Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-49C: Home front attacks

Self defense – Home front
Fake Delivery Men Rob, Pistol Whip Elderly Couple In Dorchester

(CBS Boston)

Mama’s Note: Hard to understand why people would open the door to strangers, especially in a city. Of course, I’m armed when I go to the door, but I still don’t open up for strangers without careful consideration.

Nathan: Especially in the large urban areas in the east, people seem very naive at times, assuming that nothing bad will happen to THEM, despite how everyone around them has been attacked, beaten, and robbed.  And they seem to have very poor situational awareness.  In our rural areas, unless it is a neighbor or a friend, someone trying to deliver a package better be wearing a recognizable uniform and have a matching truck;  AND look like a typical UPS or FedEx guy or gal, not some hopped-up homeboy with his pants dragging around his knees.  And even then, if it isn’t the regular route man, most people will at least be aware that something is possibly wrong.  But apparently big city residents don’t think like that.

Thug “cops” – Home front
Drug Warriors Kidnap and Sexually Assault a Woman After Getting Permission From a Dog
(Reason) In a case eerily similar to David Eckert’s humiliating ordeal at the hands of cops in Deming, New Mexico, a federal lawsuit charges U.S.Border Patrol agents with subjecting a U.S. citizen to six hours of degrading and fruitless body cavity searches based on an alleged alert by a drug-sniffing dog.

Mama’s Note: I hope she wins her lawsuit, but that’s not going to stop this insanity, unfortunately.

Nathan: I don’t know if ANY court action will, even if it is a murder trial when someone kills a BP officer in self-defense and is acquitted by the jury.  The “shoot, shovel, and shut up” scenario is of course a possibility.  And direct action (in the dirty sense of the word) might be one solution.  It is only when you can hold these people personally and immediately responsible for their actions that they will change:  otherwise, they will continue to justify their actions as “good” and take the Nuremburg defense.

This story lists two specific “doctors” by name involved with this sick little routine:  Dr. Michael D. Parsa, MD, age 42, specializes in “emergency medicine” at the Texas Tech University Health Center in El Paso, and he joined them in 2012 after working on the Central California Coast (what, Monterrey?) and in New Guinea.  You can see a glowing report about what a great man he is, and his picture, here. (pdf)

His address is 4801 Alberta Avenue, El Paso, TX 79905: Thompson General Hospital.

Christopher Cabanillas is a surgeon, also specializing in emergency medicine at Thompson General, and graduated from the University of Arizona; he likes El Paso better than Arizona. Less seems to be available about him.  It seems that evil DOES have a face, though.

When you get right down to it, what is the difference between these two “doctors” and the BP thugs, and the two men who attacked and robbed the elders in Boston?  Morally, these are more guilty: what they did was conspire with several government organizations to rape a woman.  Simple beating and robbing, free-lance, does not compare.

Meanwhile, we find that government agencies (schools, in particular) are doing their best to turn children (and adults) into mind-numbed, obedient robots who would not DARE take up arms to defend themselves or anyone else, except with the proper government uniform and license and training – if that.  But heaven help you if you LIKE playing soldier before you get that government-issued stuff officially.

Government-run, Theft-funded schools – Attack on families and children
More Zero Tolerance: 5 Year Old Issued Suspension for ‘Playing Army’ at Recess

( A five-year-old elementary student in Gaston County, North Carolina was issued a suspension for making a gun-like gesture with his hand although such an offense is found nowhere in the school handbook. The boy’s father, David Hendrix, said the one-day suspension was a punishment “too severe” for simply “playing army on the playground” and immediately called a meeting. Rather than go through with the meeting, principal and school board at Pinewood Elementary dropped the punishment.

Nathan: the bad stories keep coming more and more quickly.  A summary of several can be found at Conservative Action Alerts which includes a discussion of how the police state is destroying childhood in many places.  This morning, I listened to a school “winter” concert on Long Island, where they sang the old carol Silent Night, but in a version which expunged any mention of God, Jesus, or even Mary.  Parents and others complained and the school “apologized” but the deed was done: those children will have learned the censored song, and will have a hard time learning the real one.  I am not a fan of Christmas: it is NOT the birthday of Jesus but a pagan holiday used in a bait-and-switch by the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches centuries ago; but this is still not right.  It is as wrong to forbid children to sing a religious song as it is to force them to do so: and it is a way of destroying childhood, together with frequent police arrests, terrorism through “emergency drills,” creating irrational fears of guns or fire or nuclear radiation, and of course, the sick excuse for “sex education” implemented in more and more places.

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