Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-42C: Ebowla and other scares

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.  Let us look right at the news, starting with ebola and such.

People are panicking so much that they are taking people to task for playing that silly on-line game where you are Santa with a ball attacking elves standing like tenpins.  Of course, you understand the reason: people who play that game are e-bowlers.

Mama’s Note: EEEEWWW, that’s awful, Nathan. LOL

Ebola scares:  Politicians panic! Democrats are sounding like Republicans on Ebola while GOP moves into overdrive. Democrats are beginning to sound more like Republicans when they talk about Ebola. And Republicans are moving into overdrive with their criticism of the government’s handling of the deadly virus. The sharpened rhetoric, strategists say, suggests that Democrats fear President Obama’s response to Ebola in the United States could become a political liability in the midterm election and that Republicans see an opportunity to tie increasing concerns about the disease to the public’s broader worries about Obama’s leadership. Contagion of fear surrounds Ebola. Science can help put the U.S. cases in perspective, getting past the anxiety and alarm associated with the deadly disease.  Except that government science will be employed to INCREASE the anxiety and alarm.  And what we are seeing (like this latest guidance to show no skin) is doing just that.

Amazing: nurses can’t show any skin anymore – not just no cleavage, at least if they are treating Ebola patients.  CDC and probably DHS and HHS and FHCFA and the rest of the alphabet soup agencies have ordered an “increase” in personal protective equipment to not have ANY exposed skin.  What fun is THAT going to be at Halloween parties?  (Which reminds me of a recent cartoon where three little kids are standing in line at a house for treats, all dressed in HazMat suits and saying, “I’m a fireman, I’m Batman, etc.” Of course, those who live in northern or high-altitude climes where there is often much snow on the ground by 31 October know how that works, but with snowsuits and parkas.)

Ebola scares continue: Despite the “apparent control” health officials have over Ebola’s spread, military officials decided to take no chances and are now constructing the equivalent of a medial SWAT team. Five military doctors, five trainers and 20 nurses will begin training at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio within the next week, according to Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon’s spokesman.  The use of the term “SWAT Team” is both wrong and incredibly stupid, triggering MORE panic:  it is a quick-response team and makes at least some sense, but the way it is being presented, it just furthers the panic.

I have been unable to find the photos on-line, but supposedly the phone of a dead jihadi in Kobane included photos of playing soccer with heads and a three-year-old girl with a knife at her throat, triggering stories of more beheadings of infants and children, on the principle of “nits make lice.”

In WW2, during its occupation by National Socialist forces, Denmark responded bravely and effectively to protect its people, especially its Jews, from the German menace.  They cited deep moral resistance to cooperation with the Nazi agencies.  No more.  Today, Denmark’s radical plan to deal with radicals is to roll out the welcome mat. Some progressives praise officials for providing counseling and jobs to militants returning home from fighting in Iraq and Syria.

No doubt what will happen is what we see in the UK today: the latest example is threats against dog owners for walking their dogs in parks in “Islamic Areas,” because Muslims don’t like dogs.  (Dogs like pigs are “haram” – forbidden.)  But instead of standing up for their rights (and pets), the cowed Brits whinge to the government, which is almost certainly going to do nothing but go along with the radical’s demands.

Boko Haram in Nigeria is supposedly going to release the 200+ school girls kidnapped in April, or so the Nigerian government says.  We’ll see, of course, I assume that they are all knocked up now so that the goal is accomplished of further controlling the unbelievers.  (Remember, under the Koran, a child of even one Muslim parent is automatically a Muslim and can be (is supposed to be) killed if they leave Islam.)

Seven women’s bodies found in northwestern Indiana are linked to possible serial killer in custody.  The man confessed after one was discovered and led them to three more bodies.

Mama’s Note: I’ll bet all of these women would have vigorously denied any need to own a gun or do much of anything else to defend themselves. Yet if any one of them had been prepared and taken care of themselves, the killing spree would have been stopped. Seems this monster has been on the loose for a long time. What a pity.

Nathan: Yes.  Of course, the latest victim, only 19, is not ALLOWED to have a handgun for her protection, by federal and state victim disarmament laws.  Too bad we don’t have an organization anymore to point this out and demand justice for minorities to be able to arm and protect themselves.  And also someone to point out that a confessed killer is NOT “a person of interest” or, really, “a suspect.”  But we can definitely point out that if his FIRST victim (or intended victim) had been armed, the other six would probably NOT be victims… and probably ALIVE.

A town in New York requires applicants for a gun license (not just a concealed carry permit) to surrender their Facebook screen name AND password. Gee, what if you don’t HAVE a Facebook screenname?  Or more than one?  Or use privacy if you have to have one?  Gee, wonder if the cops there ever bothered to read the constitutions in the back of their manuals?  Gee, wonder what the cutoff for IQ is there?  Gee, am I being nasty?

Culture wars: homosexual war on everyone else: …now that the district appellate court has struck down Idaho laws banning gay marriage, the city of Coeur d’Alene told the couple, who run the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel, that they MUST officiate same-sex weddings! Last week a homosexual couple entered the Hitching Post and asked to be married – the Knapps declined their request — and now the city is coming after them. According to city and state laws, the Knapps now face up to 180 days in jail and $1000 fine for each day they choose not to officiate same sex weddings.

Mama’s Note: I went into the local barber the other day and was told he couldn’t cut women’s hair. Just had never learned how to do that, and was afraid he’d mess it up. Why would I want to pressure him, in any way, to do something he was not comfortable doing, nor professionally prepared to do anyway? These “gay” people pushing this BS have an agenda far beyond wanting the services of the businesses they target. They want the same thing government wants… control.

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