Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-48C: Thanksgiving?

By Nathan Barton

It is morning, the day before Thanksgiving Day, when Americans traditionally thank God for their blessings, material and spiritual.

The Indianapolis Star’s Thanksgiving week political cartoon was pulled because its message, critical of the Fuehrer’s immigration “reform” because the cartoon was racist.  This was a two-part withdrawal, though: the first change just took away one of the character’s mustache. A mustache is racist?  Just like, oh, a turban or a burka or a fez or what?  How about a cowboy hat?  or a baseball cap?  Why is the mustache racist but the baseball cap in the cartoon is NOT racist?  Why are “journalists” such idiots? (Or is that being “professionist” because I are an inginuer? (engineer)”)  (An additional thought: it seems that cartoonists in particular are an exclusion to the First Amendment, as the Danish “Prophet” cartoons and many Doonesbury and Mallard Fillmore cartoons demonstrate.

Mama’s Note: Stupidity, ignorance and malice are not, obviously, limited to one race or another. The charge of “racism” is merely an easy way to attack those who call attention to the stupidity, ignorance and malice.

Much as we can be thankful that Hagel is leaving DoD, the thankfulness has to be tempered. It seems, so the WaPo says, that the White House seeks stronger hand at the Pentagon. Hagel worked behind the scenes but seemed overly deferential to generals in top-level strategy meetings, officials said.  What?  He didn’t return their salutes with a coffee cup?  He treated them with a modicum of the respect they deserve for their decades of service?  As for a “stronger hand” – what exactly does that mean?  Does the White House want more officers and civilian senior personnel purged?  More social engineering with its resulting emasculation of the force? More political officers in the mold of Jodl and Model and Raeder?  Or perhaps the Fuehrer wants to take over the Defense portfolio for himself, ala the original or Churchill?

Not content and thankful that an earthquake left no damage and injury to people, we have the panic-mongers (such as environists) rushing around making wild accusations. In Texas, fracking is blamed for Dallas-Ft. Worth 3.3 magnitude earthquake over the weekend. “A light earthquake shook the Dallas-Ft. Worth area of North Texas on Saturday night, leaving no known damage or casualties but stirring concern about the potential of the area’s oil and gas fracking industry to generate seismic activity. The magnitude 3.3 earthquake struck about 9:15 p.m. Central time on Saturday, said Dale Grant, an geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey. The epicenter was near the border of the cities of Dallas and Irving, near the site of the former Texas Stadium, where the Dallas Cowboys football team played for nearly 40 years.” This is clearly a geological phenomenon called “rebound” as happens when heavy weights (such as glaciers or lakes) are removed from a part of the earth’s surface, and the soil and rocks return to their original condition (including elevation).  The combined weight of 40,000 fans stomping up and down every other week for all those decades, coupled with a truly humongous weight of the beer and food hauled in for each of those games – AND the weight of the two teams’ linebackers – has GOT to be a lot more than the weight of dozens of years of National Geographics in the attics of tract houses causing New Jersey or Long Island to sink into the sea. But never mind, the environists in Texas will blame fracking (ARE blaming fracking) for the earthquake, the moon turning red, and for the Cowboys’ poor record this season:  something so evil will no doubt sour cow’s milk and cause abortion attempts to fail (it used to be witches and other evils were blamed for miscarriages, but now we know better).

I am thankful that more and more students have an opportunity to NOT get killed the next time some psychopath decides to attack a government-run, tax-funded school.   On the other hand, his approach smells too much like common sense to be adapted, ultimately (especially in Ohio).  “A small Ohio board of education is weighing new school security measures that could give teachers and staff access to loaded guns. The Dayton Daily News reported Sunday that the Riverside Local School board in central Ohio’s Logan County has held recent discussions on placing guns in schools and plans to revisit the issue Dec. 16. Superintendent Scott Mann said the goal is to protect children from potential threats involving weapons.” The article does not say whether the school board is actually small in number, or whether its members are short (or skinny)  (or skinny AND short): oh, yeah, they mean the school DISTRICT was small.  Who knows?  Maybe the district is so small that the teachers have to do their own teaching, because they don’t have teacher’s aides?

A situation to really be thankful for in recent years is the trend towards more and more activities, even if remote control, in space. Which model(s) will the colonization (or settlement and exploitation) of the far reaches of the Solar System follow?  We have the Spanish model, in which “government troops” went out and conquered people and took their property then ran the mines and plantations and such, or we have the British and French mercantilist model in which government granted charters to various companies to go out and do all that, or we have the Kentucky model in which private persons, families, and companies pretty much ignored everyone and went out on their own to buy or fight for the land and mine and plant and raise livestock and all that.

According to the latest news (NASA offering contracts to encourage asteroid mining), NASA is most closely following a mixture of the Spanish model: the government goes out and explores and then companies are given charters (contracts, usually exclusive or monopolist in nature) to go out and mine and grow and so forth, but under the micromanagement (per contract and inspectors/overseers) of the government.  “Although Science has gotten us so far, mankind has always been looking to explore new methods of improving our lives. With resources being used up at an increasing rate, two independent organizations are looking to retrieve resources from space. One example is asteroid mining. … NASA is offering contracts to two organizations known as Deep Space Industries and Planetary Resources who intend to pursue asteroid mining.” “Independent?” Hardly: they may be a breed of Beltway Bandit, but they are NOT very independent of the FebGov?  The idea of Asteroid Mining has been around for AT LEAST eighty years, and Science is NOT a God.

Happy Thanksgiving: remember to be thankful to God, not just  for all that we have, but all that we avoid and can resist and prevent.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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