Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-11B: Guns and Government

Mainstream media – Crash of 2009
News Industry ‘More Undermanned and Unprepared to Cover Stories’


Nathan: Are they a dying breed?  Could be, and it is hard to shed too many tears.  They are stupid and follow a stupid business model, and now hope for the FedGov to rescue them.  But instead, the FedGov (or at least the USPS) kick them in the teeth.  I see this happening locally in one of my communities: the Cortez Journal is part of a media group that owns the daily Durango Herald and two weeklies, in Mancos and Dolores.  The Journal has been published three times a week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and delivered mostly by mail and in curbside boxes. Well, the Saturday paper is toast: starting the 1st of April, the Journal will publish only Tuesdays and Fridays, and concentrate on “local news” while their two weeklies will publish on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Not only that, but they cut 8 jobs out of 20 or so:  4 news jobs and 4 advertising jobs, and they are consolidating the editorial jobs for the three papers.  So you lose a local viewpoint in the two towns, and with just two publications a week, there will be fewer advertisements and less room for news – even if they give up reporting state and national news and leave that to the Herald and the internet.  They CLAIM that they will have more content on line, but I’m not holding my breath.  What it means is that their sly, cautious liberal viewpoint in both opinion-editors AND news stories will be less present, and less influential.  But local events will fade from view, as well.

Mama’s Note: When I was much younger, only the worst gossips in town thought they had to know all about everyone else’s business, and only the largest of the state and national events were well known. Seems to me that people spend entirely too much time and effort now looking at the excruciating details of other people’s lives, especially when it has nothing whatsoever to do with them. Information overload.

Congress in action – The “messiah”
Boehner Says He ‘Absolutely’ Trusts Obama


Nathan: Have I called this idiot a man recently?  I guess I should.  Only another politician could say a straight-faced lie like this, but Boehner is the equal of Reid and Pelosi in the “lying scumbag” department contest.

Religion – World wars
Pope Francis Warns Against ‘Demonic Worldliness’


Nathan: Doing what preachers are supposed to do!  His opponents think he has a demon himself, according to what is smearing down my laptop screen in the last few days. One of the “dangers” of free enterprise is that there are some people who just will not discipline themselves, either as consumers or as providers of goods and services, and become aggressors against others.

Theft by government
+30.5B: Federal Spending Up, Not Down, in First 5 Months of FY13


Nathan: Lies and more lies:  the entire pack of lies grows far faster than Pinocchio’s nose.   Compare this to Pelosi’s claims.

Stupid government – The “messiah”
Obama Says Gov’t. Must Subsidize Green Energy That’s ‘Too Risky’ for Private Sector

Nathan: WHAT Free Market?  WHAT Private Sector?  As far as this man is concerned, we are nothing but branches of the government – or just plain slaves, individually or in groups: companies, families, students, soldiers, etc.

Politics 2013
West: Nothing a ‘Liberal Progressive Fears More’ Than a Black Conservative


Nathan: LTC West talks a good talk, but his walk (his voting record, and those he seems to be supporting) is not in keeping with even a true conservative.

Congress in action
Rep. Jackson Lee: Sequester is Like Japanese ‘Tsunami’–‘It May Come When We’re Away in Work Recess’


Nathan: Oh, dear, we can’t survive even having Congress NOT meeting for a few days?  And the sequester is a natural, unpredictable event – shucks, why don’t they make the sequester a godling, and erect a shrine to it in front of the Capitol.  Then some staffer can be detailed to make sacrifices to it during congressional recesses – even weekends – to keep it satiated and away.

Mama’s Note: They’re actually terrified to think any of us might discover that we could manage our own lives just fine – and much better – if they never “met” at all. Can’t have that.

Politics 2013
Romney at CPAC: ‘Learn From Our Mistakes and My Mistakes’


Nathan:  Fat chance.  REALLY fat chance.

Politics 2013
Santorum: ‘We Have to Fight for the Principles That Made This Country Great’

Nathan: Oh, you gave up on that a LONG time ago.  Liberty?  Responsibility?  Protection of Life?  Protection of Property (Pursuit of Happiness)?  All gone, or at least gone as far as the Fed Gov and the states are able to throw them.  What’s left to fight for?  An imperial military presence around the globe and expanding into space?  More perks and power for Congress?  A more aloof, elite, and untruthful presidency?  Nazgul (judges) that are more disdainful and arrogant? Another 10,000 pages of laws and 20,000 pages of regulations and 30,000 pages of judicial decisions each year?

Mama’s Note: I have a really hard time believing that Santorum EVER had the least idea what American principles were.

Theft by government
Cyprus’ Plan to Tax People’s Bank Accounts Produces Shivers in USA


Nathan: This “little” surprise is growing by the hour, as finally (belatedly) the people of Cyprus decide that they are not going to put up with it.

Mama’s Note: The latest news indicates that this insane plan has been scrapped, at least for now, but other countries continue to contemplate the possibility. And no, I don’t think this will go over well anywhere, but it also seems obvious that people should be taking their money OUT of these banks as fast as they can now, while it is still possible. Far too many people seem to think that there really are no viable alternatives to banks. I can think of several.

Theft by government – hoplophobes and hoploclasts (2 stories)
New York:  Jewish Woman Has Guns Confiscated

(Algemeiner, NYC)

California Woman Has Guns Seized for Getting Medication from Hospital on Weekend
(The Blaze)

Nathan: I meant to comment on these stories last week.  The news may be a bit stale, but my comments aren’t (in my opinion).  To be blunt, WHERE were all the people in these states (NY and CA) that CLAIM to resist the government and keep guns from being seized by the thugs and goons?  THEY ARE AWOL.  And this will happen again and again: 20,000 or so in California alone are PLANNED.  Many are going to be like this woman.  And do not even felons have a right to self-defense?  They don’t give up their right to free speech, their right to a trial, their right to not incriminate themselves: how do they lose their right to defend themselves?  Even the mentally ill, these days especially, don’t lose their liberties – they don’t even lose their right to vote!

Mama’s Note: Actual “rights” have zero to do with the confiscations, of course.

Practice for more?
Warning Signs?  Obama Poised for Hostile Military Takeover?

(Godfather Politics)

Nathan: The stories above and below make this warning something to take more seriously, although it is NOT a “military” takeover and likely will not involve actual “military” (USArmy, USN, USAF, USMC) but instead militarized federal agencies.

Culture wars: killing children – Our right to self-defense
South Dakota: Protecting Children in School AND in the Womb

(Godfather Politics)

Debby: If we have to have three days for gun checks, why shouldn’t we have to have three days before we actually KILL someone?

Nathan: Obviously, too many “libertarians” are condemning the state for restrictions on abortions, and too many admirers of the school system and haters of guns are bemoaning allowing schools to arm teachers or staff.  And this is a bandaid approach: until we get government down to size (microscopic, or in a nice cage to show students why it is so bad), we won’t solve either of these problems.

Stupid government tricks
US: Daylight Savings Time start costs almost a half-billion dollars
(Russia Today)

Nathan: Just one more reason for those of us who hate this quaint little custom (now rammed down our throats by government) to hate it more!  Especially the extended version courtesy of those idiots under the dome.

Home front – Government stupidity – Crash of 2009
Many counties in US “dying off”

(The Blaze) New Census data shows “natural decreases” in population in about 1/3 of America’s counties as the total number of deaths now exceed births.  Currently, 1,135 of the nation’s 3,143 counties are experiencing these declines — a significant increase from 880 U.S. counties in 2009. The new data provides an interesting glimpse at the state of our union: A record number of U.S. counties — more than 1 in 3 — are now dying off, hit by an aging population and weakened local economies that are spurring young adults to seek jobs and build families elsewhere. New 2012 census estimates released Thursday highlight the population shifts as the U.S. encounters its most sluggish growth levels since the Great Depression.

Nathan: Thanks to Meredith for this one.  I drive through a LOT of those counties regularly; probably close to a hundred of them:  Colorado’s Eastern Plains, the western counties of Kansas, the Nebraska Sand Hills and Panhandle, South Dakota and North Dakota, even Montana and Wyoming.  The question is, WHAT is causing the population to age, and WHAT is causing the local economy to weaken?

The major reason for the local economy to weaken, which in turn causes the population to age (and decline) is GOVERNMENT.  It is not just taxation and regulation that drive farmers and ranchers and the businesses (retail and wholesale and small, light industry) to dry up and go away, it is the subsidies given by government which weaken businesses and economic sectors and which go to big urban areas and OFFSHORE to compete with rural and frontier Americans with a very tilted playing field.  At a time when technology makes cities less and less competitive in EVERY area that really matters to a civilization, the government continues to subsidize the urban areas and their parasites more and more.  Of course, this depopulation of rural areas is nothing new: it happened in the Roman Empire, it has happened time and time again in China, even in places like Persia and India and France.  Each time, it was one of the stages of the collapse of a civilization, caused and preceded by governmental collapse.  We ARE next.

Hoploclasts and hoplophobes
Cop:  Gun defensive use “a myth”

(The Blaze) A California police chief recently opined that a gun “is not a defensive weapon” but rather “an offensive weapon used to intimidate and show power.”“One issue that always boggles my mind is that the idea that a gun is a defensive weapon,” Emeryville Police Chief Ken James said at a news conference.

Nathan: Of course, this is EXACTLY how too many cops use THEIR guns: to intimidate and show power – especially when their victims are not armed.  And sometimes even when they are, as the next story relates.

Mama’s Note: And yet, I don’t think there is a cop anywhere who isn’t convinced that they need their guns to defend themselves. “In fear of my life” is the primary excuse given for all cop shootings of innocent people. Me thinks he speaks with forked tongue.

Federal tyranny
New Mexico: DHS Raid to steal nearly 1500 guns

(Freedom Outpost) …Department of Homeland Security, along with a SWAT team and Bernalillo County sheriff’s deputies raided the home of Robert Adams in Albuquerque, New Mexico and, according to a federal search warrant affidavit the raid seized nearly 1,500 firearms from the man’s home and business. However, no charges have been filed against him, despite the fact that court documents reveal that agents had been watching Adams for years.

Nathan: I’ve not heard anything further on this, but the justification still seems doubtful.  And this is now sort of the gust front for the growing storm of armed robbery of guns by people across the nation.

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