Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-12A: Hoploclasts and more

Liberty?  Do Americans even know what the word really means anymore?  Today’s stories seem to say that we, as a people, do not.  But SOME of us do, and give us some examples to follow and some ideas about how to fight for our liberty.

Hoplophobes – Hoploclasts
Colorado: Firearms Company Leaving After Anti-Gun Laws Signed

(Godfather Politics) Holding to their promise to leave the state if any of these anti-gun laws passed, Magpul announced on their Facebook page that they are already transitioning their business out of the state of Colorado.  Their post read:

Nathan: More and more people and companies voting with their feet.  Several bloggers and commentators have stated their suspicions that this is the reason that the hoploclasts are pushing so hard in Colorado: to drive more and more libertarians and conservatives out of the state and make sure it stays permanently Blue (Tranzi).  But others point out that much of Colorado (geographically, if not in numbers) and many of the recent events are libertarian (minarchist) in nature:  legalizing marijuana, allowing “civil unions,” and more, and point to the positive trend that many elected sheriffs and many others in the state are planning to disobey the new hoplophobic laws.  I expect the state to tear itself apart sooner than later.

Hoplophobes – Hoploclasts
We Need to Regulate Cars the Way We Regulate Guns

(The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse by Michael Z Williamson)

Nathan: Too funny for words but deadly serious.  Thanks to Oleg for this one.  A great one to share for someone who almost just don’t get it about guns.

Hoplophobes – Hoploclasts
The Doctor, and Your Guns


Nathan: Again funny but with an important lesson to teach – and perhaps how to deal with YOUR doctor.

Mama’s Note: Take charge of your own health and learn to be assertive when you decide you must seek professional help.

Self Defense
Gun Facts Book version 6.2

Nathan: Now available for free download as PDF here for your immediate use!

Crash of 2009 – Federal Reserve
Texas to Bernanke: we want our gold

(American Vision News)  Governor Rick Perry and lawmakers are setting the stage to demand delivery from the Federal Reserve of $1B in gold bars owned by the state of Texas.

Nathan: It’s only a billion – a few hours spending by the feds, but big money still even in Texas.  But I suspect that Austin doesn’t really think that they can force the FedGov OR the Fed to give up any of their gold.  Even if Texas secedes.  But this DOES start the ball rolling to a goal of having justification to seize federal assets in Texas, including the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas (something that has been featured in at least one fictional telling of a new Texas Republic).

Stupid government tricks
U.S. Border Patrol Uniforms Manufactured in Mexico


Nathan: Appropriate, I figure, since these thugs are “supposed to be” protecting the US from border jumpers, mostly from the United Mexican States.  Bet they got a better deal than they could have gotten from the union-ridden companies NORTH of the Mexican border.  Though the unions are probably livid.  That doesn’t matter: the “messiah” doesn’t need them anymore.  Oh, and wanna bet some campaign contributions are floating around here?

Stupid government tricks – Hoploclasts – Theft by government
America’s Gun-Buyers, Sportsmen Generate $882M for Wildlife Conservation in 2012


Nathan: Which of course is a pittance for the “messiah” and Tranzis – not even 1/10 of 1% of the FedGov’s spending.  This is, for them, no different than tobacco: government NEEDS tobacco and other sin taxes to exist, but that doesn’t keep them from slitting the throats of the geese laying the golden eggs.

Catholic Church – Islamic wars
Pope Francis: ‘I Am Thinking Particularly of Dialogue With Islam’


Nathan: Hopefully the same kind of “dialogue” as you use with the vicious dog while you are pulling out your pistol and moving around to have a good clean shot at him.  Those who claimed to be christians and jews have been “dialoguing” with Muslims since about AD 632, and have found that the way “dialogue” works the best is when you have more people armed and armored more heavily than the “Faithful” of Allah.

Islamic war: Arab street revolt – Stupid US government
Obama Concerned Assad Will Be Replaced with Extremists


Nathan: Seems to me that the “messiah” could spend a bit more time being concerned about himself being replaced with an “extremist.”  I think his concern is overstated, of course, because after all, he (and the US) are supplying these extremists.

Islamic war: Arab street revolt
Anti-Assad Opposition Crumbles in Syria


Nathan: Things are so bad that they have asked a Texas filibuster to come lead them: some guy from Houston who is an IT specialist who is originally from Syria.  I don’t know if he is bringing anyone else with him; you know that “one-riot, one-Ranger” guff.  Don’t know if he is an “extremist” as defined by the “messiah” or not. Meanwhile, there are reports that President Assad (“rightful ruler”) was seriously wounded by one of his own bodyguards this weekend.

Abominable Act (State Edition) – State tyranny
Washington State May Require Insurers to Pay for Abortions


Nathan: Which means, of course, the ratepayers.  Once more, the Tranzis figure that they can stick it to everyone else. Ah, the power of government!

Congress in action – Hoplophobes and hoploclasts
Senate does not ratify UN arms treaty


Nathan: Normally I would not refer to this website, but I think the list of who supported this sell-out was of interest.  A list of those senators who voted FOR the insane UN arms treaty: check to see if your favorite senator(s) to loath are on the list.  Don’t worry, they’ll try again.

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