Prepping Follies and other fun

I moved to Wyoming in 2006…

No, that’s going back too far. I’d have to write a book to cover even part of that. Suffice it to say that I left behind a great many things I wish I had now… and brought many things I found I’ll never need.

But I digress, already. I’ve been reading too much L. Neil Smith lately – he does that a lot.

Anyway… I’ve been slowly, but surely getting my life and gear squared away to face the future the best I can, whatever comes. Not knowing what’s actually coming makes this quite difficult, and I’m happy for all of the folks who think they KNOW pretty certainly just what they are prepping for… makes it so much simpler. But I suspect they will be in for just as many surprises as those of us who don’t think we know.

Oh, there are trends and some fairly clear consequences to the current insanity in our economy and politics, but the specifics will be the killer, and they won’t be the same everywhere.

Anyway, I digress again. Sorry.

Several years ago I bought a grain mill, several hundred pounds of whole wheat berries, and decided to make my own wheat and other whole grain flour products. A friend built me a table for the mill out of an old plant stand and a leftover chunk of formica countertop stuff, but it was always wobbly and deteriorated fast.

Last week, one of my new “Wyoming sons” built me a new table of new wood, beautifully constructed and finished. We got it into the house yesterday, but I told him I’d need to take everything off the old one and vacuum the floor, etc. before I could put it into place. So it was left in the middle of the kitchen. Today I decided to get that job done.

Then the fun began. Did you ever start a project where everything went wrong and you wound up doing a dozen other jobs so you could get anywhere near the project you started? If so, you have an idea of how my day went.

First thing I did was to attempt moving a tall metal shelf unit so I could vacuum under it. No real weight on it, and I forgot that the darn thing comes apart in the middle. I also didn’t think about the plant on the very top since it doesn’t weigh anything much… and lifting weight is something I don’t do well, so it’s usually up front in my thinking.

Not good. Priorities in thinking usually mean having a number of steps in mind… not concentrating on the first one.

The top of the unit came off and the plant shot over the rail and down the staircase to the basement. Black dirt on a tan carpet. Oh me. I swept up what I could and saved the plant, then decided to vacuum up the black soil because the dog was tracking it everywhere.

OOPS. The soil was wet and clogged the vacuum before I could get more than a tiny fraction of the stuff picked up. I had to take the vacuum apart and clean the brush head and the intake for the hose. I found other garbage that needed cleaning out then, so it turned into quite a process.  I hope there is no other blockage because I have no idea how to clear it. (Seemed to work fine later).

Ok… put the dog outside (and thank goodness it’s not snowing). Take everything off the shelf unit and tighten all the screws, reassemble, move it, put stuff back on – after cleaning it and everything that was on it.

Back on track. Removed everything from the old work table, cleaned it and put it into its new position after vacuuming the floor thoroughly. DARN, had to pull it out to plug in the multi outlet thing I’ll need there. Thank goodness I hadn’t loaded the shelves yet.

Vacuumed the floor where the old table had been. Ugly! Need to pull these things out and vacuum more often.

OK then… time to put the new table in place… except that all the stuff from the old table had been put onto the dining table… which was between the new work table and the place it needed to go. TOO heavy to budge.

ARGGGH  Unload the dining table, putting things on the old table and the floor in the kitchen. Move dining table. Move new work table… HEAVY! But I made it. Move dining table to new position. Forgot to vacuum first – but nuts to that. I can do that later.

Finally vacuumed up the last of the potting soil strewn down the steps and pooled at the bottom of the staircase. Let the dog back in…

Spent the next few hours cleaning all the stuff and putting it back onto the shelves of the work tables, wishing for another shelf on the new one, but tickled that my supplies and equipment all now much better organized and available for use.

There are small piles of stuff left on the floor and the dining table that aren’t giving me a clue just where they should go… but I think I’ll leave that for tomorrow. The glass of brandy I’m enjoying now seems much more relevant to my happiness at the moment.

Now I have to figure out what in the world I’d do without electricity for the vacuum, among other things – not to mention the brandy! I don’t know how to make brandy!

Back to the drawing board!

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