Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-12C: Immigrants and travel and more

Home front – TSA thuggery
Flight Attendants Recruit Passengers to Sign ‘No Knives’ Petition

Nathan: The companies’ right, of course, to opportune their passengers on ANYthing.  The fascist relationship between TSA and the airlines and the unions is in full effect.  But frankly, I expect them to fail – and hope that they do so.  I’ve only lost one small knife (actually, a multitool) to the TSA goons, but have been inconvenienced a LOT by the ban even though I’ve traveled very little by air.

Home front – Border jumpers
WH: Immigration Reform ‘Will Be Good for the Middle Class’


Nathan: On what planet?  TRUE reform would be good, but we know that nothing this Congress passes will be a true reform that allows people to travel back and forth and doesn’t make opportunities for scam artists and bums to live off the taxpayers’ dimes.  And one of the major reasons is that immigration is a way to keep middle class AND working class pay lower than it would be otherwise.

Stupid government tricks – the “messiah”
Obama Wants to Spend $100M on Brain Mapping Project

Nathan: Now, if he were the subject…  Seriously, what justifies $100M on this?  Nothing, except the intense desire and need of government to spend money and do things that don’t need to be done.

Stupid government tricks – The “messiah’s” consort
First Lady: WH Easter Egg Roll is ‘Celebration of Nutrition and Health and Activity’


Nathan: Nothing to do with a risen Savior, of course, since the “messiah” is still alive and well.

Mama’s Note: I never could see any connection between easter eggs and anything in the Bible myself… Lots of fun for the kids, and great for the egg producers, but not much else. But I won’t say no to some Cadbury chocolate eggs… those are marvelous.

Self defense
Oregon: Woman fends off attacker with handgun

(KATU TV)  OREGON CITY, Ore. – An man who police said grabbed a 22-year-old woman by her hair and assaulted her Sunday night got quite a surprise when she pulled out her handgun to defend herself. Police said the suspect ran away when he saw the gun. The woman was not seriously hurt. … the suspect grabbed her by her hair from behind. Police said he dragged her down a sidewalk until she reached into her purse and pulled out her legally-owned gun.

Nathan: Good – and reported in a mainstream media outlet, too.  But once again ..”her legally-owned gun.”  What gives?  Has Oregon gone so far to the left that most people do NOT have a “legally-owned gun” of their own?

Mama’s Note: And, if the gun had not been “legally owned,” was this woman obligated somehow to be raped or murdered instead of defending herself? This nonsense just has to stop.

Theft by government – Politics (2 stories)
President Obama’s purely symbolic sequester strategy — and why it might work

(Washington Post) Let’s make one thing absolutely clear: President Obama’s decision to give back five percent of his salary — $20,000 — to highlight the effects of the sequester is sheerly symbolic and an overt act of political theater.

Obama will return 5 percent of salary: What about Congress?
(Washington Post)  President Obama’s decision to return 5 percent of his salary to the U.S. Treasury in show of solidarity with federal workers might make folks wonder whether Congress will do the same. Members of the House and Senate earn $174,000 annually and haven’t voted to raise their salaries since 2009, knowing that increasing their paychecks would only make them more unpopular with the general public. Several lawmakers, many of them independently wealthy, donate considerable portions of their congressional pay to charity or back to the U.S. Treasury.

Nathan: Even the WaPo appears to be disgusted by this token garbage perpetrated by the “messiah” and Congress.  We are being ripped off, and it is disgusting in a manner FAR worse than the WaPo wants to state.  Yeah, they donate money – STOLEN money and money that they got by being corrupt insiders of the worst kind.  These scum are criminals and ought to be in one of Sheriff Joe’s prison camps in tents in pink underwear – AFTER they pay back all that they can and pay for the baloney sandwiches and underwear.

Mama’s Note: OOOH, I just had a mental flash picture of Obummer in pink underwear, eating a bologna sandwich… I think I’m going to be sick. Seriously, why should that murderer and thief get off that easy? Are there no lamp posts or ropes in Washington D.C.?

Money and Economy – Liberty
Karl Denninger on Bitcoin


Nathan: Karl Denninger briefly but accurately and completely demolishes the value IN OUR CURRENT SOCIETY AND GOVERNMENT of BitCoin and other cryptocurrency projects.  And he does not even touch on the “Al Capone” effect: that even if the Man cannot prove that you sold something illegal (15-round magazines in Colorado or pot in Wyoming), that they can still lock you up for the mere act of attempts to conceal the transaction.

The Money-ness of Bitcoins
by Nikolay Gertchev
Bitcoins have been much in the news lately. Against the background of renewed concerns about the integrity of the euro zone and the imposition of capital controls in Cyprus, the price of a bitcoin has tripled over the last month and reached more than $141 for 1 BTC. Are we witnessing the spontaneous emergence of an alternative virtual medium of exchange, as some would put it? This article offers an answer to this question by considering three aspects of the economy of bitcoins: their production process, their demand factors, and their capacity to compete with physical media of exchange.

Mama’s Note: Another, and comprehensive look at the Bitcoin thing.

Home front
DHS: Legal Immigrants from Asia Outnumbered Latin Americans in FY2012


Nathan: Why bother with the expense of legal entry when you can pack a canteen and walk across the border without benefit of bureaucrats?

Home front – Border jumpers
Immigration Bill Would Give Farm Workers a Speedier Path to Legal Status


Nathan: Honestly, folks, much as I understand the need for farm workers – and have been so myself a time or two, between digging ditches by hand for a living – this seems to me to be a surefire way of raising Mexico’s IQ at the expense of our own:  While I see this IS a way of getting out of a socialist, poverty-stricken, deadly home in Mexico or some other Latin American banana republic, and a step up, it is obvious that far too many people are content to be either a farm worker or a welfare parasite, with no intent or ability to go beyond.  This bill just stabilizes and makes permanent a bad situation, ensuring it will get worse.

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