Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-46C: Stupidity, Polls, ObummerCare and worse

I understand that it is not a nice thing to do, to call people stupid.  But sometimes, there is no other word that fits.  People do stupid things – which means, that at least SOME of the time, they are being stupid.  All of us are sometimes stupid, but sometimes certain people are stupid all or most of the time.  Today’s stories point that out, from people who base their decisions about fundamental liberties on what they are told by the mainstream media after an incident, to people in Congress (yes, embarrassing as it is, they ARE human) who pad their already gluttonous salaries and benefits with another $11,000 per year in subsidies, to people who go to a website KNOWN to be without any security capable of withstanding the fumbling attempts of a 12-year-old hacker and enter their personal data, to companies that parrot propaganda in hopes of selling their overpriced products.  It is disgusting, and they are stupid.

Stupid we will have with us always, just like we will have the poor and sick and hungry.  But could we not just work for a society in which it is not the stupid who make decisions which are rammed down the throats of the rest of us?  Enough is enough.

Hoploclasts and hoplophobes – Self-defense
Support for stricter gun laws continues to drop

(Washington Post) Another new poll shows support for stricter gun control measures has fallen significantly since the push failed in Congress earlier this year. The CNN/Opinion Research poll shows 49 percent now support stricter laws — down from 55 percent in January (shortly after the shootings at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn.) and from 53 percent in April. Half of Americans (50 percent) say they oppose stricter gun laws.

Nathan: For what polls are worth, which isn’t much.  Must be dropping even more than this reports, for the WaPo to talk about it.  Notice only 1 percent is supposedly undecided.  But the strident tone of the hoploclasts is as loud – louder – than ever.  I suppose this means that it is time for another horrific and spectacular mass murder someplace.  I’m sure the next perp is having his medication carefully increased to the necessary levels right now.  Or am I just being cynical?

Mama’s Note: While it is encouraging to think more people recognize that additional “laws” are not going to help, far too few of them are doing what it takes personally to be ready to actually defend themselves. So, no, an opinion poll isn’t worth a lot. Talk is cheap.

Abominable Act (ObummerCare) – Stupid people
29,000 Americans enroll under in 2 days, officials say

(Washington Post)  Roughly 29,000 Americans signed up for insurance on between Dec. 1 and 2, according to an individual familiar with the figures who asked for anonymity to discuss ongoing operations. That total exceeds the total number of Americans who enrolled online between Oct. 1 and Nov. 2, which was 26,794. The government defines enrollment as an individual who has successfully signed up for a plan.The new total, while short of the pace needed to reach the administration’s target of 7 million enrollments by March 31, shows the federal health insurance marketplace is working much more smoothly than it was at its Oct. 1 launch.

Nathan: Or they’ve got their lies much better organized.  What kind of nightmare have these people signed up for?  What will they get?  What will happen to them and their families, and their money and their identity?

Mama’s Note: As I’ve said all along, this was never intended to “work,” in any fashion. It was fully intended to be a mess, and disrupt what was left of free market health care to pave the way for full nationalization. The failure of the web site and exchanges is merely superficial, with the real damage going on pretty much under the radar. When the dust settles, people will discover that they may well have expensive “insurance,” but few or no doctors or other professionals are available to actually deliver care of any kind. This disaster is only getting started, and the inevitable damage will be serious indeed.

But there is a silver lining to this dark cloud. Those who are not stupid are increasingly seeing that their only hope is taking control of their own lives and health. Alternatives to the wreck being made of western medicine are all around and have been for thousands of years. It’s up to each person to look, learn and accept responsibility for themselves.

Killing babies – Abominable Act (ObummerCare)
Congresswomen Can Spend $11K in Tax Dollars to Buy Obamacare Plans That Cover Abortion


Nathan: Shucks.  A lot of folks would love to get $11,000 a year to pay for health insurance, instead of having to pay out $12,000 or more from our own pocket.  But then, we are not thieves like these people in Congress are.

Killing babies
Pro-Abortion Groups Claim Women’s ‘Right to Life’ Includes Abortion


Nathan: How twisted and sick.  Even more so than the next story.

The “Messiah” – Theft by government
Obama: Spending on Schools and Infrastructure ‘Makes Us All Richer’

Nathan: Like I said, twisted and sick.  Like so much this man and his minions and supporters and controllers do,  he promotes coercion and theft as good and proper.  We thought that “1984” was bad, but today’s FedGov and both the Dems and GOP have long surpassed Orwell’s predictions.

Killing babies – The “messiah”
Obama: ‘100 Million Americans Have Gained The Right for Free… Contraception’


Nathan: “Gained the right…” Yeah, right.  There is ALWAYS “free contraception” – it is called keeping your pants zipped up.  Barring rape, there is ALWAYS a way to keep from getting pregnant or getting someone else pregnant.  But not in the world of the tranzis and this occupier of 1600 PA:  they cannot control their sexual urges (or so they say) and so they figure that no one can.  Isn’t it interesting that (except for the peanut farmer) EVERY Democrat in the White House since 1932 has been unable to keep their pants zipped?

Mama’s Note: Rape requires a helpless victim… women who practice serious situational awareness, don’t go stupid places, do stupid things with stupid people such as getting drunk/high and naked with strangers… they are not likely to be raped even if they are not armed. Those who are armed may even have the chance to help clean out the gene pool.

East Asian Front – The “messiah’s” minions
Biden, Chinese President Avoid Public Comment on East China Sea Tensions

Nathan: What?  Big-mouth Biden didn’t say anything in public?  Wonder if he said anything in private?  After all, he was supposed to be there to read the Chinese the riot act and make sure that Tokyo knows we’ll be on their side right down to the last Japanese soldier.  With him doing this, I wonder if it wouldn’t be a repeat of Saigon 1975 – Tokyo 2015?

Politics 2014 & 2016 – The “messiah”
Gowdy: Can Obama Suspend Election Laws Too?


Nathan: Yet ANOTHER person raising the same question several of us did for the 2012 elections, with more concern and serious issues.  As I recall, several of FDR’s advisors suggested suspending elections in 1944, but he was so insanely popular that they figured they didn’t need to.  Some Radical Republicans in 1864 also urged suspension, but a number of factors kept that from happening, including the threat of a SECOND armed rebellion in the Old Northwest states.  Would doing this lead to a rebellion in 2014 or 2016?  Don’t hold your breath.

Mama’s Note: Since the “vote” is an important part of keeping the sheep deluded into thinking that they have some control over things, and the obvious fact that the “vote” can be so easily manipulated, both electronically and with propaganda, I don’t see any real indication that a suspension of the elections is likely. But then, they do some really stupid things sometimes.

General: Hoploclasts and Hoplophobes
Recent news stories talk about the wonderful opportunities people have in Illinois, now that the State Police have issued mandates for the proper way to keep concealed weapons out of your business or other facility.  And the markets are responding.  Visit this website and enjoy McGruff the “Crime” Dog propaganda at its best. The entire website and the attitude expresses ensures that I will never purchase ANY sign from this company.

Go to this website to see the bad news about the current Illinois Police State Force. Apparently some people are so incredibly hoplophobic that they want much larger signs that they can put on their property to ward off all the evil monsters who would dare carry a firearm.

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