Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-44C: Economic Impacts of Government

Free market – Theft by government
Is USPS ready to be sold off?

(Reuters by Edward Hudgins) “Last month in Britain, her Majesty’s government made an initial public offering of shares in the British post office, raising $5.3 billion. The government is only retaining between 38 percent and 49.9 percent of the shares, meaning that the three-and-a-half century old state enterprise soon will be guided by private hands. The Royal Mail will no longer be so royal. You might think this is a model to rescue the U.S. Postal Service, to help it compete with emails, tweets, and Facebook as means of communications. But not so fast.” (11/18/13)

Nathan: This is an opinion piece, obviously, but chock full of facts about the mess that the USPS is in – AND the entire business of privatization.  And what could make it even MORE a mess.   Despite being an MSM article, he points out that the major item of business is to END the monopolies.  And then the subsidies.  As MamaLiberty has pointed out, Americans demand choice, and monopolies and choices do NOT exist for First Class Mail these days.  In the Priority/Express “SuperFirst Class” categories, the USPS is competing fairly well with FedEx and UPS.  But with the improvements in technology (hint: 3D printing) more and more of THEIR services will be undercut by new technology and local, small, agile and innovative firms.  It is called “progress” and the same reason that there are not huge horse farms or ranches, major manufacturers of buggy whips and harness, and why all the livery stables got converted to garages and filling stations!

Home front – Privacy and liberty
Young people abandoning Facebook in droves

(Last Resistance) Facebook’s recent financial numbers don’t look that great. Apparently, the social media giant is going the way of MySpace and AOL chatrooms. They are failing to maintain the attention of Generation Z (that may or may not stand for “Zombie,” btw). Apparently the younger generation is far more concerned about privacy and real connections—they are currently popularizing private message services like WhatsApp and WeChat.

Nathan: No problem seeing a direct tie between Facebook troubles AND the USPS troubles.

Home front – Thuggish cop tyranny
SF Mission Residents Angered By City College Student’s Videotaped Arrest

(CBS San Francisco) Jensen said witnesses at the scene said Williams suffered a broken jaw and other injuries when he was attacked by police. He said when others joined in, it was out of concern for Williams. “People don’t get that upset for no reason. They were upset because they were seeing DJ getting beaten,” Jensen said. Police spokesman Officer Gordon Shyy said the incident started when Williams tried to flee into a residence after plainclothes officers tried to stop him for a vehicle code violation. A hostile crowd then gathered around the officers, two of whom suffered injuries in the scrum. One person tried to hit an officer with a cane while another bit an officer, according to Shyy.

Mama’s Note: I suspect these incidents will increase rapidly now, and become more violent. I wonder how long these cops will be willing to risk it to arrest someone riding a bicycle on the sidewalk.

Nathan: Bloody mayhem, triggered by stupid cops trying to enforce stupid laws that are designed only to bring revenue into city coffers.

Theft by government – Stupid government
Treasury Forced [sic] to Issue $1T in New Debt in First 6 Weeks of FY14

Nathan: Forced by WHOM?  The “messiah?”  The Fed?  The big banks (other than the Fed)?  Occupy DC?  Ron Paul? The Chinese?  Nobody is FORCING the Treasury to do this: they WANT to do this to keep their jobs and perks.  Congress WANTS them to do this because the Congress is filled with spendthrifts – drunken sailors with no concern for tomorrow OR today but to spend and spend and steal and spend.

Mama’s Note: No concern for the fact that it is all theft and coercion. That is the real problem.

Nanny State Tyranny – Holidays 2013
Gov’t Pushing Holiday Recipe Makovers: Nothing Canned or Salty


Nathan: So, can we expect a whole slew of additional Executive Orders (decrees) prohibiting us from buying or eating CANNED food!?  Or SALTY food?  But not sugary food or drink?  Hmmm.  Is this the reason there is a shortage of Butterball ™ turkeys in the land?  I’ll probably still stick to my Hormel ™ canned turkey, unless I can find someone who makes a sixteen ounce can.

Mama’s Note: Why in the world should anyone CARE what the cretins in government think or want? Why would anyone take dietary advice from liars, thieves and murderers?

The “messiah” – and his consort
Michelle Obama: ‘Barack Hasn’t Done Any of This Alone’


Nathan: Of course not – except maybe for all that singing in the bathroom…  He had millions of gullible, hoodwinked, and mostly very stupid (if cunning) people to do most of his dirty work.  See my commentary on his “handwritten” commentary on the Gettysburg Address (with three times the words?).

Abominable Act (ObummerCare) – Congress in Action
Rand Paul: Obama’s Attempts to Fix Obamacare Are ‘Unconstitutional’


Nathan: Well, since the Abominable Act is unconstitutional, the mere act of trying to “fix” it is also unconstitutional, regardless of the details. But MOST people just do not care – and it’s not like we have a working system to enforce the Constitution.  Any human invention should have a procedure for correcting malfs.

Abominable Act – War on Some Religions
Catholic Bishops ‘Stand United’ to ‘Resist’ Obamacare Rule on Sterilization, Abortion Drugs


Nathan: Would it not be miraculous if they would “resist” on the basis that the entire thing violates the concept and gift of human liberty as given to us by the Creator?

Stupid Congress in Action – Politics 2013
Rep. Trey Radel (R-Fla.) charged with cocaine possession

(Washington Post)Freshman Rep. Trey Radel (R-Fla.) has been charged with possession of a controlled substance. According to court charging documents, on Oct. 29, Radel “unlawfully, knowingly and intentionally possessed” a quantity of cocaine. The charges are as a result of a D.C. Superior Court Grand Jury indictment.

Nathan: One out of how many?  I strongly suspect that the percentage of drug users on Capitol Hill, especially among the 535 actual elected officials there, is significantly – even outrageously – higher than the national average (which was 5% in 1985 and 2.2% in 2012).  This evening’s news says that Radel pleaded guilty and is taking a “leave of absence” from Congress and donating his salary to “charity.”  No doubt, his sentence will be parole and a token fine (less than 1% of his annual income, or something similar).  The district in Florida deserves better – I agree that normally, people should not be imprisoned, but in this scumbag’s case…  He should resign, and the district should sue him for every dime he “earned” from the first time he shot up or snorted it. The entire nation deserves better that the felons (charged and uncharged) that “work” in DC.  Meanwhile, for only the third time in more than 3 years, a member of Congress was physically assaulted: an Democratic “Asian-American” Congresswoman from Queens, was mugged in a location in DC (East Market) that is avoided by anybody walking by themselves (and unarmed) after dark, no matter how blind drunk they are.  But there is no limit to the stupidity found among this demographic in DC.  Assuming (there are no witnesses) that she really was mugged and didn’t simply fall off the curb because she was two sheets to the wind.  But I suppose I’m being cynical.

Where can we go?  What can we do?  Options are disappearing.  We can no longer coexist with government.

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