Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-41A: Government-ruined schools and society

Travel and work have delayed commentary-writing this week, but here is a hodgepodge of stories to share (and shudder about):

Home front – Stupid cops – Local Tyranny
Shocking Russian Travel Alert Warns About US Cops

( A shocking report prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) for the Federal Assembly (FA) is urging a new law be passed giving to all Russians traveling to the United States a “warning” that American police officers have entered upon an“unprecedented killing spree” that in the past decade has seen nearly 5,000 innocent civilians gunned down without benefit of either charges being filed, or being convicted of a crime. Two of the worst American cities for police abuse likely to be visited by Russian citizens, this report says, are Chicago, which was condemned by the United Nations for its practice of widespread police torture, and New York City whose government paid out over $1 billion between 2000-2010 in lawsuit claims related to police abuse, and last year, 2012, had to pay out another $131 million to settle civil rights and police abuse claims too.

Nathan:  As with so many other things, we have to ask if this is just more noticeable these days because it is easy to get news at the local level across the nation and world – or if this really is a massive increase that seems to be taking place across the nation.  You can search and find a dozen cases of cops killing – or just attacking, beating, and wounding – innocent people nationwide seemingly every week. Chicago and NYPD cops seem to be in the news every week, but it can include small town police in Missouri or Oregon or South Carolina just as easily. Again, take into account that the website with this data has known veracity problems but the documentation seems to be complete and accurate.

Home front – Economics
580 US pets die after eating jerky from China

(Daily Telegraph)”Almost 600 pets have died and a further 3,000 have fallen ill in the US after eating meat jerky treats that have been linked to China. The US Food and Drug Administration has asked pet owners to contact them after receiving multiple reports of pets falling ill. Since 2007, it has received reports involving 3,600 dogs and 10 cats. Of those, 580 have died.” (10/23/13)

Nathan: Thanks to Scott and his correspondents for this.  As Scott pointed out, this is very likely due to diethylene glycol, a poisonous substitute for glycerin and a known problem.  You can read about it at Most of the documented cases of DEG poisoning have been epidemics (numbering over a dozen) where DEG was substituted in pharmaceutical preparations. More often, these epidemics have occurred in developing and impoverished nations where there is limited access to intensive medical care and quality control procedures are substandard. TOXICOKINETICS: Following ingestion, DEG is rapidly absorbed and distributed within the body, predominantly to regions that are well perfused. Metabolism occurs principally in the liver and both the parent and the metabolite, 2-hydroxyethoxyacetic acid (HEAA), are renally eliminated rapidly.

Nathan: It is NOT a new problem: FDA sent out warnings in 2007 and 2011

I suggest that if you HAVE a dog (or have friends with dogs) that you be very careful, but also notify local retailers (pet stores etc,; I know that Walgreens carries a lot of various pet jerky products made in China) so that they can take action to protect their customers’ pets (AND the company’s liability).  The point should be made that this kind of nonsense comes out of China several times a year: pets, children, even adults have died because of shoddy, contaminated, poor or even counterfeit products coming out of China.  Since China is STILL a police state and still a Communist state with a large and bogus trapping of supposed capitalism (“State capitalism” would be more accurate), it is fairly certain that the Chinese government knows and condones this, and is using it as one way to “get back” at the West for perceived enmity and past actions.  And we are, as consumers, stupid enough to accept this without checking.  We expect OUR government (FDA, USDA, BCE, etc.) to work against them to “protect” us, when we know that our government(s) are incompetent and incapable of doing so.

Mama’s Note: I make my own dog treats. The commercial ones are too expensive, and often have ingredients I don’t want to give to my pets. I’ll post a recipe for them as soon as I can. Leftover or scrap meat and fat, freezer burned vegetables and cracked eggs… lots of otherwise wasted food can be used to make dog treats that will be good for them, and satisfy their need for treats.

Home front – Abominable Act (ObummerCare), etc.
US Physicians walking away from Medicare practice

(Surgery Center of Oklahoma Tumbler Newsletter) See if you can make any sense out of what is below.  Don’t feel bad if you can’t.  Neither can the physicians who must comply with this stuff.  This regulatory maze, combined with notoriously low rates of pay from Medicare, combined with the severe penalties for non-compliance (jail time) serve together to achieve the rationing of care the government thinks will help balance their books.

Nathan: More and more are dropping out.  And not just from Medicare and Medicaid, but from practice in general.  According to one report, the medical care industry has FIRED over 40,000 employees this year: it is likely that many of these are due to physicians or other lead professionals ending their practices or resigning.  I assume this will continue until the government tries to start drafting them to force them to continue to work.

Mama’s Note: Don’t know how “drafting” doctors or nurses would work… you can force someone to pick cotton, though not efficiently. How would you force someone to perform surgery or make a careful diagnosis? How would one force young people to spend the years of careful study and dedicated practice to become health care professionals. Not likely.

Stupid Government
Pentagon to sell bunker busters, cruise missiles to Gulf monarchies in $11bn deal

( The Pentagon plans to sell $10.8 billion worth of advanced weaponry to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The hardware includes bunker buster bombs and cruise missiles.

Nathan: Why do we do this?  Why do we NEED to do this?  (I use the “generic” we meaning the FedGov supposedly representing and serving Americans.)  The gang lords that are the rulers of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates are NOT our friends: they are evil and monstrous slavers and tyrants who happen to sit on top of oil that has held the world at their mercy for five decades, but need no longer be coddled or catered to. Again, take into account that the website with this data has known veracity problems but the documentation seems to be complete and accurate.

Government-run, theft-funded schools
Zero Tolerance in Schools As Usual

(Freedom Outpost) This week, Kristin Tate reported that an autistic student in Greenville, South Carolina was suspended for a picture of a bomb (the suspension was lifted) and last week an Alabama high schooler committed suicide after facing criminal charges for streaking at a football game.  The incidents join a number of similar school disciplinary actions which have received nationwide attention this year.

Nathan: I suppose this kind of thing really isn’t news anymore, at least not to those of us who pay attention.  Parents, get your children out of these places. Friends of families with children in school: help wean them away from the state’s institutions:  evil things happen to children there, and they become evil as a result of being indoctrinated for 13+ years.  I see that the preferred term is no longer K-12 for public schools, but P-12 (for “preschool”) and saw one conference talking about P-20 (apparently for preschool through graduate school!) as being the realm of government and the “professionals” and parents are NOT wanted.  Each week, more and more stories DO come out, and more and more lives are ruined by these institutions.  As the next story shows.

Government-run, theft-funded schools
Idaho: Collective punishment deals with bomb threats

(Jonathan It appears that the school officials at Bonners Ferry High School have learned to appreciate the concept of collective population punishment. After a series of faux bomb threats scrawled in the boy’s bathroom, school officials have placed large areas under continual surveillance and reportedly withheld food from all boys to try to prompt them to turn in the culprits. (Idaho)

Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention: “No persons may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited.” The association of collective punishment with terrorism is worth noting.

Nathan: Turley fails to address the root of the problem: it is letting the state educate the young, run the schools, and steal money to do it.  This sort of tactic IS totalitarian in nature, and is going to be seen more and more.  Such collective punishment can be found used back for decades in public schools.

Home front
Brooklyn white couple attacked by black teen gang

(Freedom Outpost) Brooklyn, NY. The confrontation began when Ronald Russo, who is White, was driving with his wife Alana and audaciously beeped at a pack of Black jaywalking juveniles. Evidently, Russo was unaware that these weren’t typical teenagers. These “youngins” proudly wear defiance on their sleeves and intentionally disregard the laws that govern civilized society.

Nathan: Like the last story, this really isn’t news anymore.  While most black-initiated violence in this nation is against other black people (hmm: prejudice or bigotry against your own, there is a LOT more black-on-white violence than white-on-black, despite claims otherwise by the media and Tranzis.  These teens seem to fit one man’s definition of “ni**ers” as being an evil ethnic group and culture which is no more typical of standard “black culture” than the KKK or skinheads are typical of Anglo or “white culture.”  IF NYPD were an effective police state force, they’d have these rounded up, but instead, the NYPD and other city and state (and federal) organizations enable and facilitate this sort of gang and gang violence.  Expect it to get worse.

Technology – Home Front
Google files patents for gesture-controlled cars

(Raw Story)

Nathan: Scary, scary, especially for those of us who like to keep time to the classical music radio station or make rude gestures at stupid drivers.  I have my doubts (as do Gareth and Matthias) that these technologies (based on computer gaming technology) really are patentable, but understand that Google is trying to protect its turf and future (and yes, fault Google for doing so: they are becoming like a government themselves).  Supposedly this will help improve road safety, but so far, all I see is more threat to safety on the highways.

Mama’s Note: Beware the terror of the unintended consequences.

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