Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-51A: Abominations at year end

Abominable Act (ObummerCare) – The “messiah”
President Enrolls in Cheapest ‘Bronze’ Plan But Won’t Use It; No Subsidy


Nathan: Seems that since HE has enrolled in his own program, that the White House should be forced to cut millions a year from the budget by dismantling the entire White House medical office.  Space for wounded soldiers can be made available by having HIM go to Washington’s general hospitals (there is one in the old “Barbeque Zone” north of the White House, as I recall) instead of using Walter Reed, which surely is not in this Bronze Plan.  Of course, the “Bronze Plan” with its huge out-of-pocket costs and maximum limits on coverage is a joke, according to most people.  I suppose that the government will pay this guy’s out-of-pocket costs.  What a joke – and the joke’s on us!

Politics 2013, 2014, 2016 – Culture wars
Huckabee: Most Christians Would Rather Be ‘For Something’ Than ‘Against Something’


Nathan: Another of Huckabee’s slaps against the Duck Dynasty people, apparently.  According to other stories, he is definitely seeking the 2016 presidential nomination to win the White House, but his actions right now show he will be no different in the most important ways from what we have now and have had in the past.  He wants to avoid “offending” Log Cabin Republicans and other homosexual “moderates” and “conservatives,” but he also is showing the long-term (400+ years) Baptist antipathy towards churches of Christ such as the Robertson’s White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ in West Monroe, Louisiana.  I am surprised he has not used some of the old slurs, like calling them Campbellites and members of a cult.  Hukabee, like many GOP “moderates” who claim to be “conservative” does not like people who are independent, value their liberty, and are willing to speak their mind regardless of financial or social consequences.  In particular, he will not support them in 2014 campaigns.

As to his “theology” – if you are FOR SOMETHING, then that means, inevitably, that you are against a WHOLE lot of “SOMETHINGS.”  There is no way around it.  You can tap dance all you want, but if you claim to be a “Christian” and therefore “for Christ,” then you must be AGAINST Islam and Judaism, and people who have morality that is not the standard which the Christ taught.  But politicians pretend to be stupid, and his status as a preacher is a whole lot less important to him than his status as a politician.

Congress in Action – Abominable Act (ObummerCare)
Pelosi on Obamacare: ‘It’s a Glorious Thing’


Nathan: No doubt it is, from her point of view: a whole sixth of the world’s largest economy, and millions of people under micro-control by governments at all levels. Merely the fact that Nancy Pelosi is going overboard about it is a strong indicator that it is worse than ever.

New religions: Environists – Economy 2013 and beyond
Transporting Bakken crude needs reviewTribune editorial

(Bismarck Tribune editorial) Is Bakken sweet crude more volatile than typical crude oil? If so, do additional precautions need to be taken in transporting Bakken crude from well head to refinery?  The questions need answering.

Nathan: Thanks to Tim for this one! This may be the start of yet ANOTHER campaign against the production (“exploitation”) of the huge Bakkan play of the Dakotas and Montana..  “This stuff is too dangerous to transport; we must leave it in the ground.”  And pretend that “Peak Oil” really does exist, along with Global Warming and Evolution and presidents who don’t lie.

The story goes on to talk about how the Bakken oil is more like gasoline than “normal” crude and how it may have caused two big railroad fires – never mind that the CAUSE of the railroad accidents, which led to fires burning crude oil being transported – was human error, as is usually the case. Apparently, the people who are dealing with this issue are not familiar with the history of oil production in the United States, based on their “surprise” about Bakken sweet.  For decades, crude oil produced in the Permian Basin – the famous “West Texas Intermediate” was a very light, sweet oil which COULD be burned in the gasoline-powered engines of the 1930s – 1960s, with the possible need to add lead the the “white gasoline” which came directly from the well-head with a very simple filter.  It was “highly volatile” and additional precautions had to be taken with the handling and transport – techniques which apparently have been lost in the last two generations.  If we could haul that stuff from Wink and Odessa and Andrews and Crane back in the 30’s and 40’s, surely we can haul the stuff from Williston and Newtown and Plentywood to the coasts as well.  IF we aren’t hampered by stupid government facilitating the problem would not be anything but a minor bump.

TSA thuggery – Home front
Airport Security in US is Joke

(AOL/Huffington Post) “Checking luggage is very nice, it looks great, taking away the breast milk of the mother of a one month old baby, that looks great,” said Rafi Sela, the president of A.R. Challenges, a transportation consulting firm based in Israel. “It does nothing for security. It’s just a show.”

Nathan: TSA of course, has excuses for why the Israeli (or other systems) won’t work and why they HAVE to do it in as degrading a way as possible, because Sela and others do not understand (or at least don’t say it out loud) – it is not about security of the plane flights, it is all about the control and the domination that TSA thugs and others can have.  The problem is, there is a limit to the stupidity of the terrorists.  Sela says “two seconds” even for stupid terrorists.  So five seconds for the even more stupid false-flag attackers?  That is the second point that Sela misses: they WANT there to be more successful attacks to justify MORE power and control and money for TSA and the other official-pirate agencies, or so it seems.

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