Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-05F: Theft and other evil government trucks

Long week, huh?  Time to get rid of these people, isn’t it?  Government is bad, no matter where in the world we go.  Among other things, government cannot protect people from being attacked or robbed: we must do it for ourselves.

Theft by (non-US) government – Africa’s collapse
Zimbabwe: Regime claims its accounts are bare

(ABC News)  “Zimbabwe’s finance ministry said it has just $217 left in its accounts after paying the nation’s civil servants and government employees earlier this month. Finance Minister Tendai Biti said the monthly salaries cleared out government earnings and tax revenues in January when he made an appeal Tuesday for foreign donors to help raise some $200 million for a constitutional referendum and elections later this year.” (01/30/13)

Nathan: Could it happen to a better bunch of thugs? Let the civil servants see what is is like to starve like the millions of their “fellow citizens” who have suffered under Mugabe.  As for begging, well, maybe the world would be better off if MORE politicians and political appointees and civil servants had to beg for a living instead of forcing others to beg.

Mama’s Note: Mugabe “begging,” that’s rich. He’s stolen millions, if not billions from the people of his country and, I’m sure, hidden them well. He’s in no danger, unless the people find a way to apply the rope and lamp post solution.

Louisiana: Homeowner shoots armed burglar in the buttocks

(WAFB News) “According to the homeowner, the aggravated burglar, 20-year-old Richard Falcon Stewart Jr., was wearing the homeowners clothing and had several of the homeowner’s firearms in tote. According to deputies, the homeowner had Stewart at gunpoint when he told the homeowner that he was not going back to jail. That is when Stewart drew a pistol from his jacket and shot at the homeowner. The homeowner returned fire and shot Stewart in the buttocks. Stewart then ran into the wooded area. Deputy Matt Dean and K9 Nitro arrived on scene shortly thereafter. The deputies and K-9 Nitro found Stewart a short while later in a wooded area. They were able to subdue Stewart who was still armed.” (01/28/13)

Nathan: Ah, the wonders of modern reporting and writing:  I’ve seen sixth-graders that could give a better report.  But if I understand right, we have a clear case of a prepared homeowner and self-defense:  a cowardly thief and attacker, and for once a police dog not into drugs.  Not a bad combo.

Mama’s Note: Indeed. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the phrase “aggravated burglar.” While I suspect getting shot in the butt would aggravate anyone, I’m not sure what the “reporter” was trying to say here. Probably nothing, really. They are not capable of actual thinking, remember, let alone analysis.

Nevada: Suspect shot by employee during jewelry store robbery

(Source: News 3) “Around 4:50 p.m. on Thursday, McClelland and another suspect went into the jewelry store located at 7385 W. Sahara Ave. near Tenaya Way, Metro Police said, and demanded cash from the cash register. McClelland, who police said was wielding a gun, was shot multiple times in the arm by an employee and the suspect returned fire. That’s when the two suspects fled. About 30 minutes later, police said, McClelland was admitted to Sunrise Hospital with apparent gunshot wounds to his arm.” (01/27/13)

Nathan: Apparent?  What, they might be mistaken for a very large icepick?  It sounds like maybe the jewelry store employee needs a handgun with a bit more power:  was this a .22 or .32?  Understand, his aim could have been off a bit in the heat of battle, and I assume the arm he was hitting was NOT attached directly to the hand holding the attacker’s weapon.

Mama’s Note: At that range (I’m assuming within 5 feet or so) it should not be difficult to hit something close to center of body mass. The boss needs to treat his employees to range time once a month or so. And yes, a decent caliber gun would help a lot.

East Asian front
South Korea launches rocket from its own soil

(CTV [Canada]) “South Korea said Wednesday it successfully launched a satellite into space from its own soil for the first time, a point of national pride that came weeks after archrival North Korea accomplished a similar feat to the surprise of the world. The South Korean rocket blasted off from a launch pad in the southwestern coastal village of Goheung. Science officials told cheering spectators minutes later that the rocket delivered an observational satellite into orbit.” (01/30/13)

Nathan: Keep in mind, Korea is not a big place, and the people in Seoul seem to be bearing in mind the cares and concerns of their neighbors (unlike Pyongyang) about untested rockets falling on someone: they have launched their rockets from other places (Woomera, I think) in the past.

Home front – Stupid government – American collapse
NYC area still without power after Hurricane Sandy

(Fox News via Political Outcast)  For months Donna Graziano has been traveling from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, to Staten Island every day to provide a tent with heaters and food to folks in New Dorp Beach who are still struggling with the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. The food is donated from people who live and work in the area. Early Thursday, the fierce winds damaged the tent. Now she says there isn’t anywhere for people to go locally for food and warmth.

Nathan: Thanks to Chris Graham for this one.  He points out that this is an example of how FEMA is (a) completely out to lunch, and (b) given a free pass by the media.  It’s been, what THREE MONTHS – and this isn’t some remote shoreline village in Jersey, this is in NEW YORK CITY.  Look it up:  one of the oldest towns in America, established by Dutch colonists in the 1600s and part of one of the biggest and most advanced urban areas on the planet.  And as Chris points out, this really isn’t supposed to be FEMA (federal agency) responsibility: it is supposed to be state (Cuomo the Clueless) or “local” (NYC: Bloomberg the Nanny) duty. To me, this is another clue to the fact that society – or rather, government, is pushing closer and closer to collapse.  (I have one family member that is expecting that collapse to take place as soon as THIS MONTH.)  It is more than just government’s inability to care for people – a duty it claims but has no authority for.  It is that government PREVENTS private and voluntary assistance from being provided, or makes it more costly, less effective, and less timely.  AND that none of the politicians and bureaucrats really CARE.

Stupid government – Theft
Government Gave 4,317 Aliens 2 Social Security Numbers a Piece


Nathan: Encouraging double-dipping, I suppose.  Do you think I could get a second one?  We have joked about a friend who has no Social Security retirement “becoming” a border jumper by moving her place of birth from New Mexico to Old Mexico, so that she can get SSI or other government handouts.  As for these border jumpers, this is just another way of stealing from government, and therefore from taxpayers (since the government steals from them).

The “messiah’s” stooges – Islamic wars: Arab street revolt
Clinton: ‘Very Important Reasons’ Why State Dept. and ‘Other Gov’t Agencies’ Were in Benghazi


Nathan: Yes, but she won’t tell you, ’cause it is a (whisper) secret.  And honestly, folks, the “very important reason” is because Americans let the people  that supposedly work for them go all over the world doing stupid things like killing people who are no threat and are not attacking them, and spending money stolen from us to get foreigners to do stupid things like study prostitutes and homosexuals.  And because these American “leaders” are so stupid that they send a homosexual to deal with Arab Muslims!

Theft by government
Gov’t Doles Out $10.3 Billion in Improper Unemployment Payments – In 1Year


Nathan: Chump change, to them.  What is that, an hour’s spending?  Double-SSAN-holding border jumpers, people fired for being idiots, scam artists, permanent underclass dolists, and the rest.  Meanwhile, people laid off from jobs because their businesses (employers) were PUT out of business by government regulations or conditions created by the stupidity of government get nothing.  It all works together for evil, doesn’t it?

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