Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-29A: government does NOT protect us.

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.  Here are a few examples in the news about what government does (and does not do).  Be warned, please.

Job growth picks up in states that raised minimum wage, according to Fox News, quoting US Department of Labor “data” – reminding us how MUCH statistics lie.

Mama’s Note: See! You can get something for nothing. Just pass a “law” and mandate it. Of course, one of the things not mentioned in this idiot piece is the fact that the actual hourly wage is now only a part of the picture. All of the regulations and assorted affirmative action pressures have a serious influence on hiring and retention of employees. The health “insurance” disaster will increasingly affect that too. The real miracle is that anyone is still willing to open or run a small business.

Nathan:  Don’t believe a word of this:  the Labor Department numbers are cooked, for one thing, to prove that the economy is always getting better and better.  And the individual state-by-state numbers they talk about are proving exactly the opposite.

An idea whose time has come? Mandatory ethics training for House members.

Mama’s Note: Did they skip kindergarten? “Don’t hit and don’t take things that don’t belong to you.” That’s about all anyone needs. This sounds more like intensive instruction into how to make things LOOK “ethical” without changing the basic aggression being practiced.

Nathan: Think you are right.  But maybe they just forgot about kindergarden (or first grade) because of the mandatory lobotomies they receive. Same deal as when police do something utterly stupid and evil. Somehow, a little more “training” will supposedly fix it right up… “Oh! We didn’t know it was not acceptable to choke people to death! My bad.” Except that now they seldom even bother with this bit of fiction.  Actually, now that I think about it, is this really being taught in kindergarten today?  Really?  Or are they teaching the children how not to get caught, in between the sex ed and the diversity learning and the hoplophobia?

Ukranian officials: militias are tampering with evidence, as rebels are accused of moving bodies from site of downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, denying access to area, while claiming that the bodies were dead long before the plane lifted off, much less got shot down.  Meanwhile the Fuehrer says Malaysian jet was hit by missile from rebel-held area, and provided to them by Russia. Due to the complexity of the missile that likely downed the jet, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. said it was unlikely separatists acted alone.  As I discussed last week, the conspiracy theories abound, and claims, more claims, and counterclaims are filling the airwaves.  Expect MORE attacks and MORE dead.  One thing to ask is why the Malaysian aircraft even flew OVER a war zone…

Speaking of war zones, Israeli clashes with Hamas militants intensified in Gaza. Civilian casualties mount as fighting grows more fierce between Israeli forces and Hamas militants.  A Bedouin village in Gaza was the first to fall to Israeli troops: The shepherds and farmers of Um Al Nasser were subjected to the opening salvos of the ground incursion.  Israelis are blamed for not avoiding civilians, but Hamas is blamed for using civilians as shields.  All the usual groups are talking up all the usual points.  Civilians on both sides are unable to defend themselves, because the two opposing governments do not believe in real liberty, including the right to defend yourself.

New FDA rules could ruin an 119-year-old cigar business. In an effort to limit youth access to tobacco, the FDA is trying to make affordable cigars a thing of the past. But the regulation would ruin J.C. Newman, a company that has been producing quality cigars for under $10 (adjusted for inflation) for over a century.  It is just another story of how government takes actions that have “unintended consequences” that ALWAYS seem to destroy businesses and damage people’s livelihoods.

Is Congress afraid to support the Fuehrer’s climate plan? Last week, President Obama said that Congress was afraid to support his Climate Action Plan, but empirical data shows that Congress is right to remain skeptical.  It is MORE than just political fallout, as poll after poll finds voters (a) skeptical of manmade global warming or climate change or climate disruption (whatever they are calling it this month), and (b) more concerned about other issues by a wide margin.  It is also being proven time after time that “scientists” are lying, that government agents are lying, and that the lies are getting very old.

Renewable Energy Loan Guarantee Program is back in business, paying out to the Fuehrer’s and Congress’ supporters with lavish commitments of stolen money.  The federal program offering loan guarantees for renewable and energy efficient projects, notorious for its $535 million loan to solar panel maker Solyndra, is now accepting applications.  Is not that just wonderful?  They figure we’ve all forgotten about it.

Phoenix Police conduct union business on the Taxpayer dime. An obscure portion of the city of Phoenix’s labor contracts allows police officers and other public employees to conduct union work while being paid by Arizona taxpayers.  Of course, this is NORMAL for virtually ALL government agencies and government unions, but usually hidden better.  Unions are a bad idea all the way around, no matter what they “may” have done in the past.  By all means, let people organize and join unions, but end any idea of monopolies or mandatory dues or union work done on ANY employer’s time.  Enough is enough.

The “problem” of taxing online sales continues to bug government.  Too bad, so very, very sad!  State and local governments have lost $23.3 billion in uncollected tax revenue due to the difficulty of collecting taxes associated with online commercial activity.  I view this as the same as the stage coach passenger who is able to hide his money in the heel of his boot so that the highwayman does not steal it: $23.3 billion was NOT stolen last year only because these governments haven’t figured out how to do it yet.

In another excellent article for JPFO, writer David Codrea (a colleague now of Mama Liberty) describes in clear and documented language how the various “internationally-acclaimed” US health agencies are seeking to (and successfully) subverting the Constitution and steal our rights to protect ourselves against them.  There is NO government agency that we can trust to either tell the truth or take action to protect people: to carry out the mandate which they supposedly have.

Four church meetinghouses in Mesa Arizona have been attacked by someone who claims to “hail Satan” by burning Bibles, which is a disturbing trend for a lot of people.

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