Libertarian Commentary on the News, 24 July 2015, #15-29D: This and That

By Nathan Barton

End of the “work week,” with a few news stories of interest.

Waste Management News explains how the company Waste Management Inc. is suing the City and County of San Francisco over their Recology recycling contract. This is interesting because Recology is a frequent poster child for Tranzi greenies to “prove” that recycling can pay for itself (remembering that “profit” is evil, and with sufficient subsidies by government (using money stolen from taxpayers)).  WMI is making what the professional community knows is pretty much an accurate claim, that San Fransisco is steering the $130 million contract to Recology in violation of competitive processes and any number of laws.  So? It is for Mother Earth, so who cares if it is legal or fair?

Mama’s Note: This kind of trash fetish is not really anything new… just gets more press these days, I suspect. In 1954 my family lived for a summer in Whittier, Calif. I was eight years old, and remember it well, even though nobody was thinking about recycling then. We had three cans… one for burnable things (not allowed to burn it ourselves), one for non-burnable (not much of that then, except for tin cans and glass), and one for actual garbage. I don’t remember what the city did with the garbage, but there was a $30. (and progressively higher) fine if they discovered any other “trash” in the garbage. That was a very serious fine in those days, of course, so taking out the garbage was strictly a job for adults… or very responsible older kids. Luckily, I didn’t qualify. 🙂 I’m sure Whittier wasn’t alone doing such things.

Still on the subject of trash, this is ONE reason to pay attention to it and to who collects it.  According to Prison Planet (take with a grain of salt, of course), the City of Seattle is deputizing trash collectors as trash COPS to make sure that people are not illegally throwing the wrong kind of trash away – nothing compostable can be thrown away now, as Seattle (like San Fran) pursues its utopia of ZERO waste – and the trash collectors are supposed to allow zero tolerance, to boot.

This is NOT, despite PP’s claims, somthing new: a number of cities over the past decade have let the inner tyrant in their environist elites and fanatics run free and dictated this police state garbage (pun intended).  Including the requirement to rip open bags to see what evil monsters are throwing away these days.  But MOST of them have backed off the tyranny.  At least somewhat.  There ARE problems with this, because (among other things) doing this is probably an OSHA issue because there is a REASON that things are thrown away: garbage is just that.  It is BAD for you to rip open bags of it and mess around with it, even with personal protective equipment like gloves and masks and face shields.  In addition, the costs will go up.  The quality of trash collectors will have to be higher: they will have to be paid more both because their job is much nastier AND they have to have more intelligence and more training. And because it will take them longer, for each pick-up.  And guess who pays for THAT?  And of course, we all know what will happen if some of that “compostible trash” happens to be flyers for a rally in support of flying the Southern Cross -General Clark will soon have some new students at his reeducation camps.

Islamic wars, clearly, continue with Muslim-on-Muslim killing again predominating this week. More and more tit-for-tat killings.  First off, in Turkey,

Kurds have linked the murders of two police to a blast that killed 32, the San Luis Obispo Tribune reports. “A Kurdish guerrilla group claimed Wednesday that it executed two Turkish police officers, accusing the officers of collaborating with the Islamic State to pull off a suicide bombing that targeted Kurdish and Turkish activists earlier this week. The statement by a unit of the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, linking the officers to the Monday blast that killed at least 32 in the border city of Suruc mixed two volatile parts of Turkey’s incendiary political scene.

Mesopotamian “officials” say that Baghdad market bombings killed 26 people according to the Indian River Press Journal.  “A pair of car bombs exploded Wednesday at crowded popular markets in predominantly Shiite neighborhoods of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, killing at least 26 people and wounding 58, authorities said. The first explosion took place in the impoverished neighborhood of al-Bayaa in southwestern Baghdad, a police official said. The blast killed at least 18 people and wounded 36, the official said.”  Meanwhile, in Central Africa’s Cameroon: Suicide bombers kill 20,

Tuscaloosa News reports: “At least 20 bodies have been found in northern Cameroon’s regional capital of Maroua after two suicide bombers blew themselves up on Wednesday in a busy marketplace and a popular neighborhood. Cameroon, which borders Nigeria and has contributed troops to the multinational force fighting the Boko Haram Islamic extremist rebels there, has been repeatedly attacked by the insurgency as recently as Monday.”

Notice that NONE of these mass killings makes as big a splash as the guy who killed himself and two others and wounded nine others in Lafayette, Louisiana on Thursday evening, covered by the Wall Street Journal.

Back to the Ummah: in Afghanistan ANOTHER suicide bomber on motorcycle killed 15, as reported by Reuters.  He wounded at least 38 near a busy marketplace in northwest Afghanistan on Wednesday. No one claimed responsibility, but Taliban militants have regularly use suicide bombers to attack Afghan government and foreign troops in the area. The main target was believed to be a nearby police checkpoint in Almar, a district of Faryab province which borders Turkmenistan.  Like the gunman in Lafayette, all too often these suicide killers COULD have been stopped more quickly if they had not been in disarmament zones, “victim hunting preserves.”  Admittedly, a suicide bomber is harder to deal with than a suicidal gunner, but still.  Ya know, maybe we should pass more laws making it a crime of some special type to try and kill someone in a gun-free zone.  Maybe even make it an automatic death penalty: THAT would make all these suicidal types think twice about it, right?

Can you believe it?  The Texas governor appoints home-schooling mom to lead state board of education, according to Personal Liberty. The GOP Gov. Greg Abbott has named Donna Bahorich, a Houston Republican who has home-schooled her children, to chair the Texas State Board of Education.  Yeah, I am sure she is a statist, and we can point out that she is likely to facilitate the government-run, tax-funded schools and delay their elimination in favor of separation of school and state, but this is still pretty neat, eh?

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