Libertarian Commentary on the News, 11 August 2015, #15-32B: the Liberty Movement

By Nathan Barton

Is there any hope for the “liberty movement” in the Fifty States today? There may be hope for liberty, in the long run, with the slow, gradual decline in our society and especially the slow meltdown of government at all levels, providing that we avoid the trap of warlordism and the rise of a man (or woman) on a white horse. But the “liberty movement” isn’t helping much in this direction. And indeed may be harming our potential for regaining liberty without a major, Hari Selden-type, collapse. Consider a couple of examples.

Too many people just do not get it. Timothy J Taylor, in Authority! has a nasty, vicious article entitled “Presidential Parenthood politics” which in part says, “Make no mistake about it; these candidates think that it’s their solemn job as President of the United States to end abortion as we know it in America, and they’re more than willing to employ any means possible to accomplish that agenda. Its pure presidential parenthood politics founded upon their evangelical religious beliefs, and one of the big reasons why the average American is afraid to vote for any GOP presidential candidate. The reality of the matter is that in the United States of America women enjoy a constitutional right to seek and undergo an abortion. The abortion procedures that Planned Parenthood provide to women are legal. The disposition of embryonic and fetal tissue from such procedures to scientific entities on a not for profit basis is entirely legal.”

The entire article is just full of this garbage, but let me address just these few. (1) There is NO indication that ANY of these presidential candidates, except possibly Rand Paul and Ben Carson (and even then I have my doubts), have any intention whatsoever to end abortion, or even significantly cut back on it. They claim to, but their actions and other statements make it clear that they will NOT.

(2) The “average American” may be afraid to vote for a GOP candidate (though polls and general information indicate this is NOT TRUE), but it is far from being about abortion. Indeed, most Americans claim to be opposed to the current regime of abortion and its associated evils of selling baby parts, post-birth killing of infants, and the rest. Their opposition is, of course, very shallow, or otherwise they would have (WE would have) risen up to end it. But this bogus idea that Americans are afraid to vote for the GOP because of abortion is laughable.

(3) No matter what “constitutional right” women may have to abortion is beside the point: it is a matter of MORAL rights: is abortion not aggression against an innocent?

(4) There is increasing evidence that at least SOME of the techniques used by Planned Parenthood break the law (however immoral that law may be) just as much as their selling of baby parts does; for him to make this flat statement shows his incredible bias towards the organization and the killing. (5) The evidence is clear, if not yet adjudicated in a court (assuming that the court is going to be honest), that Planned Parenthood IS doing this FOR PROFIT and not simply offsetting their costs of providing this “service” and these “products.”

(6) Legality is NOT a valid argument. The corrupt courts have ruled that many things that are “legal” in this country are in fact completely immoral – not just from a christian point of view, but from a point of view of fundamental libertarian philosophy: slavery, unprovoked violence (aggression) by police and others, and so much more. It is “legal” for the POTUS (or the guy claiming to be such) to kill Americans and anyone else he wants to, at will. But apparently NONE of this bothers Mr. Taylor, who is so enamored of the opportunity for people to kill others without provocation, without any moral or philosophical justification, that he is willing to come all out in support of an organization that takes stolen money from those who oppose its very reason for existence and its every action, to do those very actions.

How long, oh Lord, must we put up with idiots who seek thrills and sensation instead of the truth? “True Activist” just demonstrated this dilemma again, publishing on 09 AUG 2015 a “story” that was taken (by their own link) from the Los Angeles Times published on 11 JUL 2014, almost THIRTEEN months ago, about a road melting in Yellowstone National Park, supposedly from thermal ground conditions that might be a precursor to “the big one” – the fabled eruption of Yellowstone Caldera that will destroy most of North America and institute a decade long volcanic winter for the planet. As one of their own commenters pointed out, if that REALLY were to happen, probably there is nothing anyone could do, at least not in the US, to prepare to survive that event. Maybe in orbit or on Patagonia or Australia.

What bogus stories like this do is damage the credibility of alternative media. Yeah, I know the mainstream media really has no credibility, but in the world of “everyday people” they still do, and this damages the ability of all of us to get the truth out. Freedom’s Phoenix picked this one up (which is where I found it), so it damages their credibility also. And that damages both the “liberty movement” and potential for regaining liberty sooner than later.

Mama’s Note: How is this story “bogus?” I saw the story when it first came out, and have been generally interested in all such stories. I take them all with a grain of salt (or a pound of it), of course, but the caldera exists and there is no real doubt that it will be a problem to some people sooner or later. There really is nothing anyone can do about it, naturally, and anyone with an ounce of sense knows that… Those who choose to panic over it can’t be helped anyway.

Weekly, of course, there are examples of this sort of silliness. If we are truly friends (or at least allies) in the cause of liberty, we must point out this sort of problem and fix them. Otherwise, to the general readers (who we are trying to reach – this is NOT supposed to be preaching to the choir), we are not just silly conspiracy-mongers and extremists, we are gullible, foolish, and liars, intentionally or not. And so it is no surprise if we get put into the same category as Lyndon Larouche, fake-lunar-landing, an-alien fathered my baby, and so much else. Folks, the goal is to point out how foolish the government and would-be tyrants are. To do that, only the TRUTH is necessary, and we must avoid the same tactics that it uses, falling into their various traps for the unwary.

As far as abortion and the current controversy over Planned Parenthood, a proposal from World Net Daily crossed my desk(top) on how to overcome the recent injunctions not allowing the videos by the Center for Media Progress to be released – congressional subpoenas. Frankly, the likelihood of that happening is pretty small in my opinion, but the “solution” also overlooks the obvious. The courts do NOT have any power to prevent those from being released. They are free speech and clearly the truth (despite claims by Taylor and others of selective editing). This is PRECISELY why juries have the power (‘right’) to judge the law and the facts, since suppression or censorship by government agencies, INCLUDING sitting judges, is a bane on liberty. This reminds me a bit of those folks who are just SURE that if they say the right (magical) words to the judges, that the income tax will vanish away. Right. We need to ignore the courts or work around them, not play into their game.

A victory for the 4th Amendment guaranteed right of being secure in your persons? The Blaze reports that a conviction for having a “large” quantity of cannabis (reason unknown) has to be dismissed because the cop’s search of the man was based on an essentially bogus excuse – being arrested for jaywalking. There are too many exceptions to the 4th Amendment prohibition on search and seizure; so many that it is essentially a dead letter. But once in a while some Nazgul gets it right. However, we should not assume it will happen the next time. The police are an occupation army that MUST be eliminated.

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