Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-46A: A slow start to the week

A slow start indeed to the week and the month, as we slip down to the Christmas-New Year’s season.  Lots of news but not enough time, so here are some interesting and perhaps important stories and comments.

Islamic wars – Evil religions, societies and governments
Pakistan: At least 56 women killed for bearing girls this year

( Fifty-six women have been killed in Pakistan this year for giving birth to a girl rather than a boy, human rights activist I.A. Rehman said at a peace-promoting symposium Monday held in Lahore, Pakistan…. In addition to the deaths, there have also been 90 acids attacks on women, 72 cases of burning caused by other means, 491 cases of domestic violence, 344 cases of gang rape and 835 cases of violence between January 2013 to September 2013, according to Rehman. “Young girls are being raped in Pakistan and all we do is shout rather than do anything practical,” he said.

Nathan: What?  I thought that the United States was the center of world evil against women, NOT a nation that is part of the Ummah, the Dar al-Islam, land of submission and peace.  I thought that the Muslims were respecting of women, non-violent, and that the West was the cause of violence and harm.  I guess this must be because Pakistan is a US “ally.”  Seriously, people, this is one more reason to call Islam a death cult.  Keep in mind this is just what was reported – the total numbers are probably much higher.  Of course, women die in the US as well, but some have a better chance.

Self-defense – Home front
South Carolina: 76-year-old woman killed in gun battle

( (Anderson County, South Carolina) Dorothy Hendrix returned home at about 1 a.m. when two armed men and one woman approached her attempting to rob her, coroner Greg Shore said. He said Hendrix pulled out a gun and fired at the suspects, and one of them returned fire, hitting her twice. One neighbor reported the gunshots to police. Hendrix, known as “Dot” to friends and family, managed to shoot one of the intruders in the stomach before she died at the scene. The other two suspects ran off.

Nathan: Not a good outcome, even though she obviously was somewhat prepared and went down firing.  Mama Liberty points out the need she had for more situational awareness, which is ALWAYS true.  But she TRIED and given the age difference (the three thugs were in their 20’s and 30’s), it certainly evened up the fight.  Why was she coming home at 0100?  Apparently, according to authorities, she was the bookkeeper and money-courier for an illegal gambling operation. She carried large sums of money home.  Gambling is NOT a victimless crime, because it should not be a crime.  Look, gambling is stupid, it is immoral, and its addicts can do great harm.  Putting it in the same category as drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, growing and smoking pot, and using cell phones and texting while driving.  But in SC it IS a crime, which adds a fourth perp to the three thugs that killed her: the state and its law enforcement.

Mama’s Note: Actually, greater “situational awareness” might not have been much help in this situation. Multiple attackers would challenge almost anyone. Add the inevitable loss of flexibility, strength and reaction time related to her age and sex, and she didn’t stand much of a chance. The thing that would have made the most difference is having a companion, someone to watch her back. Even another older woman being there might have changed the dynamics enough to change the outcome completely. And, if she had hit what she shot at the first time, decisively, that might have made a big difference too.

Even though I am well armed, and with as much training and experience as I have, I know my limitations. I will not go out alone after dark, even here. It is simply not enough to have a gun, however much better that is than having none.

Abominable Act (ObummerCare)  – Home front
Survey finds doctors rebelling against Obamacare, famous hospitals declining to join

(Washington Examiner)

Mama’s Note: Not a complete list, by any means, but includes many major population centers. Good indication what’s going on all over, and it is not looking good for obummer. People are finally starting to realize that having “insurance” guarantees nothing. Going to give insurance a very bad name before this is all over, and that’s a good thing.

Nathan: This kind of opposition and rebellion is good, but it is only a start, and not a sure start by any means.  We must expect these – institutions AND people, to buckle under to the Abominable Act and the rest of the mess sooner, not later.  They will NOT take the necessary action to protect themselves and their profession for fear of triggering a catastrophe, because they will not admit that all other courses of action are futile.

Mama’s Note: Maybe, and maybe not. We”ll have to wait and see. Not much they can really do to doctors and nurses who retire or quit… or leave the country.

Technology – Liberty
Cars can now be stopped with “radio pulse”

(BBC) A British company has demonstrated a prototype device capable of stopping cars and other vehicles using a blast of electromagnetic waves. The RF Safe-Stop uses radio frequency pulses to “confuse” a vehicle’s electronic systems, cutting its engine. … As the vehicle entered the range of the RF Safe-stop, its dashboard warning lights and dials behaved erratically, the engine stopped and the car rolled gently to a halt. Digital audio and video recording devices in the vehicle were also affected.  “It’s a small radar transmitter,” said Andy Wood, product manager for the machine.  “The RF [radio frequency] is pulsed from the unit just as it would be in radar, it couples into the wiring in the car and that disrupts and confuses the electronics in the car causing the engine to stall.”  He did not provide other specifics. However, the Engineer magazine has reported the device uses L- and S-band radio frequencies, and works at a range of up to 50m (164ft).

Nathan: Another war between the police and the driving public is now launched, with more serious consequences than radar-guns and jammers and CB radios versus police radio.  While I can see a military use for this, “police interest” has got to be many times the size of military use, unless the military take over the role of police in the UK or US.  The “rolled gently to a hault” might be true at 15 mph but is unlikely to be the case in a situation at 75 mph or more.  To say nothing of vehicles driven by innocents which get caught in the transmission as well. Notice that “recording devices” were also effected: PERFECT for the many scumbag cops who love to abuse people:  evidence now available by dashcams and phone cameras may not be as much a problem for them.  And unlike the standard EMP, this does not appear to permanently affect the electronics.  So… more jammers, and more shielding?  Which then become illegal?  What next?

Mama’s Note: “Rolled gently to a halt…” Well, except for the fact that the steering, brakes and other controls would not be functioning. If the vehicle were just going around a curve or needed to avoid a hazard, it would be just tough luck, I guess. And the idea of cops using this to destroy recordings is truly nasty. If you do record… make sure it is uploading live to a remote location.

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