Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-47C: Long Term Lies and Problems: Congress, Economy

The first stories today illustrate the long-term problems that government brings to the table.  First we have the corruption and backroom dealing and hypocrisy which is a “system feature” of Congress and legislatures in the nation and around the world.  The second is the lies about, and manipulation of the economy by the media and their allies (and puppets) in government.  These problems (and lies) have been with us for more than a century, and get more pervasive and more damaging each decade.  It will take more than a reset, more than a “version 6.0” or something similar, to overcome these problems.

Congress in action – Politics 2014
House conservative caucus staffer fired for undermining lawmakers

(Washington Post)  The influential House conservative caucus ousted its top staffer Wednesday amid allegations that he undermined the policy position of some GOP lawmakers, the latest shot fired in the ongoing battle between congressional Republicans and a constellation of outside groups.

Nathan: The politicians are eating their own (as always, really) and looking for people to blame – which must mean that things are unraveling still more.  Like the staffer fired for having kiddie porn on his computer, you wonder what the REAL reason for the firing is, and who is next to be gored.  Congressional staff EXISTS to “undermine lawmakers” – the backbenchers who are not in power.  Since the GOP is (by default) controlled by RINOs, this is one way the elite keep control of the valuable party apparatus.  For every Ron or Rand Paul, there are a dozen would-be reformers and fairly true conservatives that are squashed: square pegs trimmed to fit in round holes.  Face it, the GOP will not change:  the rare Goldwaters and Reagans will ALWAYS be outnumbered by the Fords and McCains and Doles:  once good men corrupted and warped by an evil system, until they ARE the evil system perpetuating itself.  (No different in the Democratic Party.)

Crash of 2009 – Economic media garbage
Holiday spending slides as wealthy hold back: CNBC survey

(NBC News) On the one hand, the survey shows expectations for home values and wages increasing, inflation concerns falling and optimism about the stock market rising. On the other hand, the survey of 800 people nationwide (with a margin of error of 3.5 percent) predicts a sharp, 9.4 percent drop in holiday spending this year compared with actual outlays a year ago as measured by the National Retail Federation. Americans plan to spend just $681 this holiday season, about on par with 2009, when the nation was clawing its way out of a deep financial crisis. Behind this drop is a sharp falloff in spending by the wealthy.

Mama’s Note: Of course, any “survey” is suspect, and one with such a small sample is hopeless, but the fact remains that the “wealthy” can’t ever win. If they spend, they are condemned, and if they don’t spend they are still condemned. The bottom line is always that they should be deprived of their wealth so it can be spread around and then EVERYONE can spend like drunken sailors.. sigh  Just like congress…

Nathan: It is as much the way the questions are asked as the sample that makes these polls questionable (pun intended).  This is typical for December “surveys” and is nothing more than an indicator of how optimistic or pessimistic the respondents are.  Supposedly Black Friday and Cyber Monday were glorious increases in spending and created great optimism in businesses… but that too is typical and usually exaggerated.  If there really is a sharp drop-off in spending by “the wealthy” (just how is THAT defined?), it is because the economy is STILL trashed, after six years.

Congress in action – World wars
Rep. McCaul: ‘Drones Alone Are Not Going to Kill an Ideology

Nathan: Sigh.  This congressperson is probably right, but it really is too bad.  It would be nice if the major method of launching and waging the revolution we so badly need in this nation to get rid of the evil ideology of statism and government could be drones, either built and launched by freedom lovers against the nexi of government, or hacked by them so that the government drones are the way we strike back to defend ourselves against them.

Environists – New religions (Manmade global climate change)
Ski Season Renews Calls for Federal Government to ‘Combat Climate Change’

( With the ski season underway in the United States, a petition that was announced in May asking lawmakers to address “climate change” is again in the spotlight as climate change advocates launched a video campaign on social media last week. The 1-minute, 36-second video shows skiers in dramatic footage linked by messages about the economic benefits of the ski industry and the threat of climate change.

Nathan: Wonderful piece of propaganda, even as the nation has been hit with winter blast after winter blast, starting with the massive snows in October – weeks earlier than “average” and ski areas are booming.  But people will often believe the loudest, best-put-forward voices, and so this campaign could have an impact.  One of the biggest problems with democracy is that the people and the politicians get this bizarre and very wrong belief that EVERYthing is subject to vote:  that natural law can be overcome by a 51-49 percent vote of “The People” or the legislature, or whatever.  As more and more evidence comes that has been there all along, but conveniently ignored by Al-gor and all the rest, that there is NO “manmade” climate change, it becomes more obvious that the entire thing is another bait-and-switch con job by the politicians and their allies in the media, big business (crony capitalism), and the environists.

Islamic wars: South Asian front
Hagel Threatens to Revoke Pakistan Aid Over Anti-Drone Protests

(Antiwar, by Jason Ditz )

Nathan: So, Hagel doesn’t believe in the First Amendment, at least not for Pakistan.  No freedom of speech for brown people?  At least not in nominal allies of the US.

Abominable Act (ObummerCare) – The “messiah’s” minions
Sebelius: ‘I Don’t Know How Many Pages’ of Obamacare Regulations Have Been Written


Nathan: Tacky, I know, but can she count that high?

Mama’s Note: Maybe a better question… can she read?

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