Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-08E: Culture wars, otters, and VA letters

Stupid government tricks – Culture war: women in combat
Females in Combat Can Use Birth Control to ‘Regulate or Eliminate Their Periods,’ Advocate Says


Nathan: Of course, THAT will solve ALL the problems of women in combat – and in combat units.  No worries about hygiene, privacy, rapes, casual sex and jealousy, upper body strength, male response to female in danger or anything else.  Better yet, why not just neuter them – emmasca can do just fine.

Home Front – No Defense
Four people, including gunman, dead in California shooting spree

(Digital Journal)  Tustin police told reporters that Syed, who was unemployed and attending Saddleback College, did not have any criminal history. It is currently unclear what, if any, motive he had.

Mama’s Note: What, no background check to stop him?

Nathan: There HAS to be a motive for someone to do this. It may be a stupid motive, it may have been increased in motivation by drugs or psychological damage, but there is never an action without some motive.  I suspect that he MAY have had a background check to identify him as a suitable pawn in this game of kill and be killed, outlaw and be outlawed.  But NONE of the victims were armed or had anyone armed protecting them, as near as I can tell.  Something tripped a switch in his brain.

Mama’s Note: Of course, which is my point. Background checks are pointless if the goal is to prevent people from killing others.

Stupid government
Chemicals linked to problems with otters’ penis bones

(BBC) “Experts studying the reproductive health of the mammals in England and Wales were concerned to find a decrease in the weight of otters’ penis bones.” … “In order to prove the link, scientists will now need to measure theEDCs present in the otters and their habitat.”

Mama’s Note: Oh, oh… the supposed “link” isn’t proven yet at all. But that’s not what the headline says.  Another earth shattering problem for the busy scientists to solve… and another excuse for the luddites to further corrupt science, of course.

Nathan: Gross and disgusting, as well.  If they have time to measure the weight of these things – and enough of them to develop a trend, frankly, someone is paying these “experts” too much and they have too much time on their hands.  Beyond that, is there ANYTHING to indicate that a reduction in weight has ANY impact on the health or sustainability of the species?  Maybe it is a natural adaptation (microevolutionary) to some new element of the environment?  And the BBC is not reporting – they are advocating.

The “messiah” – Politics 2012
Obama: Republicans’ Refusal to Raise Taxes on the Wealthy Is What ‘Binds Their Party Together’


Nathan: Maybe he is right – but I think it is more their progressive ideals, inherited from Fremont and Lincoln and the ’48ers.

The first minion – Hoploclasts
Gun Rights Advocate: Biden’s ‘Buy a Shotgun’ Remark Shows VP’s ‘Complete Ignorance’


Nathan: And the complete ignorance of the mainstream media and too many others who take this man’s mouthings as gospel.

Mama’s Note: Willful ignorance, actually. Most of us call that STUPIDITY, the deliberate refusal to learn. This is something that affects more than just politicians, of course. It’s not that people are dumber, it’s that stupidity used to be more painful.

Government-run, tax-funded schools
HHS: Head Start Students Do Worse in Math Than Non-Head Start Students


Nathan: I hope no one is shocked or offended by this little tidbit.  What I’ve seen of Headstart places it a distant second to 8 hours a day of Sesame Street in the 80s.  It is a babysitting service and not much more.  Of course, since it IS a government program, and we know that high government officials, including most of Congress, cannot do math, should we be surprised?

Theft by government – Stupid government (spending)
U.S. Taxpayer Money to Be Spent on New Website ‘Offering Messages of Hope’ for Afghanistan


Nathan: How about offering legitimate messages of hope for the un-United States of America?  How about letting the Afghanis do what they want, as long as they leave the rest of the world alone?  And finally, how about WE leave the rest of the world alone as long as they don’t bother us?

Mama’s Note: Well, there is part of the problem, Nathan. It depends entirely on the definition of “bother.” The US government is “bothered” by anything it can’t control.

Home front – Stupid government tricks – Hoploclasts
Veterans Receiving Letters Prohibiting The Purchase, Possession, Receipt, Or Transport Of A Firearm Or Ammunition…

( (Michael Conelly) …I have a copy of such a letter right in front of me. It is being sent by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of America’s heroes. In my capacity as Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) I have been contacted by some of these veterans and the stories I am getting are appalling. The letter provides no specifics on the reasons for the proposed finding of incompetency; just that is based on a determination by someone in the VA. In every state in the United States no one can be declared incompetent to administer their own affairs without due process of law and that usually requires a judicial hearing with evidence being offered to prove to a judge that the person is indeed incompetent. This is a requirement of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that states that no person shall “… be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law…”.

Nathan: One more step in the disarming of America, and in further slavery.  We’ve seen the start of this months ago with the veteran in Virginia; now tens of thousands can be expected to have their liberty to defend themselves stolen by nameless bureaucrats – if not simple computer programs.

Mama’s Note: Only if they allow it. Only if WE – the rest of us – allow it.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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