Charlie Hebdo and the Exposure of Hypocrisy

By Nathan Barton

Whatever else the Paris Massacre of the staff of Charlie Hebdo and the related killings at a kosher supermarket in Paris has done, it has again exposed the total hypocrisy of a whole lot of people.

Consider the response of Ami and Brit news networks (like CNN) who refuse to show the cover of the post-massacre edition of Charlie Hebdo, which has a caricature of the evil Prophet (peanut butter und honig) on it, going to great lengths to hide it.  They supposedly claim “I am Charlie” but don’t have the guts to do what the French satirical magazine did.  And it is guts, I’m sure: they don’t want to be a target of more “violent extremists.”

And consider the response of the French government, who while gloriously proclaiming their wonderful liberties, especially that of free speech for which these people supposedly died, are busy arresting people who have made comments that might, just might, be considered “Anti-Semitic.”  And at the same time trying to keep the Israeli prime minister from joining with other leaders from around the world in their great memorial and protest.  Liberty?  Fraternity? Equality?  Not in socialist, Tranzi, France.

And add all the so-called religious agencies and authorities who have condemned various things, pretended to decry the violence, while encouraging more through their failure to condemn the naked aggression of those three or four men, and their allies.  And the various talking heads, from Jimmy Carter to that British Imam to a list of more celebs than I can stomach thinking of, who slam or support or whatever.  And the Israeli newspaper that censors its own self by removing pictures of women.

But the biggest hypocrisy of all is firmly demonstrated by at least three men:  President Hollande of France, Prime Minister Cameron of UK, and that guy that squats at 1600 PA.  While they moan and whinge about the deaths of 10 innocents and 2 police officers, they continue to kill many times that number of innocent civilians, including women, children, and elders, in their drone attacks, air raids, and shelling of various rebel groups and terrorist strongholds, in an orgy of “collateral damage” that cannot be condoned, but will not cease. AND they do little or nothing to keep their enemies, whether it is Boko Haram or the Caliphate (ISIS or ISIL) or the Taliban or Al Qaeda’s dozen groups, from murdering hundreds or thousands of innocents each day, in bombings and massacres that span half the globe.

And the ultimate hypocrisy on the part of not just these world leaders but on the part of the vast majority of the elected officials and bureaucrats and liberals (and all Transnational Progressives) is that they pick and choose what THEY consider to be “human rights,” and deny the G0d-given right of EVERY human being to defend themselves, their loved ones and communities, by denying not just those in the Charlie Hebdo offices but virtually EVERY home and office and place of work and public place in Europe, most of the Commonwealth, Japan, and even many places in the Fifty States, the right to keep and bear arms, to defend themselves with modern technology just as we (supposedly) have free speech which can be heard around the world with modern technology.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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