Stupid people – No self-defense
Father dies shielding children from gunman who set home ablaze; boy killed

(NBC News) Updated at 6 p.m. ET: INGLEWOOD, Calif. — The man believed to be behind a shooting rampage and arson in Inglewood that left a father and his 4-year-old son dead and three other family members wounded was in the process of being evicted from his home, said a relative of one of the victims.

Mama Liberty: They died because victims most certainly can’t have a gun, of course.

Nathan: So he took it out on someone else?  And since no one was armed and able to deal with it before the cops showed up after a 9-1-1 call, this happens.  This is the kind of idiocy that one of the Nazgul demonstrated a few days ago with his stupid comments: “Cell phone with a predialed 911 at your bedside might be better …” (, 6 days ago) – Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, speaking at an event hosted by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence’s Legal Action …

This tragic incident in Southern California again demonstrates the stupidity of people like Stevens.  How many more dead does it take?

Stupid people: Non-news – Politics 2012
Historic Presidential Debate – October 23

This debate is the only 2012 Presidential debate where the top six Presidential candidates have been invited to participate. Confirmed candidates include: Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party | Jill Stein, Green Party | Virgil Goode, Constitution Party | Rocky Anderson, Justice Party

LOTS of stupidity here.  First, the mainstream media for their games with the debates (by the way, thumbs-down again on the bits I heard about).  Secondly, honestly, the people who shelled their money out to do this:  who is going to pay the slightest attention?  The vast majority of the several thousand people who will attend or watch this are those who have already decided whom they are voting for in a few weeks.  The MSM will bury this right behind the classifieds. Far better to use the money to buy things to survive the mess ahead!

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  1. Liberty says:

    Very true! Makes a change to see somoene spell it out like that. 🙂


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