Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-26B: Islam, Poverty, and Sports

By Nathan Barton

Here are a few stories I meant to comment on last week, still of concern. Things continue to go (depending on your view point, of course) very bad OR very good in the land of Mesopotamia, formerly known as Iraq.

Because of their larger subscriber base, Godfather Politics has to be politically correct, at least somewhat so, unlike Mama Liberty and Brad and me, or at least I assume that is why they are asking this question, “Will ISIS form the world’s first terror state?”.  We already HAVE and have HAD a good many “terror states” in the world, including the FedGov.  And I am using the root definition of “terror” which is (Merriam-Webster definition, NOT mine): “violence that is committed by a person, group, or government in order to frighten people and achieve a political goal” (although I would add “or threat of violence”).  The great historic examples are of course, the Third Reich, Soviet Union, Red China, the Japanese Empire, and the Spanish Empire (and Lincoln’s Union), but ALL the Middle Eastern countries of 2014 meet this definition.  Government IS terrorism: the “monopoly” (real or effective) use of force to directly or indirectly make people do what the Congress or Executive or Queen or Premier want them to.

Whether it is a terror state or not (and we can be sure that it IS), apparently it is now officially just the Caliphate (not to be confused with the Tom Kratman novel of the same name (, which just may give an idea of what will happen if the madmen in charge of the former ISIS really DO succeed in creating a massive transnational or multinational Islamic state ruled by someone they recognize as the successor of Mohammad (peanut butter und honig).  With a caliphate they can REALLY go to town on the oriental potentate sort of power and privilege, just like the Fuehrer and his consort and the Bill and Hillary and Al Gore and John Kerry sort of elite here in the Fifty States.

Mama’s Note: Given the fact that most of the death and destruction in the Mideast is and has always been Muslims against Muslims, I’m not too worried about their “caliphate.” The very best thing to do would be to leave them alone to kill each other off, resolving only to defend ourselves if they happen to wander away from that long enough to attack us. If the insanity in Iraq has done nothing else, it has provided proof positive that they can’t be saved from themselves.

Speaking of abuse of power and privilege: I’ve gotten sick of Google’s obsession with the World Cup soccer competition – which is of course shared by hundreds of big businesses, the media, and much of the rest of the world. It isn’t so much an aversion to soccer itself (not that it compares to REAL sports like rugby and mountain climbing and shooting) but to the superior attitude and insane pandering: worse than SuperBowl or World Series, and the worship of the athletes and their prowess in a really silly game which is GREAT for 6-10 year olds and childishly infantile in adult men.  But I find this article fascinating and pointing out a serious problem: sex and soccer.  (Which is a question you NEVER hear about this World Cup: where are the women in these soccer games?)

Mama’s Note: I can’t speak for anyone but myself, of course, but I don’t think women generally care much for these sports. Know of any women’s football teams? The problem isn’t the sports, of course, but the fact that they are promoted and enabled with stolen goods. Remove that, and all government interference, and let the games begin.

They can talk all they want about “poverty” being the cause of prostitution, but that is a bald-faced lie.  There is a REASON that the source of revenue for prostitution is so often associated with major sporting events: because the scum that BUY the sex are the fans and players and staff of these major sporting events.  Professional (and yes, modern “amateur”) sports is a sleezy human-trafficking operation in and of itself: bodies and lives are bought and sold, and thrown away.  And GOVERNMENT is the leading cause of turning sports into this sort of horror, with the funding and regulations and rules and promotion: because every hour spent watching soccer games is one less hour doing something productive or something that will lead to rebellion and the overthrow of the powers-that-be.  It beats circuses Roman-style all hollow from the point of view of the elite.

Mama’s Note: Don’t quite see the “human trafficking” angle you talk about. All of these people are (at least up to now) free to contract to play these games, free to leave if they want, and free to sue anyone who attempts to coerce them. They might have a contract dispute to deal with, but nobody is forcing them to play at gunpoint. And nobody is forced to watch them either.

As for the prostitutes or other human relationships that form in and around the sport, they are all free to come or go, to engage in such trade or not. Allowing government to prohibit prostitution makes no more sense than allowing it to prohibit certain plants or foods or self defense. These people own themselves and their bodies, and have a perfect right to sell their time and service, just as anyone else does for any non-aggressive purpose. They just need to be armed and empowered to exercise the responsibility for the lives and bodies they own.

I do have a question for McDonalds and all the rest: are you REALLY getting ANY increase in sales from your sponsorship and millions of World-Cup related ads and tie-ins?  Really?  Or is it just another form of tax by governments, directly or indirectly?

Mama’s Note: A “tax” is theft. If people buy things from McDonalds, it is a voluntary transaction. How does a voluntary action become a tax? If people don’t approve of McD sponsoring soccer, or anything else, they don’t need to buy anything there.

About TPOL Nathan

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