Libertarian Commentary on the News #13-22B: True conversion? The “messiah” and his minions

Prof Who Accused NRA of Treason Apologizes; Says: ‘Freedom Best Served with an Armed Populace’


Nathan: Do we have a true conversion here?  Taking his words at face value, we very well may indeed have one.  If so, it should be an encouragement that a man who took such a strong stand AGAINST gun ownership and defense of American freedoms was convinced by reasoned arguments by people who responded to his outrageous accusations and threats.  And publicly changed his stance.  If the conversion is true.  Now, we only have a few more million to go.

The “messiah’s” minions – Stupid people
Michael Eric Dyson on Holder: ‘He’s the Moses of Our Time and At Least for This Administration’

( “I think the attorney general should step down too, off of that plateau where he resides in high principle and whip some head, but he shouldn’t give up his office. What he should understand is that he is the chief law giver of the United States of America, so to speak. He’s the Moses of our time, and at least for this administration,”

Nathan: Oh dear, anytime the Tranzi start pulling out biblical allusions, you know it is going to be nasty.  No difference here.  The Attorney General is “the chief law giver” of the nation?  In what warped twisted universe?  Putting aside the fact that GOD is the lawgiver identified in the Old Testament (See Isaiah 33:22), under the (now-dead, admittedly) constitution, the “lawgivers” are the Legislative Branch: Congress.  The AG is nothing but an assistant to the chief executive to apply that law, and maybe propose some.  If Dyson is looking for a biblical allusion, Holder at best is one of Korah’s lieutenants in his rebellion against Moses (Numbers 16).  Or perhaps Balaam, urging rebellion against liberty and freedom.

The “messiah’s” minions – Home tyranny
Justice Dep’t Using ADA to Get Psychotic and ‘Intellectually Disabled’ Prisoners Out of Solitary Confinement


Nathan: They need the room – for us.

Theft by government – Tyranny – Congress in action
Issa: ‘My Gut Tells Me That Too Many People Knew That This (IRS) Wrongdoing Was Going On’


Nathan: Do we need to remember the irrelevance of Congress?  This should help.  I have no doubt that a LOT of people knew about this – including a lot of members of Congress – including some Republican members of Congress.  Why didn’t they say anything?  Fear.  Fear and sometimes a bit of “we’ll get ours back when we are back in power, but that won’t happen if we blow the whistle now.”   End the Fed, End the IRS.  It is time to fight for freedom.

Congress in action – Politics 2014
Schumer Warns Republicans That Scandals Alone Won’t Help Them in 2014


Nathan: Well, maybe I agree with him for once.  For one thing, the GOP will botch it, as usual.  For a second, more and more voters realize that the GOP will simply have their own version of these scandals.  What is needed is a reduction in power of government and these officials so that the constant scandals and abuse of power don’t really matter.  End the Fed.  End the IRS.  End taxes.  Restore liberty.

Islamic wars: Ottoman front
Turkish PM, Protesters Accuse Each Other of Undermining Democracy


Nathan: Implementing Democracy, maybe. They ARE the end result of democracy, that ancient evil:  the “Street Senate” on the one side and the Demogogic dictator on the other side of the coin. Of course, it is important that we remember too that for decades, Turkey has been touted as the “proof” that a predominantly Islamic nation can be democratic and have freedom.  Wrong!  Their PM is accused of being more a sultan or pharaoh than Morsi or Putin have been, and the liberties of peaceful protest and assembly are obviously not to be found.

Home front – Culture wars
Alabama: Native American [sic – Creek Indian girl] denied high school diploma for wearing tribal feather

(Raw Story)  “A high school graduate in Alabama is being denied her diploma after being fined $1,000 for wearing a feather reflecting her Native American heritage. ‘I don’t think it’s fair at all,’ 17-year-old Chelsey Ramer told WPMI-TV. ‘I feel like its discrimination.’ Ramer, a member of the Poarch Creek Band of Indians, wore the feather while taking part in the graduation ceremony at Escambia Academy High School in defiance of school policy forbidding ‘extraneous items’ from being worn without school permission.” [editor’s note: The story doesn’t mention that Escambia Academy is a private Christian school with an extensive, explicit and self-described “conservative” dress and appearance code. This is not a school that Ramer was forced by law to go to or that her family was forced by law to pay for – TLK] (06/03/13)

Nathan: Like Tom, this missing information (in every story I read, not just Raw Story) is key to the story, and changes the conditions greatly.  An honor feather is an important cultural item in many tribes, and I assume it is with the Creek as well as tribes I know better.  Unlike a similar situation where the Chamberlain (SD) Public Schools refused to allow a Lakota honor song to be sung at graduation (apparently because they considered it “religious” in nature) when a third of the class were AmerInd, and where it was a government-run, tax-funded school, this was a choice of the girl to reject conditions imposed by the administration to which she voluntarily submitted.  Lack of planning on her part (to either get the policy changed or withdraw from the ceremony) does not justify the Academy being forced to comply with her demands.  At the same time, the fine seems to be a wee bit harsh, as does the complete refusal to issue her diploma:

Mainstream media – Corruption
Tom Brokaw on Holder: If It Was John Ashcroft, ‘The Left Would Be Going Very Hard After Them’


Nathan: Of course, because Ashcroft was not part of the proper and acceptable ruling elite, but Holder IS.  Look, black people, whatever their nationality or ethnic claims and background, have been enslaving other black people for millennia, as well as white people and anyone else weak enough or stupid enough to entrap.  (As have whites and Anglos and Arabs and…)  Holder’s skin color no more keeps him from being a murderous, thuggish tyrant (or minion of one) than the nice suits he wears, or than their skin color kept Baby Doc, Idi Amin, or Robert Mugabe from being murdering, thuggish dictators.  He might take more pleasure in enslaving a white-skinned or red-skinned person than one with “color” but that doesn’t mean he won’t get ANY kick out of it.

The “messiah’s” minions
Next Scandal? Sebelius, Other Top Political Appointees Using Secret Email Accounts


Nathan: Must not be too secret if CNS knows about it.  Still, what difference do secret e-mails make?  There are enough high  crimes and misdemeanors around to warrant a whole host of show trials, and that doesn’t do anything to sway the fans, the masses.  I just heard again today about all the wonderful things that the “messiah” is doing and how wonderful his people are.  Even e-mails ordering out the death squads with pictures of him joining Gosnel there in Philadelphia in cutting off baby’s feet and of him clubbing baby seals in the Arctic wouldn’t get him brought to justice (Well, actually, the baby seal pix might come closer).

East Asian front
China Spurns U.N. Criticism After Sending N. Korean Refugees Back to Uncertain Fate


Nathan: Of course.  Not because the UN is sincere, but because the various UN factions must balance their reaction to actions by any of the major powers who hold permanent Security Council seats.  China has a hard row to hoe with North Korea, since even Kim’s silly little missiles can just as easily be pointed west as they can east to Japan or the US bases, and of course, because China was North Korea’s sponsor for such a long time.  And, they have to consider that at least SOME of these refugees are sleepers, planted by North Korea for “der Tag.”

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