Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-12A: Culture wars – How funny can you get?

Nathan: Last week, the news and commentary was filled with screams and cries and protests on an issue that was created out of whole cloth about twenty-five years ago and has come to symbolize both the fragmentation AND the moral collapse of American society.  Many people believe we are entering the end game on this issue, and it is one that opens many avenues for further destruction of society and families, while giving government even more power over our daily lives.

Culture Wars: Homosexual “Marriage”
Attorney: ‘Incorrect Understanding’ That Gay Couples Are ‘Fundamentally Different’ Than Straight Couples


Nathan: Oh, how could THAT possibly be: what “gay couple” has been able to produce a child within the marriage unit?  Naturally?

Mama’s Note: Get government out of everyone’s personal life and the economy. I really couldn’t care less who wants to marry whom – or what they call it. It’s none of my business.

Nazgul – Culture Wars: Homosexual “Marriage”
Justice Alito on DOMA: Replace Marriage in Federal Statute with ‘Certified Domestic Unit’


Nathan:  Robot love, anyone?  And just WHO does the “certification” anyway?  Seems to me that the entire thing could be dealt with in “federal statute” by getting rid of federal taxes on income of individuals and by getting rid of federal welfare – transfer payments – to individuals (directly or indirectly).  But THAT of course will NEVER seem obvious to them.

Nazgul – Culture Wars: Homosexual “Marriage”
Pelosi: Opposing DOMA Is Honoring the Constitution


Nathan: If she is REALLY interested in “honoring the Constitution” she should look to and learn from Japanese politicians who fail their nation or party…  I think I understand her logic, but even more, I understand her hypocrisy.  Recognition by other states of this pitiful little exercise in redefining the English language is fine, but not recognition of gun-concealed-carry by other states, or of drivers licenses for under sixteen year old people, or dozens of other issues of liberty.

World wars – Hoplophobes and hoploclasts
Diplomats Wrap Up Work on U.N. Arms Trade Treaty That Will Test U.S. Resolve


Nathan: I do not see how this will test US resolve – it will just be one more excuse for the “messiah” and his minions to try and force abandonment of our liberty to defend ourselves: to own and carry weapons.

You realize, that once upon a time the US was ALONE in the world: in the 18th Century, there were no true republics – even Switzerland (though a confederation) was not a republic and had few if any cantons that were; the Venezian Republic was one in name only:  San Marino might be the only other one.  We do NOT have to be like the rest of the world.

Stupid people
$4M AIDS Memorial Coming to NYC


Nathan: Where are the memorials to the victims of cholera?  Of smallpox?  Of polio?  Of the Black Death?  Of the “messiah?”  As I understand it, 95% of those who die of AIDS have their own bizarre sexual practices to blame for their illnesses and death.  So let’s also build memorials to those who died of syphilis and gonorrhea, too.

The “messiah” – Government-run, tax-funded schools
Obama Proclaims April the Month to Teach Young People ‘How to Budget Responsibly’


Nathan: How funny can you GET? Get your teaching plans from the biggest spendthrift on the planet, the FedGov!!!

East Asian Front
Map Purports to Show Kim Jong-un’s Wish List of Missile Targets in the U.S.


Nathan: How funny can you GET? Again – Austin?  Or is it perhaps really pointing to Sandia or Los Alamos?

Mama’s Note: Sadly, it’s getting harder and harder to spot the April fool’s jokes…

Islamic wars: Arab street revolt
Those Who ‘Insult’ Egypt’s Morsi or Palestinian’s Abbas Risk Imprisonment

Nathan:  Again, how funny can you GET?  These people are deserving of as much respect as Mohammed (peanut butter und honig)?  Sounds like dictators to me.  But there is a lot of criticism going around this week:

The “messiah”
Obama Attends Easter Service Where Pastor Criticized the ‘Religious Right’


Nathan: How ironic can you get?  This sort of thing is right up the alley of emperors and kings.

The “messiah”
Obama: We Will Follow Jesus in ‘Seeing Everyone, Especially the Least of These, As a Child of God’


Nathan: Again, how ironic can you GET? This man and his minions are busy trying to kill MORE infants in the womb, and trying to ensure that MORE children grow up in dysfunctional, immoral, and parasitical families:  take your pick: same-sex couples, fifth-generation welfare families, single-mom households, and of course, no household with the ability to defend itself.  This man cannot see Christ to follow Him.  Are not infants and those in drug-infested and violence-bathed households as much children of God as those at 1600 PA and all the other beltway mini-mansions?

Mama’s Note: I’m really starting to wonder about that “God is not mocked” thing. A few thunderbolts into the right skulls would restore a lot of my faith…

Mexican civil war – Home front (US)
Mexican Cartels Dispatch Agents Deep Inside U.S.


Nathan: Aha!  Now we know why DHS is deploying all those MRAPs – it isn’t about domestic terrorists, it is about these agents!

Congress in action – Theft by government
Gallup: Democrats Spend Too Much, GOP Won’t Compromise


Nathan: How exactly are the GOP supposed to compromise: by allowing the Dems to spend more (not that the GOP are exactly paragons of thrifty spenders, mind you)?

Crash of 2009
BET Founder: ‘This Country Would Never Tolerate White Unemployment at 14 or 15 Percent’


Nathan: You wanna bet?  We already have that in many counties:  black unemployment is double that – and the administration continues to lie and lie and LIE.

Government-ruined, theft-funded schools
35 Atlanta Public School Administrators and Teachers Indicted for Cheating


Nathan: These were just a few: several hundred actually did it, but only these were actually dragged into court – and I expect the charges to be dismissed or watered down to nothing.  Who will watch the watchers?  How many other places has this happened?  What are the students to do?  Go back and demand to be taught all over again?

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Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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