Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-04B: Congress and senility

By Nathan Barton

Nice to have a day off yesterday from the chattering of Congress and politicians in general, while getting some real, paying work done.  At least that was my situation: hope it was yours, also.  Still, there are a lot of interesting things going on, and here are a few of the stories that crossed my desk, good and bad, so far this week.  I know that neither Congress nor senility are things to laugh about, but when they seem to match together, it is just plain sad.

Diane Feinstein is in the news a lot this week, because she is (gasp) supporting the NSA, and betraying her liberal/Tranzi creds, or so it is claimed.  The WaPo told me: Feinstein: ‘We don’t know’ whether Russia helped Snowden and then the liberal bloggers are upset because she is supporting the NSA: she is so horrified about being blamed for another Bloody Tuesday if she doesn’t let NSA snoop everywhere, including our underwear drawer and inside our underpants.  Or so she says.  She’s 80 (yes, really) and I wonder if she can even get a drivers license renewed?  She loves the NSA for what it can and does do to political enemies, especially when you team them up with the FBI and IRS.

Mama’s Note: Senile would be good, very good… and soon very apparent, and then she
could be locked away to drool on her chest while leaving the rest of us alone. Unfortunately, she was born a statist. I’ve seen no change in her since the beginning. If anything, she just gets more shrill, just like H Clinton.

Did I ever tell you about the time my sister went to some hearing in Sacramento when she was a city councilman for Simi Valley? Fienswine was giving a press conference, or at least making some sort of public statement on the steps, as she left, and my dear sister lost it… flipped her the bird and walked away. A news photographer caught that flip on film, and it made the statewide news. Sandi won the next city council election with a landslide. There are a lot of people in CA who have no use for Feinstein or her ilk. Or at least there were…

Fortunately, not everyone loves the NSA or spying on our own people. Someone named Tavis Smiley says Snowden ‘might be on a Postage Stamp’ one day, and he would deserve it, for what he did.  Of course, if Feinstein and her ilk get their way, he will continue to show up in Post Offices, but on “Wanted” posters.  (Oh, apparently this Smiley guy (not a gal, as I first thought) is some big PBS star: that is like being a big snowplow operator in Miami.  Apparently, there aren’t any Post Office wanted posters for Mr. Edward right now, but he IS on a “I want you” poster encouraging people to protect liberty.  Folks, the NSA can claim all they want about how they’ve kept terrorist attacks away, but the truth is, the White House is using the NSA to spy on Americans, on you and me: people who are patriotic and religious and don’t like taxes and believe in minding our own business, and that is both wrong and stupid.

Well, on to other things.

Here is a great “stupid cop” story: an Oklahoma cop stole another cop’s gun and sold it to a felon.  His own department wouldn’t do anything about it, but the County Sheriff stepped in.  I have been told more than once that many police departments (and sheriff’s offices) try very hard NOT to hire people that are “too smart,” and I guess this is one of those.  Of course, we can also talk about morals, corruption, and all the other things that “law enforcement” (or is that “law evasion”) officers do and are (or lack).

The Mercatus Center has a neat article on Fiscal Condition of the 50 States.  Funny how the best states are all us hicks in flyover country that cling to God, guns, religion, and wanting to have something in our wallet except a bunch of plastic.  The states in the best fiscal condition are Alaska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming.  No fooling: Old West Country, here we are.  And look at the bottom of the list: California, Massachusetts, Illinois, Connecticut and New Jersey.  Tranzi and liberal and so trendy and cool – except when it comes to paying their debts.  Not saying the Old West states are GOOD, but they are relatively on opposite sides of the compass from the spendthrifts.

The Examiner on-line columnists have proven to generally be accurate and willing to call a spade a spade. The Washington Examiner tells us that the  British Experience Shows Problems with Government-Run Health Care.  I guess I put this into the “no-fooling” category, but then I have friends in the UK and have been over there, and seen what a MESS that the National Health Service is in, and how many Brits suffer and die prematurely as a result.  And how much it drags down the economy.  Apparently, now even the Tranzi European Commission has decided that the NHS and UK have poblems.  A recent EC found that Britain has fewer doctors per person than nearly every other European country (that’s only 2.71 doctors for every 1,000 people). That is supposed to be SHOCKING because Germany has 3.7 and France has 3.4 (Switzerland has 4.1), but the US only has 2.4!  And with ObummerCare, that number is already dropping. (World Bank data here)

Mama’s Note: And the ratio per 1,000 population only tells a small part of the story. The technical quality and integrity of those doctors is not measured much at all. Obummercare is giving all doctors and other health professionals in the US a whole new set of incentives, mandates and opportunities. Many will choose not to practice any more, at least not in official or mainstream channels.

According to the Washington Post, Chris Christie’s 1994 ad was too tough (and inaccurate) for New Jersey.  Okay, I’d believe it: he is a “moderate” scumbag politician who is typical of Jersey.  But the real story here is why the WaPo is going back 20 years to dig up dirt.  I don’t know any real christians who are running for office in NJ; and no one considers Libertarians to be serious candidates, but other than that, THEY ALL LIE.  So?  Where were the stories like this about the “messiah” in 2006 and 2007, questioning where he went to school and what he promised to get into the Illinois legislature and then the Senate?

Mama’s Note: I, for one, could not care less where they come from or what they did. The problem is that most people accept the idea that non-voluntary governmen has legitimate authority over their lives and property.

Well, here we have the thoughts (spoken out loud, that is) from the “messiah” on pot: ‘I don’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol’.  Really?  Try “less dangerous” except for the fact that cops don’t beat you up or kill you for buying and selling beer, wine, and spirits anymore.  (Remember, they used to, and there still are some “dry” counties where they will.)  What a hypocrite this man at 1600 PA is.

Meanwhile, the “messiah’s” minions are chiming in on the subject: HHS: 8,300 Words About the Dangers of Tobacco Smoking, But Not a Single Word About Pot Smoking nor about alcohol, for that matter. But that is only because the Feds consider pot to be illegal and so won’t address it.  And because alcohol brings in billions in government revenue (as does tobacco, I admit) BUT it isn’t on the Tranzi’s agenda.  Yet.

Mama’s Note: The government ALSO rakes in billions related to cannabis and other drugs. Asset forfeiture being one of the most lucrative, of course. But then there are the ever increasing police and other LEO numbers, the vast array of new toys they enjoy, and the expanding prison system with their kickbacks and back scratching. The new, seemingly relaxed attitude toward cannabis in some quarters is truly hypocritical and dangerous. It is giving the illusion that the old prohibitions are easing, but just as with alcohol, the CONTROL isn’t going away. Tax and regulate may sound like a better and safer alternative to Elliot Ness, but it is not. And yes, those who flaunt the tax and regulation will be treated every bit as badly as the casual black user is now.

I read that ObummerCare is at ‘Significant’ Risk of ‘Death Spiral,’ according to an economist, who obviously isn’t paying attention to the data and the costs.  It IS on a death spiral; the only question is how fast, and how much of the economy and how many people it will suck down with it.

Mama’s Note: A death spiral indeed. Who’s death, and the ultimate cost in both lives and the damaged economy, is yet to be seen. And, don’t forget, there is good reason to suspect that the “death” of this monstrosity will simply be used as an excuse to introduce something even worse.

Did you know that the “messiah” is taking action to protect ‘People Overseas’ from U.S. surveillance?  If true, this shows just who he is taking care of, and whom he considers potential enemies of the state – makes me feel proud that I am of greater concern to have surveillance conducted against me than some Deutscher or Frenchman or Brit, eh?

Mama’s Note: As if he really cares about any of us. It’s all a show, smoke and mirrors. There is nothing that man says one could accept as true. If he said the sun rose in the east, I’d want to look to verify it for myself.

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