Libertarian commentary on the News, #14-28E: Evil is as stupid does.

by Nathan Barton

Good morning this weekend, as we swelter in the heat again.

The Black Death (pneumonic plague) has appeared in Denver, not just in remote prairie dog villages.  ​This Jennifer House does not seem to know much about the matter.  Or is being carefully coached in what to say.  I work with CDPHE on a nearly-daily basis, and my confidence in them is very, very low.  It is obvious that the woman has no grounding in basic public health OR the plague.​

Mama’s Note: Jennifer is a government employee… tells you all you need to know.

A Malaysia Airlines plane was shot down over Ukraine.  A missile downed the jet, killing all 298 aboard, and Ukraine’s government blames pro-Russian rebels.  And pro-Russian rebels blame Ukraine’s government.  And others blame the Russians, and of course they all deny it.  Supposedly the plane was about 30 minutes ahead of Russian President Putin’s aircraft, which it could have been mistaken for.  Who would want to shoot down Putin?  Now we have even MORE suspects.  They say that the downing of the jet could escalate Ukraine crisis, that the Malaysian flight’s fate may push tensions between the West and Russia to the next level.  What is that?  More killing?  Deploying American troops to where none have gone before?  Finding OTHER ways for the CIA or NSA to kill Vlad?

Israel threatens a broader assault on Gaza, as a new phase of the military operation began soon after a five-hour humanitarian truce ended.  Not that the Hamas thugs in Gaza seemed to care. They hide behind the civilians and know that Israel will not really care about what Gaza civilians they take out or wound.

Congress weighs border funding as the clock to recess ticks: Amid the migrant surge from Central America, Boehner raises doubts about immigration policy: the stupid complaining to the stupid (and evil) about the stupid.  And heaven FORBID that we interfere with the recess with November elections looming…

Nazgul evil:  A teenager who participated in the savage beating and robbery of a man (left brain damaged) in Detroit was given six months by a judge.  As Scott asked, “Six months to what; repent before his hanging for soul recycling?”  Maybe the judge figured that being left brain-damaged in Detroit was a blessing?  Or maybe the Nazgul was himself brain-damaged?

The Justice Department has widened its investigation of the Internal Revenue Service’s alleged targeting of political groups to include the disappearance of two years of emails from a top official involved in the controversy. When pigs fly… are we likely to see this wrongdoing censured by the DOJ, unless there is internal political squabbling going on.  Like having the SS investigate the Gestapo.

In an interview with The Guardian, National Security Agency whistle-blower Edward Snowden said that the people tasked with digging through private digital communications data routinely stumble across nude photos and share them with friends.  Is this a surprise?  Nerds are nerds, and those without morals are likely to do this sort of thing. The same thing applies to modern cops, who do the same thing with the “evidence” that they gather about porno and pedophilic offenders.  And anyone who would work for NSA is very likely to have NO morals.  (Ditto for cops in America today.) Fortunately people like Snowden sometimes see the light and repent.

There is outrage as France becomes the first country in world to ban pro-Palestine demonstrations.  The move follows violence at protests in Paris last weekend, and Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve alleged a ‘threat to public order,’ while thousands across France were set to march again this weekend.  Anyone who breaks the ban faces a year in prison and a 15,000 euro fine, but the sentence of those hiding their faces can be increased to 3 years jail, and a 45,000 euro fine (about 55,000 dollars).  The so-called lovers of liberty and supporters of Arab “liberation” of the fake country called “Palestine” (by some) are of course incensed.  But they also fail to understand the history of Arab “protests” in Paris suburbs and other cities and towns and villages across the country, which are generally excuses (or occasions) for destruction of private property (and public property), beating and even killing non-Muslims (or Muslims which are not dressed “appropriately”), and all out battles with anyone and everyone.

A bill being introduced in Congress would make it illegal to have children’s clothing and hat sizes with any kind of firearm brand or symbols or pictures, and also outlaw “colorful” guns (like the pink and red “Chipmunk” .22-cal single shot rifles) that are attractive to children.  Based on the “success” of prohibiting cartoon characters on packs of cigarettes, this would criminalize much of childhood.  As JPFO has pointed out many times, this is part of a coordinated effort to demonize guns even more than they are already by hoploclasts and hoplophobes. But children are not the only subjects of abuses proposed – or actually taking place.

Read this incredible story of the cops and business torturing a mother for “cruelty to children” in South Carolina, and reflect that this is happening all across the country.  At the same time that children are being adopted by pedophiles and same-sex partners, that foster children are pulled from safe homes and sent back to alcoholic and drug-abusing parents based on blood quantum, we are seeing this kind of treatment of parents with no apparent understanding of much of anything.  Stupid AND evil both.  As is the case in neighboring Georgia:  An Augusta Georgia mother gave her 9-year-old daughter a cell phone. The girl went to the park—a place so popular that at any given time there are about 40 kids frolicking—two days in a row. There were swings, a “splash pad,” and shade. On her third day at the park, an adult asked the girl where her mother was. At work, the daughter replied. The shocked adult called the cops. Authorities declared the girl “abandoned” and proceeded to arrest the mother.  This sort of insanity was unheard of a generation ago.  This might be suitable in Chicago or Detroit – where gangs of teen and preteen predators roam the streets day and night, and some might consider the mother not thinking clearly, but arrest, prison?  Please.

Mama’s Note: And in a truly sane world, such a nine year old would be suitably armed and trained to defend herself wherever she went, though the schizophrenic zoos of Chicago and Detroit, etc. would not likely exist. More guns, more rational people who go armed, less crime.

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