Libertarian commentary on the news, #15-20A: This and that

By Nathan Barton

After a very lengthy illness and hiatus in this commentary, I am attempting to resume it at least part time!

According to two of the Silk Road lead investigators who brought down the supposed Dread Pirate Roberts have been charged with money laundering.  Funny how the feral and state goons can commit crimes time and time again in their efforts to catch the “real” criminals.  We have an elite “ruling class” (bureaucrats and thugs) who are not just above the law, but working hard to break basic moral and ethical laws.

On the other hand, sometimes these government gangs eat their own. Jacob Sullum in reports that at least one youngster wanting to sign up with Homeland Security, and several other would-be Customs and Border Patrol “agents” (thugs) have gotten the full treatment from CBP at an internal checkpoint in the rights-free 100-mile zone north of the Mexican border.  I have a hard time being sympathetic to these wannabe jack-booted thugs.

Speaking of JBT, Prison Planet (not always a good source of accurate news, I realize, but better than the mainstream media) tells about a Kentucky Sheriff’s deputies who shot and killed a white unarmed guy and publicly told reporters he was glad the guy was white.  I understand that they don’t want to be another Ferguson or Baltimore, but funny how it never occurs to the “law enforcement” types NOT to shoot people who don’t pose any REAL threat to them?

Prison Planet also reports that a “special needs student” (that is, someone mentally handicapped) was suspended for, get this, having a nerf “bullet” – those little orange tubes that you can “shoot” out of toy fantasy “guns” and might sting a bit if you get someone right in the eye.  Is it wrong for me to also blame the parents as well as the “zero-tolerance” stupid government- run, tax-funded school?  First, for letting their child be subject to the school in the first place (far worse on the mentally handicapped than on “normal” children), and second for not understanding the stupidity of not checking their child’s clothing and gear?

Middle East “nations” (mostly Islamic in every way, even if not compliant with Shari’a law) demonstrate that, bad as things are Stateside, it is worse for much of the world.  Consider the bloody mayhem going on just this weekend: In Mesopotamia, Shi’a militias are converging on Ramadi after the Caliphate (Islamic State) takeover.  In Yemen, after a few days of “ceasefire,” the Saudi-led coalition resumed war on Houthis (Shi’a “rebels” who now control the country).   Up north, in Syria, US forces invaded and conducted a raid, and say they killed a senior Caliphate (Islamic State) leader, in something that smells like a Cambodian incursion during the Vietnam War. (So much for Congress not allowing boots on the ground, right?)  Egypt, that mess, is also in the news: a court sentenced former President Morsi and others to death on a conviction that reminds me of Al Capone’s tax evasion conviction: “conspiring with foreign militants to break out of prison during Egypt’s uprising four years ago.”  Unlike some Arab and Muslim countries, at least they have a chance to appeal.

According to the BBC, the Church of Scotland voted 31 to 14 (by presbyteries) to allow homosexual ministers in civil partnerships, which (to anyone who knows the history of the Calvinist, Presbyterian organization) is both astonishing AND no doubt inevitable.  After all, Calvinists do NOT believe in free will, and so whatever people do was decided before the Creation by God Himself, who already picked who will be saved and who will not.  At the same time, this is once the church that required anyone wanting to take communion to undergo hours of grilling by a presbyter or deacon on their morals and life… and which now obviously does not care about any of that.

Not tying the following comments to any specific news story, is anyone else struck by some of these things?

  • The deaths of eight people in an AMTRAK speeding and derailment in Pennsylvania a few days ago should remind us that the real and continuing train-wreck is AMTRAK itself: an example of the worst of government competing with private business and driving private enterprise OUT of business.  Billions have been wasted on passenger rail service after government drove them out of business by massive subsidies of airlines and private auto transportation on highways.
  • The clear victory of the Tories in the UK House of Commons elections last week was a blow to a lot of people, not least to the mainstream press and political pundits who reveled in a “too close to call” election that turned out to be a victory for an unlikely trio: the Conservatives themselves, the Scottish Nationalists (now the third largest party in parliament), and the British Nationalists, who only have one seat but racked up an impressive vote total to which the Tories will be playing close attention.  Sadly, the election (just like here Stateside) is unlikely to make any real change in the liberty or economic well-being of Her Majesty’s subjects.

Mama’s Note: So glad to have you back, Nathan! Welcome home.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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