Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-06A: stupid and tyrannical cops

By Nathan Barton

Good morning to all, and I hope this finds you at home or work safe and out of the clutches of our “nation’s guardians” ™, the Law Enforcement Corps of America, whether  we are talking town marshals or county sheriffs or city police or state patrols or the federal alphabet soup agencies (‘specially BATFE, TSA, FBI, DEA, and ICE).  Sadly, many of your fellow inhabitants of these formerly united States are not so lucky.

In the Atlanta, Georgia area we have a rash of local police forces doing strip searches (or fondling) of people stopped for the most routine of traffic offenses, such as “following too closely,” obscured license plate stickers, and driving in the left lane (of a 4-lane highway).  Many who have their private parts searched inside their clothing are filing lawsuits.  While not as bad as the rectal searches done in a county in New Mexico, this is both disgusting and at best an abuse of authority.  There is a simple word for it: tyranny.  At least in this case, we have mainstream media station at least reporting it.

Mama’s Note: What the media is not reporting, of course, is that these stops have nothing to do with any actual “offense” against a person or their property, but merely official excuses for revenue enhancement. Since the “war on drugs” gives these cretins the best excuse to confiscate everything in sight, they have no reason not to go fishing for drugs,  and some are perfectly happy to manufacture such “evidence.” And then, of course, they get the thrill of sexually abusing people as a bonus.

It appears to be a good idea to stay away from Jeffersonville, Indiana, where they just released a woman who had been serving a “two day” jail sentence, after 154 days in the slammer.  Not only that, but a guy in jail for a thirty-day sentence got out after only 214 days.  Stupid cops, stupid courts, and more!

But those two people fared better than the 77-year-old man who had a heart-attack across from a DC fire station.  Firefighters refused to help and it took 30 minutes or more to get paramedics to him: he died later because of the delay.  It is increasingly obvious that more and more people who work for government just don’t care about anything except their pay and their union benefits.  (Readers know I constantly urge people to stay away from DC, but I’ll repeat the warning.)  Ironically, the elderly man worked for the DC parks department, and it was the prosecutor, of all people, who blew the whistle and got the woman out of jail finally.  How long are we going to put up with government treating people like this?

Mama’s Note: And then there’s the Armed and dangerous’ killer on the run after jailbreak from Michigan. Hundreds of officers from multiple agencies are hunting for Michael David Elliot, who broke out from a “secure area” at the Ionia Correctional Facility and then carjacked an older woman using either a knife or box cutter, said Michigan State Police Lt. Mardella Horhn, who described him as “armed and dangerous.”  Wonder how that happened… no hint in the news story.

The difference between government and God is perhaps seen best in completing this sentence:  “I saw you naked and…”  Government, in the form of TSA thugs, answers thus: “… and we laughed.” Of course, in Matthew 25:36, we find that the correct ending to this phrase is “… and I clothed you.”   So much for government service or protection, right?  Funny how their abuse and disregard for common decency is accompanied by a big serving of contempt.

Of course, laughing at us does not keep them from fearing us, and we have more and more examples of cops killing people for no apparent reason, only to have their leaders lie to defend them.  One of the most recent was in Pinal County Arizona, on 14 JAN 2014, when a man with his hands up was executed by a sheriff’s deputy in direct disobedience to his superior’s order.  The video tape clearly shows that the sheriff’s officers and police officer’s had nothing to fear from the man. And the stand off was clearly long enough to let their “car chase” highs relax IF they had been properly trained and understood that their job is not to kill people.  Ironically, this happened on the same day a California court acquitted deputies of beating a man to death.

Of course, some cops are more stupid than others: like those US-trained cops in Afghanistan.  Apparently, in Kabul, police are slashing tires on cars to supposedly keep the cars from being stolen.  Yes, really.  They cause hundreds of dollars of damage to prevent vehicles parked on the streets at night from being stolen.  Stupid is as stupid does.  Allahu akbar, anyone?

In Oregon, last October, a nineteen-year-old woman struck and killed two girls (11 and 6) with her SUV, and kept on going.  Her boy-friend tried to hide the evidence by washing the vehicle.  On Friday, the mothers of the two dead girls forgave her: she got 250 hours of “useful public service” and 36 months probation, in part due to the request of the families of the dead girls not to give her prison time.  Her boy-friend got 13 months in prison.  The woman apologized and apparently repented of what she had done, which is one reason I’m commenting on this story: forgiveness is not, CAN not be automatic and godly if there is not repentance on the part of the wrong doer.  The other reason is that the jail sentence of the boy-friend is both insult and further injury to the families: how much better if there had been some restorative justice: that the two could have paid for some of the cost.  Of course, I guess that they should be grateful that when they were tracked down, the police just didn’t execute them on the spot.

Mama’s Note: Furthermore, “forgiveness” does not necessarily include condoning the act, nor remove the need for serious consequences. Nothing can restore life to those little girls, obviously, and their families have a lifetime “sentence” to deal with the grief. Prison is obviously not a rational answer here, but the consequences need to be far more meaningful than some silly “community service” or “probation” – one of the more sadistic and useless parts of the US injustice system.

Back in Alabama, the spread of outlawry from the urban areas to rural fringe areas continues, but a group of neighbors responded to a three-person gang breaking into a home when no one was at home.  This is NOT self-defense, but it is community defense, and an example of being good neighbors.  No shots fired, by the way.  The cops?  Oh, they arrived after the hullabaloo was over, but they did arrest two of the three thugs before they went someplace else to threaten and rob and steal.

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