Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-48A/B: Political correctness and other evils

Many of the stories today are about events that are the result of political correctness, and show that freedom of speech, a basic, God-given right for all people, is not recognized by many people and organizations today, whether it is the Home Office police or a Colorado judge or a lot of people in between.

Stupid government tricks – Tranzis
UK: Man arrested for making jokes about Mandela

(Last Resistance) Remember back when Margaret Thatcher died, and socialist Brits took to the streets to celebrate? They held up vile signs mocking and ridiculing her. “DingDongTheWickedWitchIsDead” was a Twitter group in her honor. No one in authority seemed to care. After all, these people had a right to their opinion, right? We wouldn’t want to stoop down to the level of “thought police,” would we? Not unless the person you joke about is Nelson Mandela. You make one wise crack about him, and there’ll be H*** to pay.

Nathan: Chalk one more up for political correctness and reverse racism.  Lady Margaret is fair game – she’s “upper class” and white (a REAL Anglo!) and she was a conservative.  Mandela was black, a criminal, from a poor and maltreated minority and he smiled…  And he was also NOT in the UK (although at one time, he legally WAS a British subject as part of the Union of South Africa, one of the “old Dominions” which helped the British with the conquest of India and Africa and to win the Great War and that next one.)  But cracking a joke about this dead “superhero” and wonderful man of peace is as bad as joking about bombs on an aircraft.  This will haunt this man the rest of his life.

Stupid people tricks – Technology
MIT: Researchers developing a vaccine for PTSD

(Last Resistance) No one thinks for a moment that maybe the fix for PTSD is a different foreign policy. I doubt there would be anywhere near as much PTSD if we just withdrew our military from unnecessary military conflicts. No. No. Let’s not do that. Instead, let’s just develop a drug that soldiers can take so that they can fight and kill potential terrorists (read: foreign—soon to be domestic!—citizens trying to protect their homeland) without any chance of stress, fear, or depression.  That’s just what researchers at MIT are working on at this very moment.

Nathan: No doubt, no doubt, this will be like the HPV and Ritalin and all the other quack “cures:” everyone will be forced to take it, whether they need it or not.  Need? When we SAY you do!  PTSD is a psychological “illness” or “condition” which means that most likely this drug will be a psychoactive one.  And once drugged, they won’t be allowed to be a soldier again – even more, it will be an excuse to disarm that person in private life.  PTSD is an excuse for behavior modification, and excuse for medical bills and high-priced behavior specialists and medical personnel.  Therefore, it is an excuse for government control, for expanding the nanny state, and for treating people like children all their lives.

Texas: Killer of 4 gets 10 years probation

(Last Resistance) Sixteen year old Ethan Couch went to a Wal-Mart with some friends and stole some beer.  Then they partied and got drunk.  Ethan climbed behind the wheel of his truck and went speeding down the street.  Just 400 yards down the road, Breanna Mitchell’s SUV had broken down.  [Three people]… stopped to help. Ethan was so drunk that he floored his truck and raced down the road, totally oblivious to the world around him or the broken down SUV in front of him.  On a road with a 40mph speed limit, Couch had reached over 70mph when he plowed his truck into the stranded SUV … Breanna Mitchell, Hollie and Shelby Boyles and Brian Jennings were killed. Two teens riding in the back of Couch’s truck were thrown out during the collision and severely injured.  One of the teens sustained brain injuries so severe that he is not able to move or talk.  The other teen ended up with multiple broken bones and internal injuries. Couch’s blood alcohol level was 0.24, three times the legal limit for an adult in Texas… charged with four counts of intoxication manslaughter… as a juvenile.  The only defense that Couch’s lawyer could come up with was that he was a victim of affluenza and that his parents were at fault… Instead of being sentenced to 20 years in prison (which still isn’t enough for killing four people), Judge Jean Boyd sentenced Couch to 10 years PROBATION and he had to go to a detox center for his alcohol abuse.  Additionally, the judge said that Ethan was not allowed to have contact with his family for a period of time since they were the enablers.

Nathan: Anger does no good.  I am not certain if the death penalty would do any good in this case, except that IF the attorney was right, then the PARENTS should have been on trial with the son (who SHOULD have been tried as an adult, given that no one forced him to take a sip of booze and that he was by far old enough, parents or not, to know the difference between right and wrong and 40 and 70 mph).  And yes, it would have been moral to whip, brand, and let the relatives of the victims have them as slaves for the rest of their natural lives.  But no, that is “cruel and unusual,” and we can’t do that – but we can allow four people to die in agony and two more suffer – admittedly, probably caused in part by their own stupidity.  At a minimum, the parents AND Ethan should have been forced to assist the mortician in preparing the bodies, attended EVERY funeral, and hand-dig the graves.

Especially when comparing this to the next story, you have to ask if insanity is the rule. Are judges chosen in order to flout the law and constitution and morality?

Tyranny – Culture wars: homosexual “marriage”
Colorado: Man faces Jail for refusing to bake cake for “gay marriage”

(Last Resistance)  A Colorado man, owner of a bakery, refused to bake a cake for a gay couple that requested his services for their wedding. He told them that he would sell them a great many goods, but not a wedding cake, as it violated his religious beliefs. The couple immediately filed a discrimination complaint. … a judge ruled that because of Colorado’s anti-discrimination law, Jack Phillips would either have to provide his services to the couple, or face possible prison time. … Specifically, the act pertains to “public accommodations,” places that provide items or services to the public for a fee. Essentially, businesses are targeted by the act. Churches are protected under religious freedom.

Nathan: Yeah, I know.  According to “most libertarians” the guy is such a homophobic monster that he shouldn’t be sent to jail, he should be killed: put down like the mad dog that he is.  Draw and quarter him, put his head on a spike in front of the Capitol in Denver.  Remember, “homosexual marriage” is still illegal in Colorado; only civil unions are permitted if a homosexual wants to “marry” (contract with) another homosexual of the same sex.  So this baker would have been at best perpetrating a fraud by even doing it.  But the key here is that the baker HAS NO liberty: no freedom of speech or expression: he can be forced to do whatever two people walking in off the street want him to do, regardless of his moral beliefs.  Apply this across the board: there is NO liberty.

Mama’s Note: To take this just a little farther… Any business – I’m assuming in every state – has a perfect right to post a sign prohibiting people from carrying a gun in with them. These businesses can all post signs denying service to anyone not wearing shoes and shirts, or pretty much anything else. I’ve even seen signs prohibiting teens from entering, at least in greater numbers than the owner wants to tolerate. In essence, they can ask anyone to leave if they don’t want to do business with them.

But somehow, the politically correct folks have turned this upside down when their special pet groups are involved – blacks and homosexuals. I think it is unkind in the extreme, and most likely financially stupid to exclude any well behaved customers for any reason, but just as I have every right to decide who comes or stays in my home or on my land, the person who owns the business must always have the same right, whether he owns or rents the premises. Exceptions would have to be clearly indicated in his lease contract.

Islamic war: Arabian front – Government killing
Yemen: US drone terrorists murder 15 wedding guests

(Freedom News Digest) “Fifteen people on their way to a wedding in Yemen were killed in an air strike after their party was mistaken for an al Qaeda convoy, local security officials said on Thursday. The officials did not identify the plane in the strike in central al-Bayda province, but tribal and local media sources said that it was a drone.” (12/12/13)

Nathan: Mmmm.  The drone pilot didn’t mean to kill these people going to the wedding; he thought that they were terrorists.  They were “collateral damage.”  Does that mean he wasn’t morally responsible, since it was a mistake?  Does that mean it isn’t really murder, but just “negligent homicide?”  How do they KNOW it was a drone?  Because it “always” is? Or did they see it?  How far up was it?  Maybe it was someone else’s drone?  Do we even know if this happened?  Yemen is no friend of America or the West, in part supposedly because we (the West) do things like this.  But maybe… Maybe it was a false flag attack, maybe it is all made up? Maybe it was all play-acting?

Killing, except in self-defense or the defense of others, is wrong.  It is a sin, it is stupid (in part because it sets off an uncontrolled series of events), and it is bad for business and families and communities.  I am willing to extend the idea of “defense of others” to include allies, at least under some conditions.  But is Yemen an ally?  Hardly.  Was there some indication that this convoy was going to go to Saudi Arabia, which is (horrible as it is to think about it) an American ally?  Or was there some indication that this convoy was headed for the United States, or at least the nearest US-owned/operated site, business or community?  Indeed, there is every indication that this killing (murder or not) was NOT for a legitimate reason: it was immoral, it was sinful.  The person who did it, even if mistaken, DOES have moral responsibility for what he (or she) did: and no, “befehl ist befehl” (orders are orders) is NOT a legitimate or moral defense.  It just means that MORE than one person has moral responsibility for these fifteen deaths.  What we might ask ourselves (force ourselves to ask) is how MANY more people are responsible.  Let us assume it goes all the way up the chain from that SSG or GS-7 (probably drone operators are NOT yet Wage Grade employees) or contractor to the DoD or the CIA or whatever, and ultimately to the “POTUS” (or at least the guy who claims that he is).  Is that enough?

Or do we need go one step further and blame the idiots in Congress, not just those who voted to fund and allow this madness, but those who voted against it because they did not take the necessary actions?  Or do we also need to say that it is the fifty states and the people of those fifty states that also should be held accountable for failing to keep Congress and the White House from making this a miserable excuse for a free nation, and turned us into both the “policeman” of the world AND the world’s biggest rogue regime?

Self-defense – Government-run, tax-funded schools
Colorado: Suburban School Shootings leave shooter dead, three wounded

(9 News, Denver)

Nathan: Once again, their much-vaunted security failed.  He was openly carrying a shotgun and penetrated “deep” within the school.  The size of the school is part of the problem: 70 classrooms!  245,000 SF!  (A warehouse for teens!)  He could have played cat and mouse with them for days. Teachers were unable to protect their students and themselves, but the student killed himself.  At least we are saved the cost of a show-trial.  And they treated every student and teacher leaving as a criminal.  But that is okay, they are offering them counseling and a day off school on Monday! But now the legislature will try and get rid of shotguns, also. People, get your children out of these places. And arm your self, and teach your child how to defend themselves, armed or unarmed.

Islamic wars: African front
What Fueled Kenya Mall Attack?

(Wall Street Journal) A parliamentary committee here has blamed lapses among government security agencies for fueling a September attack on an upscale Nairobi mall that killed dozens of people and left Kenyans seething.  Corrupt Kenyan police and border guards may have abetted terrorists slipping into the country from neighboring Somalia, according to a report completed on Dec. 4 and seen this week by The Wall Street Journal.

Nathan: This is one government body saying that ANOTHER government body is the reason that the jehadis were able to successfully attack the mall, killing innocents, and that without the assistance of government, it would not have happened!  Don’t know if I believe it, but that certainly matches what is happening and has happened for a long time.  The solution is simple: get RID of the corruption (which means, mostly, getting rid of government) and allow the people to arm and defend themselves against evildoers no matter WHAT the “cause” or the uniform of the evildoers.

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