Libertarian Commentary on the News, 13 JUL 2015, #15-28A: Incompetence where?

By Nathan Barton

Government incompetence comes home to roost.  Let us start with a couple of stories from Personal Liberty. Reported on national media on Friday, the 10th: FBI: Charleston shooting suspect slipped through cracks in background check. FBI Director James B. Comey relayed Friday that alleged Charleston, South Carolina, shooter Dylann Roof was able to purchase the weapon because of government incompetence rather than lack of U.S. gun control laws. And the U.S. personnel chief resigns after massive data breach. The head of the U.S. personnel office, Katherine Archuleta, resigned Friday in the wake of a pair of massive data hacks said to affect 25 million people, far more than had been acknowledged before. (Other sources reported between 21 and 22 million, including both government employees and their family members.)

Actually, maybe we can include THIS story in the subject of government incompetence.  The squatter and his administration are trying to reduce the number of guns in people’s hands (except, of course, for their own goons), but it seems that (once again), June was a hot month for U.S. gun sales. Even as the left began clearing its throat to raise the topic of gun control for (yet another) national “conversation,” guns were flying off the shelves during the month of June.  Seeing as so few guns are actually used in committing any crime (and don’t commit crimes on their own), this is great news: the more guns free and (mostly) peaceful and honest Americans have, the more chance we have of regaining our freedom from federal, state, and local tyranny: especially with the incompetent thugs in those tyrannies.

Also, supposedly, the regime in DC is making college education more available to more people.  This is not necessarily of any benefit, as a college degree today in most majors and “disciplines” is worth less than a high school education was a half-century ago.  But Fox News reports that Federal student aid mostly raises the cost of college tuition.  The researchers find specifically that a dollar of added Pell Grants or an added dollar of subsidized direct loans translate to 55 cents and 65 cents in higher tuition, respectively.  This can be used, I suppose, to show even more the incompetence of the government, except I suspect the stated reason (give more people more education) is not really the reason for the aid.

Sadly, one thing government has a tiny bit of competence in, is stealing money from people, both taxpayers and innocent people they catch In some way.  Here are a couple of examples:

A business owner from New York City has had $44,000 (his life savings) stolen by Federal agencies when he tried to board a plane to California to help out struggling family members, according to a report in Political Outcast. Although he was charged with no crime, the money was “forfeit” because it was obviously drug money, and because a(n imaginary) federal regulation prohibits transport of more than $5,000 in cash without notifying the federal government.  (I agree with Political Outcast: the man has zero chance of getting a dime back from the robbers.)

The theft of anything and everything by government goons grows worse by the year: taxes are not enough for the current breed of parasites that infests the Fifty States.  In New Mexico, local thugs are complaining that New Mexico’s new anti-forfeiture law cuts into their agency’s budgets and makes it impossible for them to do their job, according to the Farmington Daily Times.  This heartbreaking (sarcasm, folks) situation might mean less opportunity for drug busts and – further forfeiture.

Of course, forfeiture is not the only way that the FedGov steals. See a separate commentary on a proposal having to do with the federal income tax, now 102 years old.  I’ll discuss a proposal for “dealing” with the FedGov income tax.

Meanwhile, on to more news.

Another good story from New Mexico: in fact, quite an incredible story from a former Tranzi: Lynne Russell and her husband owe their lives to guns and liberty, as reported in Fox News.  They were ambushed at their motel in Albuquerque (one I’ve very likely stayed at: nice enough but near some old hobo and vagrant jungles) and fortunately were able to get to their weapons. Her husband (ex-Air Force) was shot himself, but shot and killed their attacker.  Perhaps if they had been carrying openly, the dead idiot would have just skipped them. (As I was when I stayed there a year or so ago. There were some suspicious looking hangers-on but no one bothered me.)  And even concealed-carry might have meant that he didn’t have to take a bullet.

Which brings me to more good news:

Depending on where Maine falls in the new wars of secession, there is a chance it WON’T be on the same side as Massachusetts, Connecticut and the Maritime Provinces:  Breitbart reports that a “permitless concealed carry” law was signed by the governor on Wednesday.  Maine joins Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Montana, Vermont and Wyoming in permitless carry.  You can still get a permit if you need it for reciprocity, but that now makes SEVEN out of Fifty.  It is also reported that there were record sales of guns during June 2015, even as the FBI thug-in-chief admitted that it was stupid action and incompetence on the part of HIS bureau that let the killer in South Carolina buy a gun. (The thug claimed it was “heartbreaking” but I didn’t hear anything about him or any of his subordinates eating THEIR gun over the “heartbreaking mistake.”  Of course, not ONE person in that meetinghouse was armed, except the killer. (And it really is the fault of the Southern Cross flag… right?)  Not that the guy couldn’t have gone to a dozen places in the Carolinas or Georgia to buy a gun, but he’d have had to use more than his birthday money to pay for one. Meanwhile, the Tranzis still don’t get it. On NPR today, I heard someone crowing over the removal of the Southern Cross from the SC statehouse grounds, talking about how he hoped this would embolden Congress to remove the “loophole” that the background check must be accomplished within three days or the buyer is assumed to be legit.  This Tranzi wants a “guilty until proven innocent” standard for a basic human right.

Of course, Tranzis are like that: at least most of them, too stupid to see the puppet strings their masters have tied to them.  And too stupid to look beyond “symbols” to reality.  Consider the university professor that the Salt Lake Tribune reports on. She wants her university, down in St. George, Utah, to get rid of its name, “Dixie State University.”  Never mind that Utah’s Dixie never seceded, never had slaves, never used the Southern Cross: the name is evil and must be expunged from all records and human consciousness.  Today, as they crowed over South Carolina, in a dozen or more news broadcasts and commentary on the air, I heard a lot more outright lies than anything true about history.

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