Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-12B: Voting, Congress in action, and Europe

Politics 2013
Arkansas (or Alabama?): Beebe vetoes voter turnout suppression bill

(CNN)  “A bill that would have required voters in Arkansas to produce photo identification before being allowed a ballot was rejected on Monday by the state’s Democratic governor, who said the measure was too expensive and could disenfranchise legal voters. Gov. Mike Beebe wrote that he thought the bill ‘unnecessarily restricts and impairs our citizens’ right to vote,’ adding the implementation costs would have risen to $300,000.” (03/26/13)

Nathan: Keep in mind this may not even be true.  Beebe is supposed to be Arkansas’s governor, but the URL says this is from Alabama.  Of course, CNN doesn’t care: they are both ex-slave states, filled with rednecks and too many family trees with no branches and a shared root, and both start with A – just like Alaska where that awful b**** Palin comes from.  Of course, Beebe is being a Democrat.  I can see no way in which providing an ID to prove that you are a US Citizen and eligible to vote is an infringement on anyone’s “right to vote” – which unlike our right to keep and bear arms IS a “right” limited constitutionally: among other things, to those 18 and older.  If you get rid of the requirement to have a government ID (and background check and all the rest) for buying a gun from a gun dealer, then come back and talk to me about abolishing an ID law.  I have been a citizen of two states (CO and SD) and have voted AT LEAST every two years since I turned 18, and have had to show an ID EVERY STINKING TIME.  I feel no sympathy for some gangbanger or some grandma who is forced to get an ID with their picture on it to vote.  Because I don’t want someone else claiming MY vote – whether it currently means anything or not.  Of course, that is the reason the Dems (and many others) don’t care about ID’s – because they know that voting is in essence worthless.  All it does is provide camouflage for the evil deeds of politicians.

Theft by government – the “messiah’s” edicts and decrees
Obama Designates New National Monuments

(Washington Post)

Nathan: This little bit of theatre, used also by Clinton to benefit his Chinese friends, is a legacy of that great Progressive, Teddy Roosevelt (sarcasm thick here).  The present resident of 1600 PA issues an imperial decree and voila!  Instant preservation as a national monument: one more parasite on the body politic.

Mainstream Media (Washington Post or WaPo) news roundup:

Nathan: The WaPo had these quickies: all variations on a theme.

Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) announces Tuesday that he won’t seek reelection

Nathan: An acquaintance but no friend, I saw this man a couple of months ago with his hangers-on and his nurses and all the rest slobbering all over him, while he was also doing the same.  From less than 20 feet away, I couldn’t tell if he was talking or if they had a bluetooth speaker wired into him.  He is a tremendous asset to the Democratic Party, and his “caregivers” have ensured he has voted the right way, most recently on the gun control garbage being vomited out by the Senate.  Which may be why he is NOT running for reelection: (a) he ticked off the majority of South Dakotans by seeking to steal all our liberties (not just a few), and (b) if he dies in office from the stress of campaigning, I wouldn’t put it past the governor to put his GOP opponent in as a temporary appointment.  Of course, I expect him to die sometime between November 2014 and January 2015: his “caregivers” have no reason to keep up the charade after the election.  Of course, all the Dems in SD have hopes of finding a replacement: ex-Congress critter Stephanie Herseth (defeated by current incumbent Kristi Noem) is one of their favorites, especially since she was supposedly “pro-gun” and is the current scion of a bigtime Democratic political dynasty in South Dakota.  Of course, Tim Johnson’s son, a US attorney with a big grin, is the “logical” choice for them.  After all, who could better continue the 18-year “service” Tim Johnson provided South Dakota?

Sens. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and Mark Warner (D-Va.) now support gay marriage

Nathan: Surprise, surprise.  Any more want to come out of the closet?  At least these two have political reasons to come out, unlike the GOP thug who placed family over morals and principle.  You notice that NO one (to my knowledge) came and stood in front of the Supreme Court and asked the question “Why does the United States government have ANY POWER whatsoever to define or regulate marriage in ANY way?  Please show me in the Constitution where that power is given to Congress, the Executive Branch, or this Court.”  The only excuse Congress has is taxes (income taxes were made more palatable by allowing married couples to file jointly) and benefits (marriage is a reason to deny many benefits and to grant a very few).  But of course, what authority does Congress have to base tax rates or collections on marriage (or any other personal) status?  And what authority does Congress have to grant ANY benefits?

Americans love Rand Paul’s drone stance

Nathan: Which is basically a libertarian one:  drones which are weapons of war should not be used in any way by American armed forces on American soil when not in a state of war, OR anywhere else on the planet against ANY person who is not an enemy soldier (of either an enemy nation or other enemy organization with which we are actually in a declared state of war).  The one exception is, of course, training on established military installations.  Same thing for fighter aircraft, bomber aircraft, naval gunnery, panzers (tanks) and other armored fighting vehicles.  Nor should these (any of these) be loaned or given to police (law enforcement) at ANY level: neighborhood, local, tribal, state, federal or international.

Of course, he doesn’t go far enough.  If American armed forces are allowed to use drones, then by default, ANY American citizen is allowed to use drones of the same type and power as an arm – for defense of property and person(s).  Same for any other arm – any other weapon of war or related equipment.  Night scopes, body armor, helmets, protective masks, mines, ALL are suitable for defense of person and property against criminals, wolves, snakes, and would-be tyrants and jack-booted-thugs of all shapes and sizes.

Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-MN) got problems

Nathan: Of course!  She is a thorn in the flesh not just of the Democrats (well, actually, the Farm-Laborites) which infest Minnesota (and are more an irritant than the mosquitoes of their Ten Thousand Lakes) but of her own GOP supposed conservatives – and SHE WON’T SHUT UP.  So they find a way to claim that she violated various election finance laws – as if everyone else in Congress, intentionally or unintentionally, does not.  Oh, well, let them eat their own; that much less time for them to bother the rest of us.

Europe’s Collapse – Opportunity for Liberty
The “Latin Empire” should strike back

(Libération via PressEurop) Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben has revived the idea of a union of Southern European countries, a proposal first launched by another philosopher, Alexandre Kojève, just after World War II. This “Latin Empire” could act as a counter weight to the dominant role played by Germany in the European Union.

Nathan: How about “let’s NOT!”?  Not a Latin Empire but a Latin League:  a hundred little Maltas in a loose alliance of trade and mutual help and defense.  Even Cypress would have room for four or six separate little commonwealths, the Greek islands could each be its own republic – or have a half dozen small ones and a few larger ones like Rhodes.  East, West, and Middle Crete, the Balarics each its own – but Majorca might want to be two or three:  Gibralter still with its ties to Queen and the anglophone world but apart, together with those last few Spanish possessions on the African coast, and Spain itself could divide into several dozen small independent but closely tied states, together with Italy and mainland Greece.  Each could have its home guard, complete with a few aircraft and coastal patrol boats – nice ones, of course, and work together to contract for NATO or the UK or the US to provide a backup if someone from outside (Libya or Egypt or Turkey or Germany-France) was getting ugly.  A common currency (gold or Bitcoins), a common market: no tariffs or taxes or prohibitions on import and export, just those sea-green (Med sea-green!) donation boxes at docks and airports and road intersections:  “Thank you for living or vacationing in the Latin League: keep your costs (and ours) low by donating for upkeep of roads and docks and runways.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!” in the seven “official” languages of the League: Latin, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, French, and English.

Europe’s Collapse – Environists
Chemical threat lurking beneath the sea

(Uważam Rze via PressEurop) Thousands of tonnes of chemical weapons sunk in the Baltic Sea after WWII pose a lethal hazard to humans and the environment. After 70 years at the bottom of the sea, the corroded containers risk leaking deadly poisons, warns a Polish journalist.

Nathan: I know why a “box of rocks” is dumber than just a plain rock – it is the principle of the intelligence of a committee:  you divide the IQ of the smartest rock in the box by the total number of rocks!  Apparently, that is how Europe now runs itself:  the EU parliament is dumber than a box of rocks.  This problem has been known since about the time the bubbles stopped rising from them dropping the stuff off the ships.  They could have done something in the 60s or 70s or 80s or 90s.  But they don’t and didn’t – and whose fault is that?  The Allies made the Germans dump it in the sea, for fear that (as Philip K. Dick once predicted) the Nazis would again arise and use this to do what might have made sense in the first place:  get rid of everyone else in Europe.  So now, with Germany becoming the ruler of the continent, guess who is to blame?

Europe’s collapse – Theft by government
The Dwarf has been Saved but the Giant is Trembling

(Die Tageszeitung via PressEurop)  “EU finance ministers have approved a multi-billion euro bailout, while the island is to cut a slice from bank deposits of more than €100,000,” writes the daily in its report on the Eurogroup plan adopted on March 25.

Nathan: The headline is speaking of Cyprus and the Euro-backed economy: “saved” by theft on a truly magnificent scale.  The giant is the entire monetary union:  the paper thinks it is STILL toast despite the “heroic” efforts to once again keep it “alive.”  Think of it as life support, including transfusions using blood obtained by mugging someone in the hospital.  Cypriots certainly don’t feel they are “saved” as more and more protests and riots continue.  And the banks are still closed … “until Thursday.”  Right.

Mama’s Note: More like a blood transfusion – taking the blood out of one arm and pumping it into the other side… with some “regrettable” loss, of course, to those administering it. You don’t think any of those bankers or politicians took a pay cut, do you? And, the patient will still most certainly die, since there was no NEW blood involved, just less of what they had to start with.

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