Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-41B: Guns and government stupidity

Guns are part of American culture and life: part of what MAKES us Americans, and gave us more liberty than anyone else on the planet for a long time.  Today, as with all things “American,” guns are hated.  By many but not all people.

Hoplophiles – Former Republic of Texas
Gun Rights Rally at Alamo Successful?

(JPFO) The “Come and Take It San Antonio!” rally was intended to draw attention to a right Texans already have — to carry long arms publicly so long as they don’t do it in a menacing manner. Organizers thought it necessary to offer a reminder after several open carry advocates were threatened with arrest at a Starbucks in the city two months ago. The problem remains that a local ordinance effectively limits the open carrying of firearms to police and security guards. That ordinance was not enforced Saturday. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus mingled in the crowd that police estimated at about 300 to 400, but the larger police presence remained around the perimeter of the Alamo plaza. “There are too many issues associated with trying to enforce every ordinance here today,” McManus said. He said his priority was that people be able to exercise their constitutional rights and that everyone remain safe. Volunteers walked through the crowd placing red plastic straws in rifle chambers, a visible assurance they were not holding a round.

Nathan: Brave and good words to hear from an appointed police chief – or even an elected sheriff these days.  These SHOULD be the priorities of peace officers: rights and safety, with rights coming first.  The business with the red straws is understandable, but NOT a good idea.  We MUST educate the public that an empty weapon is a useless weapon, and that loaded guns are NOT a safety hazard any more than gasoline in a fuel tank or antifreeze in a radiator.  The fact that no one requires the idiots in blue or black uniforms (yes, I know that they are not ALL idiots) to empty their chambers and go around with unloaded weapons, and the fact that it is IMPOSSIBLE to force the gangbangers and hold-up artists and hitmen to empty THEIR weapons should mean that an unloaded weapon should be viewed with as much distaste as a “wardrobe malfunction” that reveals a private body part.  Until we regain this mindset, the thugs (both “private” – gangbangers and crooks – and “public” – corrupt politicos and cops) will rule the streets.  Even in Texas.  Even at the Alamo.

Mama’s Note: Amen, Nathan. It was painful to watch all those people working so hard at being essentially UNARMED. The real disaster of the day, however, was the uninvited assault on everyone present by Alex Jones. Whoever let that cretin get hold of the microphone needs to spend the next month listening to his rants, nonstop. Not even bathroom breaks…

Self-defense/Defense of others – Home front
Arizona: Mass shooting thwarted by CCW defending friends

(Freedom Outpost)

Nathan: The entire point of this (and other incidents) is that we CANNOT depend on ANY government agency to defend people against attack.  We all know how long it would and DOES take police to respond to ANY 9-1-1 call.  A major second point is that if this party had been at a bar or restaurant (several years ago, before THAT law was dropped), this defender would have been unarmed IF he obeyed the law.  The deaths of perhaps a dozen or more people were avoided, and can be avoided in most cases.  Not all, but many, concealed carriers of weapons are very much aware of their environment and too many of us have a hyperdeveloped sense of duty (love) for others bred and taught and hammered into us:  we WILL go towards the sound of the guns.  And no, this doesn’t mean gunfight at the OK Corral. In this case, a single shot ended the wild, random shots of the attacker.  If anything, we should deplore the fact that a single shot was enough, and that the attacker DID NOT die as an immediate “reward” for his aggression.  If the attacker had gone ahead, unresisted, and entered the building, we would have had a standoff and the SWAT would have come in and killed a few more.  Compare this to the middle school shooting in Sparks, Nevada:

NO self-defense – Government-run, tax-funded schools
Classmates Recall Nevada Middle School Shooting Events

(Arizona Daily Wildcat) [Follow-up story to a Monday incident in Sparks, NV where an angry, bullied student showed up, killed a popular teacher, wounded a student, threatened other students and then killed himself all before cops arrived.]

Nathan: One dead teacher, because he tried to talk the angry student out of it, instead of having a weapon (and the backing of two or three other teachers or staff with weapons) to use to reinforce a command to “STAND DOWN.”  Or, worst case, to shoot the attacker down like the rabid dog he so resembles. Yes, there were “two dead” because the rapid dog killed himself.  Frankly, that doesn’t count: he should have never had the chance to kill himself; someone should have done it to him.

One more point of comparison:  in both cases, the media used the word “shooter” to describe the man who defended his friends at the house party and the dog who killed a teacher and himself.  Because in the media’s eyes, it seems that the two are morally equal.  The defender didn’t have a badge and a uniform, so he is just as evil as the kid, in their eyes.  How much longer will we put up with this?

Mama’s Note: Now, Nathan… let’s not cast aspersions on dogs here. 🙂 The person who shot the teacher was evil… dogs are almost never evil. But I agree. As tragic as it would have been for that teacher to kill what most would consider a “child,” we would all have been better off. And that is, of course, if this story is truly as reported. There are just so many lies these days, that one becomes cynical and distrusting of everything in the media.

Stupid people – California nuthouse
California: People sign petition for police state

(Freedom Outpost)

Nathan: A great video, as always.  He has such a wonderful straight face.  People hear what they want to, and do NOT know history or philosophy in the least.  And then, there are the ones who WANT a police state to “protect” them and keep them safe and secure, as well as housed and fed and entertained.  (Are we sure there isn’t some sort of genetic reason for this instinctive desire to be enslaved?  Are some people genetically actually slaves, after generations of breeding in which the rebels were killed or driven out?  If homosexuality can be “genetic,” then why not slavery?)

Mama’s Note: Not “slavery” as such, of course. This police state stuff is, for these people… SO FAR… quite comfortable – more like being cattle in summer. Real slavery isn’t at all comfortable, as these idiots are bound to discover at some point. Winter is coming…

Islamic war: Syrian-Canaanite front – Mainstream Media
British Press Shill for Syrian War

(Conservative Action Alerts)

Nathan: As the story points out, this smells like the Kuwait “throw the babies out of the incubator” story from 1990 or 1991.  Or stories about the US stealing African and Asian children for organs.  But this is the Brit media, still trying to drum up support for yet another war.

Mama’s Note: Forgot where I saw it… but the phrase is: “Let’s you and him fight…”

Stupid cop tricks (2 stories)
Teen Faces Felony Charges For Possession Of A Loaded Tackle Box

(Freedom’s Phoenix) 17 year old Cody Chitwood was busted during a random sweep of the Lassiter High School parking lot by police and this student who has never been in trouble before now faces prosecution, large fines, prison time, and the loss of his plans to join the Air Force in the future due to a hysterical overreaction that has resulted in his arrest. – See more at: Read Full Story

Nathan: Cops can decide when and when not to take action, and obviously, this was and is intended to push a lesson: make sure that the children are taught that they must be slavishly observant and obedient to all authority.

Mama’s Note: Well, we can look on the bright side. If all goes well, it will prevent him from becoming a drone in the US military. Maybe he can grow up and learn to do something useful, or even understand liberty and justice at some point.

NYPD Mistook Jolly Ranchers For Meth Rocks
(Freedom’s Phoenix) A New York City man arrested this summer for possession of methamphetamine was actually carrying Jolly Rancher candies that cops mistook for a controlled substance, according to a federal civil rights lawsuit. Love Olatunjiojo was busted in late-June after being searched by cops who approached the 25-year-old and a friend as they walked on a Coney Island street.

Nathan: The stupidity of NYPD cops has to be at least in part the result of hiring policies: heaven forbid that they hire someone with the brains to tell the difference.  But the DAs and others SHOULD have been able to tell the difference if they hadn’t been after this guy for “walking while black,” as near as I can tell.

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