Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-34D: Syria and other stupidity

The “messiah” and stupid government tricks
Rumsfeld: Obama Has Driven Our Country Into a Cul-de-Sac


Nathan: Well, I don’t think “cul-de-sac” is a good word: it implies neatness and orderliness and good planning and engineering.  Nope, he has driven the fully-loaded semi into a blind alley, all of ten feet wide and with a 20-foot radius curve halfway down its 200-foot length, and with trees giving a clearance of about 12 feet.  Of course, it is also with an incompetent driver…  And of course, Mr. Rumsfeld, this does NOT just apply to this budding disaster in Syria, but to virtually everything: debt, economy, environment, health-care, and liberty.  Enough is enough: when is it time to end this insanity?

Islamic wars: Arab street revolt: Syrian front
Al-Qaida-Linked Syrian Rebels Attack Regime-Held Christian Village


Nathan: Aha!  NOW we know why the “messiah” and his minions like the Syrian rebels so much!  And why they are willing to kill hundreds or thousands of women, children, and the elderly to “punish” Assad, whom they once praised as a “reformer” and loved getting their pictures with.  The rebels hate and attack Christians!  Now it all makes sense!

Islamic wars: Arab street revolt – Syrian front – the “messiah”
Obama: ‘I Didn’t Set a Red Line’ on Syria


Nathan: Oops, maybe it is color blindness?  Green instead of red?  He tap dances pretty well, and looks even more stupid than he acts.  Or speaks, as we hear from Saint Petersburg:

Islamic wars: Arab street revolt – Syrian front – the “messiah”
Obama, from Russia, urges U.S. lawmakers to back strike on Syria

(Washington Post) ST. PETERSBURG — President Obama scrambled with senior advisers Thursday to soften resistance to a military strike against the Syrian government among U.S. lawmakers and some of Obama’s most reliable global allies.

Nathan: He matches the past and the bellicose attitude from the Kremlin more than his host Putin does.  Is there any reason NOT to doubt Putin when he calls this man a liar about Syria and who REALLY killed all those people with the gas?

Islamic wars: Arab street revolt – Syrian front – the “messiah” and his minions
Kerry: Obama Has Not Told Me What He Will Do If Congress Does Not Authorize Syria Strike


Nathan: Things like this are one reason that a number of folks are commenting that the “messiah” is playing this strickly improvisational, but with the skill of a typical junior high kid who wants to be a jazz musician.  Anyone who is so stupid as to NOT discuss options with the man (admittedly a not-so-smart man, but still) that is supposed to be one of his major foreign-affairs advisors is NOT going to make a successful military operation, especially since all the puppet strings right down to platoon level lead straight back to DC.  As with the bin Laden operation in Pakistan, no doubt they will be eating popcorn and drinking beer in the “war room” and telling the cruise missile controllers to “hit THAT building and not the other one.”

Islamic wars: Arab street revolt – Syrian front – the “messiah”
U.S. Action Against Syria Will Have ‘Some Teeth,’ Includes Arming the Rebels


Nathan: So, just killing a bunch of people as “collateral damage” to destroy stocks of chemical agents and their means of delivery is NOT enough:  we have to repeat the mistake that Reagan did in Afghanistan against the Soviets and ARM these madmen who hate the US more than they would ever hate Assad, and so we WILL have boots on the ground to provide these weapons and no doubt train them.  Fortunately, they will have the standard Muslim attitude towards target practice and maintenance: “As Allah wills.”

Islamic wars: Arab street revolt – Syrian front – the “messiah’s” minions
Kerry Claims ‘Very Broad Coalition’ on Syria, But Evidence Is Scant


Nathan: Ah, Johnnie-boy’s imaginary playmates.  Or maybe he is speaking of Congress, especially the Senate where the support for this stupidity crosses party lines, and more than just the usual token RINO.  (Is it any wonder that Matt Drudge would abandon the GOP?  It even sounds like Hannity and Limbaugh are ready to give up on the GOP as well: apparently Beck is on vacation all this week, but his love for Israel is go great that he probably leans to supporting an attack.

Funny – Home front – Stupid government
Deer Trail, Colorado: Clerk returning checks to buy drone hunting licenses

(Denver Post)  “There is a lot of money to be made on it, and it was going to go to the community center, and now I have to return a lot of checks,” Oldfield said. Of the town’s roughly 550 residents, Oldfield said 38 people have signed an unofficial petition opposing the measure. Eight of them appeared at the board meeting on Tuesday to fight the special election. “I quit counting (checks) because obviously the people don’t want this,” Oldfield said.

Nathan: The election is scheduled in October, but the town clerk does this? While I understand the appeal of El Neil’s “hyperdemocracy” (consensus), this rather strikes me more as arrogance on the part of the clerk (who clearly thinks the idea is stupid and embarrassing – if she didn’t want to be embarrassed, she’d get a job in Denver or Aurora or Limon and not Deer Trail: it is the “personality” of the town to do embarrassing things, and has been for 150 years).

Home front
Northern California County votes for Secession

(CBS News)

The Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 on Tuesday for a declaration of secession, the Record Searchlight of Redding reported. The vote appears mostly symbolic since secession would require approval from the state Legislature and the U.S. Congress, but supporters say it would restore local control over decision making. They want other rural counties in Northern California and Southern Oregon to join them in the creation of a new state called the State of Jefferson.

Nathan: As the story does NOT go on to point out, Jefferson State is NOT “new” but an old idea again revived, first being proposed in 1941. Wikipedia: Jefferson (proposed Pacific state).  There is good reason for them to want to secede: Northern (true Northern) California and Southern Oregon are BOTH significantly different, politically, socially, and economically, from the two states, divided by a stupid act of Congress in 1850 (no surprises there, of course).  Joining seven counties in Northeastern Colorado seeking to secede from Denver, this is a cyclic trend, but not to be totally discounted.  The problem with such secession movements is that they almost always just substitute one tyrannical government for another, instead of creating at least much more limited governments, or just doing away with the governments and allowing voluntary cooperation.

Mama’s Note: None of this will happen until people realize that nobody has any legitimate authority to “allow” this – or prevent it. The whole idea that they must have “permission” from the feds and state makes the whole thing an exercise in futility.

Abominable Act (ObummerCare)
Plenty of options under health care law, studies show

(By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR The Associated Press) (Commentary?) Coverage under President Barack Obama’s health care law won’t be cheap, but cost-conscious consumers hunting for lower premiums will have plenty of options, according to two independent private studies.

Mama’s Note: … as long as you don’t care about freedom. Freedom for yourself or the health care professionals. As long as you don’t care about receiving goods stolen from others. The options are: would you rather be hung, shot or drowned…

Nathan: Typical for the media, of course:  they try to claim it is all about the costs and therefore can be at least partially mitigated by compromise on the part of “consumers,” while ignoring the free and voluntary choices of individual, self-governors who are first FREE people and only then consumers.  The Abominable Act sets itself up as the auctioneer in a slave market, who offers the slave (the health care providers) to hundreds of owners (patients or “consumers”) a slice at a time: an hour here and there, or a few days at a time.  The customer is not only FORCED to be a slaveowner, at least indirectly, but the price is set by the auctioneer.

Mama’s Note: What they’ll find eventually, however, is that the competent and caring providers have gone underground or quit altogether. It won’t take too long for the truth to be obvious… having “insurance” has little or nothing to do with having actual health care.

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