Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-48A: This and That

With more and more screaming and moaning and whinging about the election and the fate of American civilization, there are LOTS of things to talk about.  Here is a spattering from the beginning of the week.

Crash of 2009 – Looming Crash 2.0? – Theft by Government
The Fiscal Cliff: A Primer

(TAX FOUNDATION ) The federal government is borrowing an average of $2.7 billion a day; the debt is expected to approach the ceiling by the end of 2012…

Nathan: And spending at least $4 billion a day: aren’t we special, we American people, to deserve that much spending and borrowing all for us?  If it were, it still would be evil and wrong.  But don’t worry, things WILL get worse because there is NO solution that can be gotten through the various levels and branches of government.  Not that a lot of politicians won’t use this as an excuse to raise taxes and gain more power, like Kristol, below.

Islamic wars: Canaanite front
Israel fires guided missile into Syria

(Chicago Tribune) “Israel fired a guided missile into Syria on Sunday in a potent ‘warning shot’ after mortar fire from fighting between Syrian troops and rebels hit the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights for the second time in four days. Israel Radio said it was the first direct engagement of the Syrian military on the Golan since the countries’ 1973 war.” (11/11/12)

Nathan: Meanwhile, as other stories reported over the weekend, Israeli warplanes wantonly attacked peaceful facilities and people in the Gaza Strip.  It wasn’t until the first spat of stories were published that the media thought to mention the attacks (which on Wednesday were claimed to have killed a key Hamas war leader) followed a 100-rocket attack on Israeli targets (target: anything the rocket could hit) fired out of Gaza.  Is the Israeli response excessive?  Probably.  What else is new?  Neither side has pure intentions or pure actions: it is the way of feuds.  But bad as the Israeli government and society is, the “Palestinian” Islamic one is worse.

Stupid government tricks – Health
Medicaid Patients Have Worse Access and Outcomes than Privately Insured
(HERITAGE FOUNDATION ) A 2001 study published in the Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved reports that pediatric Medicaid patients were more likely to be discharged on subpar medication routines…

Nathan: Notice it only took 11 years to publish this study.  There are many reasons, but all should scream alarms for the lovers of ObummerCare and for the state of government-dictated/controlled health care in general.  These things KILL people.  And the people are key participants in their own deaths.  I think that if you have to pay for it yourself, you are far more likely to do what you need to do: take that expensive medicine, stop eating what you should not and stop being lazy and unconcerned.  Of course, we are not surprised if Medicaid patients are less-educated, less aware of what they should and should not be doing, and likely to do the wrong things for their health care.

Congress in action
Boehner: ‘I Don’t Want to Box Myself In’ On Reducing Deficit


Nathan: Boehner is one of the big reasons the GOP shot itself in the foot.  This sort of game playing and fence-riding is one reason the GOP needs to collapse.

Stupid local government
Los Angeles Endorses ‘Meatless Mondays’


Nathan: So, is a prohibition on eating meat on Mondays one of the next steps, ala Bloomberg’s New York City?  By having it on Monday instead of the traditional Catholic meatless Fridays, there is no religious connection – at least not to the old, traditional religions.

Theft by government – GOP shakiness
Bill Kristol: ‘It Won’t Kill The Country If We Raise Taxes a Little Bit on Millionaires’


Nathan:  This “conservative” (like Boehner) is a pragmatist: he is more interested in keeping GOP political power than he is in standing up for the principles that the GOP supposedly exists to support and implement.  Hopefully enough GOP members will be as grossed out by this as those I’ve heard and split the party completely.  And I saw at least ONE positive response from an unlikely source, Dominationist Gary Lamar headlined his commentary on this statement by Kristol:  “Let’s call taxation what it is: THEFT!”

GOP shakiness
Jindal Tells GOP, ‘Stop Being the Stupid Party’


Nathan: Give it up, Bobby.  The GOP is no more capable of that than of winning elections or of solving the nation’s problems.  I am more and more convinced that the total fragmentation of the GOP (which would be followed inevitably by that of the Democratic Party) would be a GOOD outcome, and in the long run lead to far better conditions – economic, liberty, social.

World wars – Stupid government tricks
Panetta: ‘Advance Notice’ Needed for U.S. ‘To Be Able to Move Quickly’


Nathan:  An oxymoron, of course.  A pitiful excuse for the lack of real effect (other than killing people and destroying property) that recent US actions around the world have produced.  A justification for MORE, not less, intervention around the world.  I’ve heard conservatives try to sugar coat the First Citizen’s re-election by claiming that he would be better than Romney at foreign policy and dealing with conflicts and threats abroad.  This sort of statement by Panetta indicates just how wrong that idea is.

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