Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-34E: Evil government from “high” to “low”

The UN evil – Home front
United Nations demands US answer for Zimmerman verdict

( “We call upon the US Government to examine its laws that could have discriminatory impact on African Americans, and to ensure that such laws are in full compliance with the country’s international legal obligations and relevant standards,” said human rights expert Verene Shepherd, who currently heads the UN Working Group of Experts of People of African Descent. With Christians under siege throughout the Middle East and elsewhere, this week the United Nations sees as a priority the status of a local crime in the state of Florida. And not just a local crime, but one that has been adjudicated by a jury and one that an FBI report proved had nothing to do with racism.

Nathan: These UN johnnies just do not understand liberty or government – especially justice – by the people.  Bad though Anglo-American government can be and is, it is light years ahead of what the rest of the world has to suffer.  First off, it is not Federal law that was involved and needs to be examined: it was the laws of the sovereign State of Florida that governed.  It is the people of Florida, if any, that should examine their laws. And that is why, among other things, the people of Florida (and most other states) have juries and serve on them:  to decide the facts and the law.  If the UN had their way, juries would be illegal and “justice” would be served by a single black-robed tyrant, or for capital crimes, three to five of them.  There ARE NO “relevant international standards or legal obligations,” because under both natural law and Anglo-American common law, judgment is to be made by a plurality of the accused’s peers: a jury (although at least twelve agreeing unanimously strikes me as a VERY wise idea).  Of course, we might ask ourselves if the UN (just theoretically, at least) might have some better use of its time?

Stupid politicians – Hoplophobes and hoploclasts
Colorado Democrat: Legislature, not guns, make streets safe

(Washington Times) “As a woman, I have the right not to carry a gun and to feel safe on the streets, and that’s what we provide for in the state Legislature is for all of us in the state of Colorado — to feel safe on the streets without having to carry a gun,” said Mrs. Hullinghorst on “The Tim Caffrey Show.” She also took a swipe at gun owners.  “The thought that the only way we can protect ourselves is to wield our own weapon is completely absurd and an argument that I absolutely discount as frivolous,” Mrs. Hullinghorst said.

Nathan: Like the person that pointed this article out to me (Tim Brown, thanks!) I find this woman’s argument STUPID.  Like the rest of her Democratic playmates in Denver (and DC), she cannot understand the real world, or what can happen.  Need I mention virtually ANY place in the once lovely city of Aurora, or Five Points, or any place along East Colfax or Martin Luther King Boulevard, or the Pecos-Federal barrio?  Yes, she has the right NOT to carry a weapon, but we know that the General Assembly has NO liability for NOT making the streets safe.  Yes, she even has the right to be stupid, but NOT the right (nor the power, morally or legally) to make all of us as stupid as she is.

Mama’s Note: She’s making the classic liberal mistake of confusing “feeling safe” for actual safety, obviously with no life experience to teach her differently. Sadly, she may never make the connection to reality, even if she is mugged and raped. A real shame. Everything will always be someone else’s responsibility.

Stupid cops – Local tyranny
Montana: Police chief unapologetic about police dog attack on man

(Jonathan Turley blog) Livingston, Montana. Mark Demaline, who cooks at the Park Place Tavern, was attacked late at night in his workplace when police found a door unlocked after hours and sent in a police dog named Bobi. What is most astonishing is not just the lack of an apology by police but the insistence of Chief of Police Darren Raney (left) that the dog “did what he was supposed to do.” After the restaurant closed, Demaline did what he often did after work. He went next door to the Livingston Bar and Grille for a drink and then returned around 2 am to retrieve his laptop to go home. He made himself a quick salad for a late night snack and was heading to the door when he ran into Bobi. At first, he said “Hey, puppy” and tried to greet it. He says the dog attacked and lunged for his thigh. When he tried to grab Bobi’s collar, the dog went for his wrists. The dog bit him deeply in the thigh and brought him to the floor as the officer yelled for him to put his hands above his head — a difficult proposition with a dog clamped on your thigh.

Nathan: Livingston is NOT the inner city:  the cops have lost all courage, and use anything they can to confront ANY unusual threat, however improbable.  And then hide behind “we serve the people” and “our lives are on the line.”  I suspect that Mr. Demaline will own much of the town before this is done.

Mama’s Note: Confronting any real or seriously potential “threat” like this would be problematic, but there was zero threat here to anyone until the dog was sent in. An open door might cause a good officer to investigate carefully, but sending in an attack dog certainly wouldn’t be part of it, regardless of the circumstance.

Further, regardless of how small the town is or how little crime there is, if my employee left a back door open in my business, he’d be looking for another job in the morning. Doors and locks are designed to exclude intruders, human and animal. Leaving them open and unlocked is simply irresponsible.

Theft by government
Taxation Across the United States in 2013

(Tax Foundation) Tennessee has the highest average combined state-local sales tax rate at 9.44 percent; Alaska has the lowest at 1.69 percent…

Nathan: This article explains why:  Alaska makes a huge amount of money to support bloated government through severance taxes; Tennessee eliminated the income tax but did NOT cut the bloated government they way they should have.  I hate taxes, but I hate income taxes MORE than sales tax, because income tax is not just theft, it is slavery.  The point is not missed in South Carolina, where they are now trying to join TN and seven other states (South Dakota among them) in making income taxes illegal.

Crash of 2009 – Government-run, tax-supported schools
The Value of a College Degree

(USA Today) In Texas, new graduates from technical associate’s degree programs earned average salaries more than $11,000 higher than those for graduates with bachelor’s degrees…

Nathan: Amazing that USA Today would even publish this:  of course, a lot of us KNOW that this has been the case for several decades.  Except for SOME of the professions (some medical degrees, some engineering, and a few other technical professions), there is little or no justification for wasting the time and money of a college degree.  Bachelor’s degrees whether BS or BA are just glorified high school diplomas about 90% of the time, since the students are taught only what was once taught in high school, or even before eighth grade.

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