Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-16D: Home front

Home Front – TSA Thuggery
Airline, Airport Employees Caught Abusing Security Badges


Nathan: Argh!!! Journalists – don’t have the foggiest idea about grammar or the truth.  First off, it is TSA employees that are mostly discussed in the article.  Second, they were “misusing” the badges, not beating them up or keeping them locked in a closet, or raping them.  But the point is still clear:  for every REAL “terrorist” or threat to air travel, there are hundreds of crimes caused by the very agents “trying to prevent” those threats.  Government and the airlines themselves are the threat.

Mama’s Note: Aye… the “cure” is so often worse than the disease.

Home front: California versus Texas – Politics 2013
Myths vs. Facts: California’s Claims about Texas’ Economy
(Daily Policy Digest) Texas Governor Rick Perry recently began radio advertising in California encouraging California businesses to move to Texas for its pro-business environment.  The radio ads sparked a tiff between the Lone Star State governor and Californians, who have levied a number of claims about Texas’ economic success, all of which are inaccurate, says Chuck DeVore, vice president of policy at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

Nathan: I am shocked, SHOCKED that the People’s Republic of California is attacking the Republic of Texas and making all these claims: twisting statistics to prove that the million people who got jobs in Texas in the last year are nuts and that the 300,000 people that abandoned California for freedom (even a little bit more) last year apparently don’t exist.

Government-run, tax-funded schools – Home front – Self defense
Gunfire and moments of fear as a rural Oregon school tests its readiness

(Oregon Live) “Two masked men wearing hoodies and wielding handguns burst into the Pine Eagle Charter School in this tiny rural community on Friday. Students were at home for an in-service day, so the gunmen headed into a meeting room full of teachers and opened fire. … Principal Cammie DeCastro said it became clear very quickly just how many of the school’s 15 teachers would have survived. The answer: ‘Not many,’ she said. … Armed teachers is one possible outcome, she said. Or the district may get armed and trained volunteers from the community to watch over the school in shifts, she said. Tougher doors and better locks are other options. Gover said the teachers tend to favor having one or two armed teachers in the building at all times.” (04/29/13)

Nathan:  This stupid little incident brought home some blunt truths – and their liberalism seems to be somewhat weakened, no?  Unlike the next school.

Mama’s Note: A good thing none of those “teachers” were carrying “illegally.’ The bogus attackers might well have been killed. What a stupid stunt.

Government-run, tax-funded schools – Hoplophobes
North Carolina: Scholarship for Eagle Scout arrested for shotgun in truck

(The Blaze) Withrow, a high school senior and Eagle Scout, had been skeet shooting the day before the incident and inadvertently neglected to store his firearm. Once he realized his error, he immediately locked the gun in his truck and went inside the school to call his mom so she could come pick it up.  But a Princeton High School official overhead Withrow’s phone call to his mother and the school promptly called the police. … he was arrested and charged with a felony. The school is not allowing Withrow to return to school of the rest of the year, however, an attorney for Johnston County Schools on Thursday said he will still be allowed to graduate on time by attending an alternative school, WTVD-TV reports. Now, Liberty University is stepping in to make sure that the high school senior will be able to continue on to college.

Nathan: First off, this Eagle was a stupid kid.  There were three or four different ways he could have avoided this, but he seems to have panicked. (He could have driven his truck off campus, he could have been a WHOLE lot more discrete in talking to his mom on a public phone, etc.)  And his mom and dad, frankly, are stupid in letting him go to a “public” school. And despite the generosity of Liberty University, he is STILL facing felony charges and the costs – even if the jury uses its collective common sense (ain’t holdin’ my breath) and refuses to find him guilty.  This may affect him for years – until the Collapse.

Culture wars – Politics 2013
Boy Scouts of America Survey: 61% Support Current Policy of Excluding Homosexuals

Nathan: But the leadership has already decided to “compromise” and there are too many in the national council who WANT the immorality to be permitted.  So what Scouters and Scouts and sponsoring organizations want is going to be ignored.  And the homosexual activists and Tranzis will STILL not be satisfied and will STILL attack the BSA.

Mama’s Note: Trying to think just how anyone’s sexual orientation is anyone else’s business. Any more than one’s gun ownership, religion or gardening method. When the BSA decides to give up all theft funded perks (sponsorship by government schools, etc.) then they may have a better handle on the problem. The theft is, as always, the root of it.

Abominable Act – War on some drugs
Poll: 54% would repeal healthcare law, 85% for medical marijuana

(Fox News) “By a 54-41 percent margin, American voters would get rid of the sweeping 2010 health care law if given the option, according to a new Fox News poll. The poll, released Wednesday, also shows most voters — 71 percent — think the more than 15,000 pages of regulations that implement the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, are ‘way over the top.’ Some 19 percent say that number of pages ‘seems about right.’ The concern about the small mountain of health care rules is bipartisan.” (05/01/13)

Nathan: This public opinion will matter as much as the 61% of the BSA in the story above.  Congress is greedy, stupid, and power-mad, and facilitates the administration’s lawlessness and immorality.  BOTH the Abominable Act (ObummerCare) and the war on some drugs – especially the war on medical marijuana – are immoral AND unconstitutional, but the Nazgul are no more going to change them or rule against them than Holder and his capo will change.

War on religion – Stupid government
Pentagon Threatens Courts Martial for Preaching Gospel


Nathan:  Weinstein is supported by the bootlicking political generals in charge, the political appointees and minions of the “messiah” and their Tranzi overlords.  Like forcing open homosexuality, open adultery, so-called “marriage” and dozens of other less noticeable actions, this damages the military. It drives more and more good (and even neutral) people OUT, to allow more trash – gangbangers and such – to be not just in the service, but promoted rapidly.  The only way is downhill.

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