Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-11C: America is not free

Due to travel and work, the last half of this week has kept me from getting a lot of things done.  Here are some news stories. The conclusion I have to reach is that we are in a police state, harsher in some places than in others, but nevertheless, we are NOT free.

Stupid government tyranny – Hoplophobes and hoploclasts
New Jersey: ad says Facebook photo of son with gun brought cops to house

(CNet News) “A New Jersey man says that, on the basis of mere hearsay about a Facebook photo of his 11-year-old son with a .22 rifle, police and child protection arrive at his door and demand entry. He says the authorities demanded to enter the house in Carneys Point, N.J., and check his guns. His lawyer, on a cell phone speakerphone, was privy to all the discussions. Moore insisted that he wouldn’t open the safe where his guns are kept– as no warrant was allegedly presented to him — and that a lady from the Department of Youth and Family Services refused to identify herself.” (03/19/13)

Nathan: The police state in action – and supported by too many people.  Expect more and more, more and more rapidly.

Congress in action – Lies and more lies
Nevada: Seven Marines killed when mortar explodes

(NBC News) “Seven U.S. Marines were killed and at least seven wounded when a mortar exploded during a live-fire training exercise overnight at an Army munitions depot in the Nevada desert, military officials told NBC News. There were conflicting reports about what happened. According to one account, a 60-millimeter mortar shell exploded in a tube as Marines were preparing to fire it. Another account said that the shell exploded as Marines were picking it up to load it. (03/19/13)

Nathan: The problem here is not that troops die in training: that is a very sad but basic fact of life, even though American military and civilian politicians often refuse to admit it.  The problem is that a scumbag member of Congress used this to claim that the Sequester was keeping troops from being trained properly, delivering unsafe ammunition to their use, and implying that national defense was threatened by a 1-2% decrease in the increase in the profligate spending of the federal government.  Lies.

Our right of self-defense
Oregon: Boyfriend tackles burglar while girlfriend holds shotgun, calls cops

(KBOI News) “After he tackled a man in his front driveway, LeBlanc said he began calling to his girlfriend for help. Eugene Police later identified the man LeBlanc tackled to be Shawn Daniel Johnson. Heidi Lusk, LeBlanc’s girlfriend, said she came outside with a shotgun and a phone. She said she pointed the shotgun at Johnson with one hand and called police with the other. ‘He said shoot me. He must have heard me tell dispatch that I had a shot gun pointed at him,’ said Lusk. ‘He asked me to shoot him, and I told him he wasn’t worth shooting.'” (03/15/13)

Nathan: Reminds me of a story I wrote a few years back. Self defense requires teamwork and practice – and even (gasp!) some training.  I don’t know if these folks had that, or just luck, but don’t count on luck.

Theft by government – Abominable Act
ObamaCare: Drastic Payment Cuts or Ballooning Deficit

(The American) The Affordable Care Act is projected to add $6.2 trillion to the federal deficit over the next 75 years…

Nathan: Government theft on steroids – this is, of course, totally unsustainable.  The only question is WHEN it all collapses – and who gets hurt worst.

Mama’s Note: Consider one of the health “alternatives” that far too many people just don’t even think about these days… taking charge of one’s own health and wellness. Most modern illnesses are the result of stress, poor diet, lifestyle, substance abuse, and the ingestion of massive amounts of chemical “medicine” that almost invariably does more harm than good.

I almost died (long story) before I realized that all that was completely within my own control. I stopped taking the pills, stopped going to the doctors (going on 8 years now), pursue a much healthier (no, not perfect) lifestyle and diet… and I am much happier and in better health than I’ve been since I was a teen. Now, at 66, I’ll go to a doctor if I break something, or spring a major leak, but not for much else. And there are/will always be doctors who are willing to work outside the system. American Physicians and SurgeonsSurgery Center of Oklahoma

As a FORMER western medicine health care provider… an RN for 30 years, I have an excellent idea what “medicine” was in the past, and a crystal clear picture of where it’s going. The trick is simply not to go along. The doctors and nurses (and many others) who understand that are leaving the sinking ship as fast as they can. They know they can’t save the dying monster, no matter what they do. Soon, the only ones left will be the helplessly debt ridden cowards who can’t see a way out, and the incompetent or downright evil ones who glory in their CONTROL. Control your own health. It works. It’s possible. And it may soon be the only rational option, no matter what your health problems might be. Sad, but there it is…

American Economic Front|
The Death of Physician-Owned Private Practices
(Wall Street Journal) By next year, an estimated 50 percent of U.S. doctors will be working in hospitals — a nearly 75 percent increase in the number of doctors employed by hospitals since 2000…

Nathan: We’ve seen this happen in profession after profession: engineering, architecture, brokering, retail trade, and more.  It is a symptom of government control and regulations and taxation:  small, ‘mom-and-pop’ outfits just can’t make it, and so get gobbled up – often ‘voluntarily.’  It will get worse.

Theft by government – American Economic Front|
Farm Subsidies: Inexcusable Waste
(Reason Magazine) The Department of Agriculture spent $22 billion on subsidy programs in 2012, though only 2 percent of Americans are directly engaged in farming…

Nathan: Reason does discuss this in more detail: the issue is NOT how many Americans are doing this or farming, but what makes more sense.  Subsidies are government interference with the market: if the government were to really WANT to have more food grown at home and sold at home and abroad, the government would END subsidies AND all the taxes and regulations that keep farmers in trouble and let the big agri-biz corps come in and control the markets.  (Not just federal and state, but local regs as well.)  Whether it is two percent or one percent or one-tenth percent, free markets and free agriculture done the (formerly) American way will feed us and much of the world.  It isn’t about “save farmers” – it is about control.

Two stories:  Border jumpers – Stupid government
ICE Director: ‘We Have Released Many Individuals Who Have DUI Offenses’

Conyers: Many Imprisoned Illegals Let Go by ICE ‘Had One or Two Misdemeanors Only’

Nathan: So who is telling the truth?  My guess is NEITHER.  If they really were misdemeanors, why were they just not sent home?  We don’t need to pay for incarcerating them.  And as for DUI’s – well, once more we see a two-tier standard: many border jumpers don’t even bother with drivers licenses, and DUIs for citizens are increasingly treated as felonies – except for drunk border jumpers, apparently.  Why weren’t they working off their sentences?  Americans have to.

Lies and more lies – Congress in action – Theft by government
Pelosi: ‘Very Little’ Gov’t Left If Spending Cuts are Matched with Debt-Limit Increase


Nathan: Like her comrades in Congress, she lies and lies and lies some more.  What is proposed will only reduce the growth of government – it will not even cause it to shrink.  How stupid she thinks the people are!

Mama’s Note: And, of course, there are a few of us who think that “very little” government would be an excellent thing… with NO involuntary government being even better.

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