Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-09B: Bogus science and new religions

Bogus Science
Peak Oil Production Still Ahead

(The American via Daily Policy Digest)  Global crude oil extraction between 2001 and 2011 rose by 10.8 percent to just 5 million metric tons shy of the 4 billion metric mark…

Nathan: I cannot recall how many different articles I’ve read over the past five years decrying AT LAST the arrival of Peak Oil.  And lo and behold, it STILL isn’t here.  And I do not think (barring the collapse of Western Civilization) that we will see it for a long time.  Why?  First, petroleum is NOT a “fossil fuel” in the scientific definition of that term:  oil is of abiotic origins and continually being produced deep in the earth and rising.  Second, technology is advancing constantly, and if not for the vicious, government-inspired and -caused inflation, prices would be dropping constantly, even as the technology improves.  Third, if the government will leave us alone long enough, we’ll be producing “synthetic” oil in ever-increasing quantities that will drive solar (including corn- and soy-based petroleum substitutes) out of the market for mobile fuels, even while fusion and fission (including the “new” nickel-hydrate low-energy fusion) come on-line, probably in decentralized forms, to handle stationary power requirements.  If we do not destroy liberty AND civilization totally in the next few years, we will be generating and consuming 5-10 times as much energy per capita within a decade.

Public lies
U.S. Roads in Good Shape

(Reason Foundation) Between 1989 and 2008, all states lowered their highway fatality rates and 40 states reduced their percentages of deficient bridges…

Nathan: In other words, once more we’ve been fed a lie – a pack of lies – about how the infrastructure is deteriorating beyond repair and we MUST throw more and more money at the problem.  And those of us able to remember the 1950s and 1960s CAN (if we want to) think about how much worse the highways of those days were, and even into the 1970s, as compared to the luxury we enjoy today.  As with education and most other services, it is not HOW much money you spend, but HOW you spend the money and HOW you manage the resources.  Although it does not seem like it, we actually are moving the transportation system somewhat more into a private, not public, mode.

Government-run, tax-funded schools
Student not allowed to wear abstinence tee shirt

(Political Outcast)  [The tee shirt read:] “Don’t drink and park… accidents cause kids” Summer believed in what the shirt said and was proud to wear it to school the next day.  Everything was going well for her at Clearlake Middle School until just after lunch.  On her way back to class, the 8th grader was stopped by the vice principal who told her to go to the office and change her shirt because it was inappropriate.  She was given a t-shirt that read: TOMORROW I WILL DRESS FOR SUCCESS…

Nathan: As the student asked, “why can we talk about this in sex-ed but not read it on a shirt?”  (There were no pictures, just the words in a stop sign shape.)  One more example of how GRTF schools make their inmates – excuse me, students – miserable.

Stupid government
Homeless can’t eat deer meat in Louisiana

( The Louisiana Dept. of Health and Hospitals would rather the homeless go hungry than let them eat deer steaks provided by generous hunters. That law has hunters across the Sportsman’s Paradise outraged after health officials ordered a rescue mission to destroy $8,000 worth of deer meat because venison is not allowed to be served in homeless shelters.

Nathan: Can’t eat Bambi – or his dad, either.  A lot of us grew up on venison and other game, but never mind that:  the Health department says even properly processed, it is wrong to feed that “junk” to the homeless and it MUST be destroyed lest animals eat it.

Mama’s Note: And did the several thousand (or however many) people who understand what BS this “ruling” truly is march down and beat the snot out of the “officials” making the rules? Did they offer to take the homeless to their own houses and feed them the venison? No? Oh, ok. Guess that means it’s not that big a deal to the protesters. They want government to do something about it, I suspect. Lots of luck.

Government attack on religion – Nazgul
DOJ attorney tells federal judge his wife can’t practice her religion

(  While presenting an oral argument in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia last fall, a lawyer for the U.S. Justice Department told a federal judge that the Obama administration believed it could force the judge’s own wife—a physician—to act against her religious faith in the conduct of her medical practice.

Nathan: Gee, the judge ruled against them.  And not out of spite – corporations are made up of people.  If we cannot exercise our freedoms as a group in a corporation, then why can we exercise them as a political party (often itself a corporation) or any other organization?

Commentary of the Week: Let’s replace the tax code with a national lottery
(Godfather Politics)  The United States has an all-voluntary military, so why not an all-voluntary taxing system? Aren’t liberals all about freedom of choice? Their sloganeering includes the operating premise “My body . . . My choice!”  So why not expand the notion of what’s mine you can’t touch to property. “My land . . . My choice.” My money . . . My choice.” … I propose that we start a national lottery. If you believe that big government is good for America, then you can show it by purchasing more lottery tickets. The people who really believe this nonsense that the spending is not the problem, then they can act on that belief by buying more lottery tickets and encouraging their friends to do the same.

Nathan: Gary DeMar is one of those people that you have to take carefully.  But here, he has a potential winner – a blast from the past that worked well for decades in early America.

Home front
Will Obama Confiscate Guns and Gold?

(Dollar Vigilante – by Wendy McElroy) Gold confiscation would likely begin with pension accounts because the state mechanisms to do so are already in place. Moreover, as with the gold in FDR-era bank vaults, the location and quantity is known; the organizations holding it would cooperate fully. (Again, more reason to make sure your IRA is self-directed and that you can internationalize the assets therein.) Direct confiscation from individuals would be more problematic, and not merely because of its comparative anonymity. Direct confiscation returns us to guns. Given the personality of the typical gold bug and the simmering state of society, Obama must know that gun confiscation is a political prerequisite of a direct gold grab. On February 13th, the UK Market Oracle predicted for 2013, “The collection programs for guns will be eclipsed by collection of private pension funds and perhaps gold itself.” Guns and gold are blurring.

Nathan: Wendy’s conclusions are startling to many people, but her logic seems sound to me.  Both of these events are moving closer to being executed.  Ladies (Lady Susan, Claire, Wendy), do you not think that it IS TIME?

Mama’s Note: Claire and I have had some interesting discussions on this, both privately and with the other commenters on her blog. Depends on what you think it is time FOR.

We pretty much agree that it is long past TIME to stop pretending that there is any political solution to the problems we face. And, in that same light, it is long, long past time for the people who claim to want liberty and prosperity to give up the notion that they can, in any way, live at the expense of others or at peace with “the system.” In other words, it is past TIME for people to take full responsibility for their own lives and safety and seek solutions to life’s normal problems that involve voluntary association and cooperation instead of any kind of government coercion.

It is TIME to resist each and every act of aggression, theft and fraud with integrity and sober judgment. Just exactly when it will be TIME to shoot the bastards is something that each of us will have to decide for ourselves when facing the need to resist. We’ll be double fools if we wait for someone else to tell us.

Claire says she sometimes regrets making that statement, and now says, “Don’t ask me!”

Local tyranny – Hoplophobes and hoploclasts
Washington State: Dems back off from police search and seizure

(By Kurt Nimmo | Infowars) Democrats in Washington State are in full retreat after it was reported they are working on legislation that would nullify the Fourth Amendment rights of citizens who own firearms designated as “assault weapons” by the state. “In order to continue to possess an assault weapon that was legally possessed on […]

Nathan: They may have back off for now… but expect the legislature (and NOT just Demons) to try again, soon.  And sooner or later, bar the counter-counter-revolution, they WILL negate ALL of the Fourth Amendment rights.

Stupid government – the “messiah”
Obama’s Paycheck Exempted from ‘Sequester’


Nathan: A life-long Democrat talked to me about this:  he is still more angry at the Republicans but his anger at the “messiah” and the Democrats is growing;  He figures (as do many people) that he and his wife already gave 2% and more at the beginning of the year, and so this sequester is just insult to injury, and wants to know when the denizens of DC will pay their part.

Mama’s Note: Obama’s paycheck is a drop in the bucket compared to the other costs of this imperial presidency. His monthly (or more often) “vacations” cost many millions EACH. The secret service guards for him and his family, specialized “health care,” and all the special perks of living in the White House – probably many more millions we’re not aware of. This is MONTHLY and ongoing. And a lot of that will continue after he leaves office, of course.

Theft by government – World wars
Real Defense Department Spending Up 54 Percent in 10 Years


Nathan: Say it ain’t so!  Most of this is pass-through money: to contractors and suppliers and foreign nations where the soldiers etc. get sent, and despite all the hoopla about troops and DoD civilians getting so much (and believe me, they do), the vast majority of the money comes right back into the hands and pockets of the buddies of DC.

Islamic wars: Afghan front – Theft by government
U.N.: 50.1 Percent of Afghans Bribed a Government Official in 2012

Nathan: Bad as we are here, this is an incredible record – but I am SURE that OUR bureaucrats will figure out a way to beat it.  Of course, we don’t call them “bribes” here, at least not when the official is an elected one:  they are campaign contributions.  And of course, there is the REVERSE flow: usually called “fraud.”  As the next story touches on.

New religions: environism – Theft by government
EPA Discovers Its ‘Renewable Fuels’ Program Is Vulnerable to Fraud

Nathan: Sure they “discovered” this – most of the EPA types directly involved have known this fraud was there for years.  Indeed, go back to the Clinton era and even past that and you will find the program was essentially CREATED to facilitate fraud on a massive scale.  Like most other government programs, the sticky fingers are on both sides of the bargaining table and the counter.

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