Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-09A: Hackers and Sequestrations and Other Stupid Ideas

American front – Border jumpers
Former Mexican Official: Recession, Traffickers, Better Mexican Economy Account for Drop in Migration


Nathan: To say nothing of the fact that the American side of the border is collapsing around our ears with the federal-state war on guns, the continuing war on some drugs, the upcoming ObummerCare mandates, the screams about Financial Armageddon with the sequestration cuts, and people talking about secession.  Who wants to go to the trouble of finding a coyote to help them sneak into Arizona or California only to find Arizona or California seceding and applying for statehood in the United Mexican States?

Islamic wars: Persian front
More Evidence Emerges of Worldwide Iranian-Backed Terror Plotting


Nathan: You know, once upon a time it was Americans who went around the world plotting revolutions against despotic regimes and preaching the Gospel to the poor benighted locals and doing all this stuff labeled as “terrorism.” Today, there isn’t enough evidence around to convict any American of trying to subvert evil regimes to free the oppressed – but indeed the opposite.  If we really believed in liberty and in God, we’d have the Iranian and Pakistani and Iraqi and Saudi and Syrian jails filled with American “terrorists” teaching the truth about liberty and freedom and justice and mercy.  Instead, we have the Muslims doing what we should be doing: plotting to overthrow what they believe is evil.

Theft by government
Federal Gov’t. Spends Over $2 Million on Bike Trails in Colorado


Nathan: This is, of course, just a drop in the bucket.  When you are trying to cut $85 billion or $100 billion from the government spending, THIS is what you start with, but no… pork like this is sacrosanct and the worshipers of the state must be given this sort of sop to their whinging.

World wars: Business and tax (government theft) front
U.S. Tire CEO to French Gov’t: ‘How Stupid Do You Think We Are?’


Nathan: Sorry, the French KNOW how stupid we are.  As several Russians have remarked, we voted the communists [Tranzis] in, and we stupidly voted for bread and circuses instead of freedom.  France and other socialist governments figure our businesses and individuals have rolled over and played dead for the “messiah” so why not for them?

Theft by government – Corruption
Issa Investigating: IRS Funneled Nearly $500M in Contracts to One IT Firm in 2012; IRS Staffer Had Personal Relationship With Owner


Nathan: Yeah, the staffer is claiming “no personal relationship”  and that they just happened to be in the same picture in the same bed without any clothes because there was this horrendous mix-up about motel reservations and lost luggage and a bellhop who was way too slow.

Seriously, when we are looking for things to cut, it seems like IRS IT contracts is a GREAT place to start – and an across-the-board pay cut for every IRS employee above GS-5.

Stupid government tricks
Kerry: ‘Be Ready to Join Us’ in Fight against Climate Change


Nathan: Never mind the “long war” (the war on terrorism), never mind fighting for liberty, never mind Hilary’s pet “war on AIDS” and “war for Feminist privilege,” this is now top priority  And remember, if you are not with us, you are against us.  Expect the USAF to get new target lists any day now:  all those evil coal-fired power stations and oil refineries are such perfect targets.  Every one taken out reduces carbon emissions by millions of tons a year!

Mama’s Note: I’ll bet none of these “green” folks ever has, or ever WILL spend a moment without all the light, heat, cooling, transportation, electronic information/entertainment and refrigeration their little hearts desire. Austerity, and a return to the 1900s is only for the “little people.”

Theft by government – Nazgul
For-Profit Businesses Have Right to Religious Liberty Too, Lawmakers Tell Court in Hobby Lobby Case


Nathan: What, you expect the Nazgul to listen?  Next thing you know, you’ll be telling the courts that ordinary human-type people have a right to life, liberty, and property.  And then what will happen?  Seriously, how can a corporation have a right to free speech (protected by the First Amendment) and NOT have a right to religious liberty protected by the First Amendment?  Of course, the right of COMMERCIAL free speech disappeared long ago – when did you last hear or see a cigarette commercial?

World wars: Hacker front and East Asian front
China Says U.S. Is Making Hacking Claims to Lobby for More Money, Legislation


Nathan: You know, they may have put their finger on it.  I’m not saying that China isn’t trying to breach cyberspace defenses, but the screams of anguish sound so very like previous attempts to create an excuse for more spending and more control that you have to wonder.

Mama’s Note: Who knows? I think this is one of the cases where it is wisest to “fence them out.” People who want privacy have the obligation (and the best chances) of providing it for themselves instead of counting on someone else to guarantee it.

Theft by government
White House State-by-State List of Sequestration Impacts

(Washington Post)  This is taken directly from the White House documents: “press-release journalism” at its best.  Someone spent a lot of time summarizing the claimed deadly effects of the “automatic” sequestration on 1 March.

Nathan: As several people pointed out, there isn’t much scary about this – in large part because they are trying to make it sound so scary: children will go hungry and grow up illiterate, and without vaccines.  People with HIV will go undetected (South Dakota will not be able to give 800 HIV tests).  Then hundreds of thousands of DoD employees (civilians) will not have jobs or pay for a short time, and on and on and on.  There is not a DIRECT threat of violence, but a strong hint that criminals will go on a rampage, cops and teachers won’t get paid (and presumably, not be able to get unemployment benefits and I guess, go on a crime spree to get money to live on).  I’m not buying the horror stories.  The next story explains one of the reasons.

Theft by government
Real Federal Spending Up $822.90 Per American Since 2008


Nathan: As one sardonic commentator pointed out, these sequestrations will roll fedgov spending back to 2010 or 2011 levels, or (assuming a steady growth) about half of this or $412 per American.  Everyone remembers (as the commentator pointed out) how desperately short of money government agencies were then (and in 2008 under the evil Bush):  we had cabinet secretaries out panhandling in front of Subway shops and on street corners claiming that they needed gas money to go visit their dying mother, and taking the money and instead using it to pay bureaucrats’ salaries and buy more cruise missiles.  The cruelty of Americans – especially the Tea Party movement types and those awful libertarians – knows no limit: they would again revel in the spectacle of Eric Holder begging for money to keep his FBI agents off the streets (and their families, too).

Mama’s Note: Unfortunately, any paychecks not issued during this fake “crisis” will be made up for once the congress allows more money to be printed and more borrowing to go on. Not a penny will be cut in actual spending. They will manipulate their double set of books for a little while, and entrench themselves even more in their own perks and powers, and economy will continue to rot as before.

Our right to self-defense – Stupid government tyranny
Frederick Douglass Society President: ‘Direct Correlation Between Gun Control and Black People Control’


Nathan: And how long has JPFO and SAS and SAF been preaching this truth?  How many black Americans died for lack of ability to defend themselves?  How much of the current black-on-black violence developed because the black sub-culture was damaged and corrupted by a simple lack of ability to defend themselves against parasitic aggressors?

Stupid government – Theft by government (2 stories)
LaHood Seeks to Convince ‘People in My Own Party’ to Avoid Air Travel ‘Calamity’

Transportation Secretary on Budget Cuts: Over 100 Air Traffic Control Towers May Be Closed

Nathan: The second of these stories actually was published several days ago, but got fresh life because of LaHood’s begging.  We have yet another example of fearmongering by high administration officials (they are so high they are almost at curb height!). LaHood may once have been less than an outright socialist, but I doubt it.

Stupid people – Hoploclasts and hoplophobes
Russell Simmons: ‘Guns Are Not for People to Have in Their Houses’

( The hiphop artist claims that we don’t need to worry about the Redcoats, so let us all get rid of guns.

Nathan: Once more example of an idiot trying to prove that his brain and knowledge are even more miniscule than we thought they were.  How many people believe him?  Even one is too many.  But in some places, they think this guy is not just stupid, but nuts: as we see in the next story.

Self defense
Texas home/gun-owners take toll on evildoers

(Godfather Politics)

Nathan: a series of short stories about people defending themselves, worth sharing with others.  Will the other folks listen?  Probably not, but try anyway.

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