Home Front heats up (Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-30B)

Good afternoon.  Over the weekend, some stories showing how bad things are getting on the home front showed up, and I want to discuss them.

In  Pennsylvania, a doctor shot a patient who killed a caseworker, using the gun kept in a wall display labeled “In case of emergency” in the medical office… NO, really, using his own personal weapon carried concealed (and against hospital edicts). Here is the USA Today story (which does disprove the claim by many people about this incident that NONE  of the Mainstream Media were willing to report it): “A psychiatric outpatient opened fire Thursday inside a psychiatrist’s office at a hospital near Philadelphia, killing his caseworker and slightly wounding the doctor, who reportedly shot the gunman with his personal firearm, authorities said. The suspect was reported in critical condition after the shooting at 2:20 p.m. in an office at the Mercy Wellness Center of Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Darby, Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan said at a news conference. The unidentified 52-year-old doctor shot the suspect three times and suffered a graze wound when the suspect returned fire, Whelan said the preliminary investigation had found. Two guns were recovered.”  It is the “two guns” recovered that angers me: he saves lives and they steal his gun (even if only for a short time) because of that.

It happened in 2010, but the issues are not yet resolved, in South Carolina.  A woman with an allergy flare-up was told by the pharmacist to buy two boxes of Sudafed. He then apparently ratted her out to the cops, and she and her husband were arrested in the supermarket parking lot for making meth.  That was followed by a cop lying to a judge to get a warrant to search their house, and further abuse and mistreatment by so-called “law enforcement.” Today, the original charges have been dropped, but their case for wrongful arrest, wrongful imprisonment, and everything else done to them still is winding its way through court.

The new Federal “guidelines” courtesy of that bizarre, unknown and unclassifiable “consort” of the Fuehrer, which outlaw bake sales and other school traditions in order to abuse children even more went into effect at the first of the month, and at least a few school administrations (of public schools, even) are resisting. Political Outcast urges more schools to “just say no” and continue their traditions, while various legislatures and school boards “work around them.”  Sadly, their major reason for resisting is greed: they say they depend on the revenue from bake sales too much to give them up.  And even MORE sadly, the reason they are just working around and not rejecting the stupidity outright is mostly money as well: all that lovely fedgov moola they get.  But Political Outcast, making light of what the fedgov might do (“what, shoot the superintendent or school board?”) has forgotten that increasingly, that is EXACTLY what is likely to happen.  As apparently it nearly did to some Scouts in Alaska.

The boys had a “great lesson in civics.”  So said a spokesman for an Iowa Boy Scout Council when “blindsided” by the press after a Border Patrol thug threatened to arrest a Boy Scout who was part of a group of 18 or so going from Iowa to a Scout camp in Alaska, and at the time crossing from the Yukon into Alaska.  Why?  Because the hapless Scout took a picture of him.  Not only that, but while the Border Patrol was “protecting” Alaska by forcing the Scouts to unload everything from the three vans in which they (and three adult Scouters) were traveling, another Border Patrol gangster drew a gun on another Scout.  The Border Patrol cowers and screams for armored vehicles when Mexican drug cartels (or the Mexican Army) fires shots at them, but they are GREAT at bullying 11-18 year old Scouts.  Of course, DHS denies this happened, but “they are investigating.”  Clair Wolfe mentions this and other cases in her most recent column for JPFO.  Actually, I disagree with Claire: this IS a great lesson in civics, to NEVER trust a federal agent to do anything but threaten and fail to provide ANY protection of liberties or life.  Never go unarmed to protect yourself and your friends and loved ones against the bullying of tyrants.  Enough is enough.  It is time that we started teaching Scouts and all children how to regain the liberty that their elders have thrown away.

One more thought about these Scouts.  Being from that thug-socialist-Tranzi state, I’m sure that the local Council forbids that Scouts OR Scouters (adults) carry weapons on camping trips, so these Scouts had no way to protect themselves against predators, either four-legged or two-legged.  I pray that the new groups organizing to replace the BSA will not make the same mistake.

On to some other news:

Casualties soar in Gaza conflict with no resolution in sight. Palestinians return home to scenes of destruction; Israel extends a cease-fire for 24 hours, but Hamas balks.  I can see NO resolution to this that does not involve massive deaths of civilians AND military on both sides.  Each killing triggers more deaths, but ceasefires serve only to allow a chance to clear the rubble and bring up more weapons and ammo to renew the killing.  According to the WAPO, the depth of Gaza’s devastation becomes clear after cease-fire, as the media rush in to reinforce their own viewpoints.  Scores were believed dead among the bomb craters and leveled buildings in the hardest-hit areas.  For most people, neutrality seems impossible in this continuing Canaanite conflict: either one side or the other must be the demon spawn of Satan.  Of course, that is not the only conflict where this attitude seems to be fixed.

Ukraine is poised to try to reclaim Donetsk, its military says. The Ukrainian military is on the verge of launching an assault to take back the separatist bastion of Donetsk, a military spokesman said Saturday.  The combat seems to be growing in intensity, just as in the Gaza Strip, and more and more people are comparing it to a century ago when an assassination plunged the world into the Great War.

The D.C. ban on carrying guns in public was ruled unconstitutional. Judge Frederick J. Scullin declared the ban unconstitutional and ordered a halt to enforcement.  Of course, we can be certain that the Fuehrer and the DC gauleiter will figure out some way around this inconvenient and surprising ruling.  If they don’t just ignore it.  My bet is that they will just pay lip service to it, but come up with ways to harass, arrest, and if possible, wound or kill anyone seeking to exercise their God-given rights to keep and bear arms in the capital.  What are a few more dead to them?

Mama’s Note: Yes, I don’t see this ruling as anything to celebrate myself. Why anyone would want to be in the District of Criminals in the first place is beyond my comprehension. I feel the same about any major city or metro area, actually, but D.C. has top spot in my list of places I’ll never go.

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